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*Official Schiit Magni/Modi 2 ( Uber ) Thread*

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  1. ChesterYonany
    well, if the magni wasnt so hot i would have just kept it ON :\
  2. chuckwheat
    Does anyone know how one could lubricate the magni 2 uber's potentiometer? i'd like mine too feel smoother for more fine adjustment.
  3. San Raal
    Hi fellow Schiit listeners!
    I have purchased a modi2 as part of my easy PC listening rig. The modi2 sits on S mode so uses standard drivers, has no external power requirements so was perfect for an easy and lazy listening solution. (My main rig has 6-7 switches to get into listening mode "on")
    Great little box, fantastic value. Using it with a Mapletree tube amp, Grado SR225 Cans, Chord indigo interconnect and Nordost USB cable. It is the cheapest part of the chain LOL. Only one "on" switch and that's not on the modi2. Its on when the PC is and that's most of the time!
    Works in games fine as well, works with Spotify, works with Foobar enough said. Im slightly deaf in one ear and need +12dB on right channel - it works with Windows volume controls for this
  4. dbkwall
    I have been listening to Magni 2 uber + Modi 2 uber for a couple months and have really enjoyed the sound. I needed some extra cash and considered selling the set. To test their value to me I recently performed a blind test comparing the Magni/Modi to my Nexus 5 smartphone and had real difficulty discerning the two. I was comparing both sources using a set of Grado sr80e headphones. Am I missing something?
  5. chuckwheat
    do you listen to cd quality music or higher? or compressed lossy formats?
  6. dbkwall
    I was testing with some norah jones, keb mo, and spoon flac files.
  7. chuckwheat
    Odd. Comparing my bro's nexus 5 to my schiit stack, it's clear to me...
  8. dbkwall
    Sighted I definitely thought the Modi/Magni were better, but have your bro match loudness levels and try it blind. Then things get fuzzier.
  9. reihead
    I'm using the Fiio X5 as dac with my laptop and an E12, thinking of getting a schiit dac, magni2.

    Straight to question:
    Is the magni2 better than the X5 as a dac?
  10. Anthony Lo
    I can use my new combos finally,  when I plug it to my HIFIMAN HE-400, the sound is awful, very small... smaller than my Apogee Groove. It is totally out of my expectation and want to turn it back to Schitt immediately. Well, I try to give it more patience and read the manual.... haha actually I need switch it to Hi-Gain in the Magni 2 Uber. Wow after I switch it to the Hi-Gain, the world is totally difference. Between with Groove and Schitt combos, I think Schitt Combos more clearly when I listen Chet Baker. It is just my first impression about Schitt Combos. 

  11. ChesterYonany
    why HI gain?
    LOW gain doesnt give you enough volume?
  12. Anthony Lo
    Yes, Lo-Gain cannot drive my HE-400... Very small sound and bass.... Need to switch it to Hi-Gain. Also in the manual, they said " Select Hi or Lo gain, depending on your headphones. IEMs and earbud style hp will probably need LO gain. If you don't enough volume control range, use LO gain."
  13. ChesterYonany
    so on LO gain with the pot at max the 400 isnt loud enough?
    my 400i is fine with the LO gain.
    both are 35 ohm.
  14. MarcelE

    Ahh that is exactly what I experienced with my Asgard 2.
    I didn't have anything else to compare it with (only straight out of a laptop and tablet) so when I first
    connected my HE-400 it was okay. Sound was nice but I wasn't blown away.
    Thats until I switched it to high gain. And I'm not talking about the volume being louder or having
    more headroom to turn the knob etc. The sound comes alive, for me especially the mids come more
    to the front.
    I've asked it a few times what it is and how/why this is happening and most say that it should not
    change the sound, just louder. Well it really isn't the case, at least not with the HE-400.
    It's just wonderful. [​IMG]
    Anthony Lo likes this.
  15. Anthony Lo

    I did max all volume to the amp and the PC volume, it just small ... Have you compare it to other amp ? I use Apogee Groove first and bought these combos second. So I can tell if I use the Lo-Gain that is really worse than Groove.

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