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*Official Schiit Magni/Modi 2 ( Uber ) Thread*

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  1. Koolpep

    Well, it COULD be that the profit margin of the Magni2 is higher than the Magni2Uber, hence recommending the M2 makes financial sense for them. Though I doubt that. But just recommending a cheaper option doesn't mean this decision is not driven by financial reasons.

    Again, not stating that this is the case, as I believe in Schiits integrity.
  2. Krutsch
    How could I say otherwise after spending all that money [​IMG]
  3. StanD
    Imagine buying a $3K DAC and being dissapointed. Ouch, "Should'a bought a Modi2 Uber."
    Krutsch likes this.
  4. Haeleus
    Quick confirmation: because of the 10-second startup delay that means I can just leave my headphones plugged into the magni 2 without risk, correct?
  5. StanD
    Yes, you are good to go, as long as no-one turned up the volume all the way when you weren't looking.
  6. Haeleus
    Nah I always check the volume is at 0 before turning on the Magni, though I have once or twice turned the dial to max on silent just to check there is no static noise.
    Funny, I have used 2 separate pairs of HD 650s and I am constantly paranoid the right-side can is clearer though I have always had this bias with several phones and I am pretty sure this is also due to stereo instrumental sound from most songs.
  7. StanD
    You could try swapping channels by plugging the wires into the opposite ear cups and then put on the headhones reversed. If the clarity moved to the other earcup, then you have something to figure out. Besides paranoia it could be your amp/electronics or hearing.
  8. Koolpep

    Try an online hearing test that does a sweeping sine wave sound, I had the same issue with some of any headphones. Until I found out that one of my ears has a slight dip in frequency hearing. Which explained the "imbalance".  Sometimes you also might have a small cold or blocked ear and you don't realize.
    So check your ears and reverse the headphones etc. to eliminate that first.
  9. riverlethe
    Check to make sure the driver didn't pop out. This can happen with impact to the HD600/HD650, but it's pretty easy to take off the grill and push it back in.
  10. DCofficehack
    For the record, the regular, non-uber Magni 2 handles the 600 Ohms DT880 well.
  11. ChesterYonany
    HIGH gain required for that right?
  12. Kopftelefon
    quite possibly yes.
  13. DCofficehack

    I've been using high gain, which is what the instructions that came with the Magni recommends. I haven't tried the low gain.
  14. DanBKLYN
    Hi all, 
    I need your advice.  My current setup includes the Uber Modi 2, Magni 2, and the Sennheiser HD 650, along with AudioQuest carbon USB cable to connect the DAC to the computer.  I use this setup to listen to music from the computer while at work.  Now I would like to upgrade my HD 650 cable to the Silver Dragon V3 from Moon Audio.  Do you think this cable would make a different with this setup?  It would be wonderful to hear from those who have this or similar setup.  
  15. StanD
    IMO, save your money for other things that will actually benefit you. Silver or copper will sound the same, esecially with a headphone of a high impedance such as the HD650. Any small variation in cable resistance pales in comparison to the 300 Ohm impedance of the HD650.
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