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Official Ipod Video / Classic 5g+5.5g+6g+6.5g+7g SSD Mod thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by freeze, Aug 12, 2011.
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  1. markoji
    Hi, im new here, sorry if it was questioned before.
    I cracked my ipod 5 30gb logic board, is it okay if i replace with gen 5.5 80gb logic board? If that is possible any other part should be replace too? for notice i consider to still use the slim housing of 30gb with same battery.
    Is there any issue with the sandisk ultra sdxc 128gb 30mbps Thanks :)
  2. MikeyFresh
    Thats all you need other than the memory card.
    Your original post did not mention the word bundle, you said "Tarkan SDXC adapter" which is only half of what you get in the bundle, the other half being the actual ZIF - CF adapter board that connects to the iPod's HDD ribbon cable.
    You are good to go. If you are in the U.S. I highly recommend the PNY 256GB SDXC card, it can be found for as as little $99, although my experience with it is limited to Apple's firmware. I don't know/have any experience with how it behaves using Rockbox if thats your intention.
    Good luck!
  3. Noodles5666
    I plan on using stock Apple FW.  I was looking at the PNY but I am hearing there are issues with the 7G and that card.  But if I am not mistaken the 160GB Thin is actually considered 7.5G.  So I may have to go with the Lexar.
  4. MikeyFresh
    Hmmm, Tarkan would be your best bet in terms of direct feedback he's received from other Gen. 7.5 users. 
    Last I had asked him he said there were more issues with the Lexar 256GB than the PNY, but he may have been commenting specific to the Gen. 5.5 I was planning to use for that build. I went with the PNY and it has been completely trouble fee, but in a Gen. 5.5 Video.
  5. beyondwind
    Congratulation on your successful mod.
    As tested,
    with 2000mAh battery, regular mp3
    crucial 480gb ipod 5.5g: 36hrs
    crucial 480gb ipod 7g 95hrs
    the best I achieved with stock batteries.
    Sanyo blue cell: 9hrs.
    Thick (ipod 80gb) battery: 15hrs.
    expecting 20% less battery life with ipod 5g. and a little less battery life with flac files.
    The 100hrs number is for ipod 7g, regular hdd.
    I can assure you that crucial 480gb is the best msata SSD you can get in terms of stability.
  6. originalsnuffy
    Rockboxing the 5.5g with the PNY 240gb SD card can be tricky.  Tarkan provided a helpful link that solved my dual booting problem.


    One other silly piece of advice. With Windows 7 it was helpful to go into the disk portion of computer management and assign a drive letter to the unit when in Rockbox mode.   The unit became "findable" after that.  I did not need to do that with Windows 8 on my notebook.
    The units boots scary fast compared with the stock 80gb physical platter hard drive now.  Oh yeah, it also holds 3 times a much music.
    I do highly recommend using the Tarkan solution.  His firmware is up to the task, and once you are a customer my experience is that his support is wonderful. 
  7. beyondwind
    Good to know everything finally worked for you. I was about to commenting on your previous thread for blaming rockbox to be the culprit of the problem.
    So you should take back your word and indeed own an apology to the Rockbox, The problem is caused by the SD adapter, and iPodpatcher is part of the rockbox installer that fixed your problem.
  8. Mossflog
    How can I get the newest firmware for the adapter?  I've emailed Tarkan but he doesn't respond; when I try to post comments on his website, they aren't approved.
  9. Whippler
    How do i go about changing the hdd to SSD? Do i need to format the ssd(mSata) outside of ipod, and just copy over the .rockbox etc folder form the hdd. and then swap it in. Or can i swap it in un formatted. and then somehow restore, and re rockbox the device?
  10. originalsnuffy
    First and foremost I continue to thank the Rockbox team (which I think includes you) for creating a wonderful community service.  This software/firmware allows the music community a degree of fidelity and musicality that was never envisioned by the original hardware manufacturers.  I for one would have dumped my old videopod 80 gb 5.5 gen if not for Rockbox.  Well, more likely I would have sold it not dumped it.  Rockbox is very likely a key reason why those units still hold their value on ebay and the like.  Rockbox also put new life into my Sansa Clip 4gb.
    Second, I did not intend to criticize the Rockbox team.  I was expressing frustration that I could not achieve a dual boot scenario.  It was certainly not obvious to me whether the issue was related to the Tarkan adaptor and its firmware or the Rockbox installer or bootloader.  So if my comments were taken as criticism that was not the goal and for that I would certainly apologize.
    Third, it would seem to me that it would be a good idea if your mSATA workaround and the firmware patch that I just referred to were included in the next integrated build for the ipods.  My guess is that that majority of new users of Rockbox are modifying their machines with either mSATA or SD cards as the hard drives are probably in the process of sending out distress signals.  That was true for both of my units.
    Fourth, perhaps the more technical readers of this forum might want to let Tarkan know what might be an issue with the CF/SD card adapter firmware.  He knows I was having a problem, but may not be aware that a firmware fix of some sort might be in order.
    Fifth, to respond to another question, I have seen no posts to indicate that the firmware for any of the various adapters on the marketplace are user upgradable.   If that is true, then I would have to assume that the only option is to work out some kind of exchange with the original vendor.
  11. Mossflog
    He's been working on the firmware; beta firmware was testing and working in July (though that may predate your purchase, assuming you have v6).  He recently released v7 of the adapter though - from his site:
  12. beyondwind
    Improvement on what?
    I have seen so many so called "improvement" yet never seen what exactly is improved. Neither any known issue is published.
  13. MikeyFresh
    Improved compatibility with 256Gb SDXC cards, or maybe it's better said "allows" compatibility with 256Gb SDXC cards.
  14. originalsnuffy
    Yes I have v6. In our communications there was no mention of a v7. My adapter is about a month old. However right now everything is working as far as I can tell. I know it is v6 because one pc installed an adapter and windows informed me is was a tarkan v6.
  15. beyondwind
    "improved compatibility" is a vague term, it imply there are still "incompatibility" yet such info is never released on the product page, and users are not allowed post such info on the product site.
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