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*Official Schiit Magni/Modi 2 ( Uber ) Thread*

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  1. StanD
    Hmm, if one's amp was fried and had a huge DC level on its output, plugging in one's headphones afterward would have the same sad result. I don't even want to think of it. [​IMG]
  2. bgentry

    What player are you using with the Schiit Stack? Any player that goes through the windows system mixer is likely to impact sound quality. Bypassing the mixer with something that uses an alternate method, like WASAPI or ASIO will yield the best sound quality. Also, make sure your player is sending 44.1kHz as 44.1, and not upsampling or downsampling to a different sample rate.

    I'm guessing you'll hear differences with a player that is set up like I've described.

  3. alexyu0
    Hi! I'm also looking into buying a Schiit Magni 2 Uber and a Modi 2 but I'm not sure if I should get the Modi 2 or Modi 2 Uber. I probably would only use the USB input since I'm just connecting it to my computer but I was wondering how much of a difference the wall power on the Modi 2 Uber makes and if there is any other noticeable differences, other than the different inputs and sampling rates.
    Also if anyone has other recommendations for a reliable amp/DAC in a similar price range, that would be great too! I currently have the ATH M50s, Senn Momentum (Over ear), DT990 Premium 250 Ohm and Swan M10 2.1 speakers. Thanks!
  4. bikerboy94

    I would go with the Uber. For $50 you get matching case and in the future you may use the other connections.
  5. ChesterYonany
    Modi 2 can do 32\192
  6. alexyu0
    Oh yeah I just took a look at the specs again and it's the same. My bad!
  7. Kwangsun
    Hey guys,
    Massdrop has the O2/ODAC combo on sale right now and it's a really good deal. But I keep wondering if maybe I should just hold off on the Schiit Modi/Magni 2 Uber stack instead. I do like the aesthetics, but consider it a low priority overall. What I want to know is what gravitated you guys to purchase the Schiit. 
    For me right now it's the price, assuming that both stacks are equal. But if the Schiit stuff is better, I'd rather hold off. 
  8. Letmebefrank

    What made me buy Schiit is that it's made in the USA by a small company with an owner who has a great hifi background. Also the reviews were great everywhere I looked.
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  9. RadishPower
    Since the Magni 2 has low and hi gains, would it be suitable for IEM use? Also thoughts between Vali vs Magni?
  10. bikerboy94

    Yes read description on Schiit site.
  11. lazerbeam
    I've heard vali isn't so good for iem's. But I understand Magni is great for iem too.

    Has anyone in Toronto bought direct from Schiit and can elaborate on how much hidden taxes our border buddies tack on to the price?

    I'm decided I want schiit but if it's going to cost more than higher end options available locally I'm going to have to let my wallet make the decision.
  12. huss12
    I am in need of some help guys, if it is even possible!
    I changed my job and brought my Modi2U/Magni2 Schiit stack with me. As it turnes out, my work station is under some IT restrictions regarding software allowed to be installed on PC. So...I cannot install Windows drivers and I cannot use my Modi2U [​IMG]
    Is there a way to bypass the drivers or it wouldn't make any difference without them and I am only left to listen to my music through the amp?
    I would acctually really like to use the PC (as I have no WiFi for Spotify) and the dac (as the sound card is crap)!
    cheers guys
  13. Anthony Lo
    I think you better ask Schitt directly, and they are very helpful indeed. Just send the email to them!
  14. lazerbeam
    I have restricted computer access as well. You can ask Schiit but I think the answer is obvious. You'd need to get admin permissions to add the driver and device.

    Other option is to check if you have a digital output?

    If you have spotify premium you can download the music
  15. lazerbeam
    I'm pumped I ordered M&M. Will I have buyers remorse for not going with a bifrost and asgard?
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