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*Official Schiit Magni/Modi 2 ( Uber ) Thread*

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  1. bikerboy94
  2. scottcriswell
    I got my Magni/Modi2 Uber combo on Tuesday and I'm really diggin it!  I have them paired up with a pair of HD 700s and I'm pretty happy with my first jump into quality audio!
  3. ChesterYonany
    i got my schiit sctack today.
    i tried to install the driver but it keeps telling me to connect the device.
    anyone knows how to install it?
    does it matter is the slider is on E or S?
    i understand that E is for "Expert" and used when driver installed, but if i cant install it, is there a difference?
  4. scottcriswell
    If you haven't, try switching the slider to E when installing.  If it doesn't work on E, try installing with it on S.  Expert mode allows for 192 kHz, while Simple mode allows for 24/96
  5. Jason Stoddard

    Unplug the USB cable to the DAC. Slide to E. Reinsert the USB cable. Install drivers.
    From the manual:
    3 If you’d like to play 24/192 content, unplug the USB cable and switch Modi 2 into Expert Mode. You’ll have to install drivers on Windows. They’re available at schiit.com/drivers. 

    Schiit Audio Stay updated on Schiit Audio at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/Schiit/ http://www.schiit.com/
  6. ChesterYonany
    i tried that before my post, didnt work.
    but ofcourse after im posting about it- it works.
  7. Anthony Lo
    Hi All,
    Although I am just bought Apogee Groove for HIFIMAN HE400, but  these combo are very tempting to me !!! Do I give it a try ? 
  8. ChesterYonany
    do you guys just leave the magni ON over the night?
    its getting hot and its fine during the day because im using it, but leaving it on over the night can damage it?
    can it work 24\7 even if its hot?
  9. StanD
    Sure, go for it. I've used it to drive an HE-500, works great and compares well to my more upscale stuff.
  10. Anthony Lo
    Quick question again, these combo can go with audioengine 5+ speakers? any people have any comment ?
  11. scottcriswell
    The Magni 2 Uber has preamp outputs so yes, you can use it with powered speakers.
    Anthony Lo likes this.
  12. Anthony Lo
    "But how is the result? Looking for reviews about it ? THX!"
  13. scottcriswell
    I actually haven't plugged my Soundsticks into it yet, currently have them away from my desk.
  14. rck1984
    Recieved my Schiit Magni 2 today.

    My god, what a difference compared to the AMP on my Essence STX. Been doing some "homework" and the DAC on the STX seems to be better than the DAC on the Modi, so sticking to the STX DAC for now. But again, what a difference in sound quality, my HD600's really come to life now. I liked them already before but they're amazing right now,

    This Schiit is worth every penny!
    Anthony Lo likes this.
  15. ChesterYonany
    i think i saw a comparison between the modi, ODAC and the STX and the guy couldnt tell the difference.
    are you using LOW gain with the HD600?
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