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Official Ipod Video / Classic 5g+5.5g+6g+6.5g+7g SSD Mod thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by freeze, Aug 12, 2011.
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  1. originalsnuffy
    It would appear to me that you are somewhat frustrated with Tarkan.  Somehow I think I found myself in the middle of that without meaning to be.   Am I somewhat on track here?
  2. cmarti
    Tarkan keeps improving the design and it has another firmware that Tarkan is currently testing. He shipped one of these v7 cards to test it with my 256gb Lexar. 
  3. beyondwind
    I apologize that I shouted out in a way that have pointed to your posts.
    Indeed I am frustrated with misleading marketing info that has been repeatedly posted here, in the name of "improvement" but never saw any data to prove it. And this has led to people blaming Rockbox.
  4. DMinor
    @cmarti , have you noticed any improvement to power efficiency with the Tarkan adapter for msata in comparison to the generic "green" adapter?
  5. beyondwind

    I would appreciate if you can use this opportunity to run some simple tests in rockbox: battery life benchmark, disk speed test, ATA info dump.
    As far as I know, he has made some workaround which made the SD adapter no longer conformal to ATA standard, a work around should not be called improvement, it may fix something but in the same time break things too. He should at least released such info to the public.
  6. beyondwind

    This is another perfect example that the misleading marketing info has led to make people think Tarkan's adapter may be more power efficient.
  7. cmarti
    I believe I do. But hard to tell since I only use the big capacity battery.
  8. cmarti
    Ok will do.
  9. DR650SE
    Figured post a shot of my gear since I'm sitting here listening, and enjoying my 5.5G iMod Terapod :D

    Also pictured is my 128gb SD card 4th generation iPod with Fiio E17. Got my DT880s 250ohm pumping at the moment, taking a break from my Westone W40s. Which I may have reshelled into custom IEMs. But for now, I'm loving this gear.

    cmarti likes this.
  10. DMinor
    Those capless are meant to be a couple. 
    I let my terapod take a break today so I grabbed the half-terapod this morning on my way to work. Struggling with decision on bringing which one to work every day. LOL. 
    The 2000mAh got delivered today, so I need to figure out which ipod will be honored. :)  My ultimate plan is to have a CF mod with this bad boy, either for diymod or for 7g classic. 
    DR650SE likes this.
  11. DR650SE
    Yeah I would love to have a 256GB CF card and 2000mAh battery.

    The capless setup is amazing. Unfortunately I can't have any portable media in my workspace. :frowning2: otherwise I would have the Terapod and 4th Gen alternating at work. So instead all I have is my Westone W40s and streaming Pandora. Even Spotify doesn't work. It really does blow that I can't use it at work. They don't get near the playing time they should.

    Now my next major decision is what color scheme and design for custom reshell of my W40s. This hobby never ends lol. Probably going with InEarZ. I've messaged there people and follow them on Facebook. Of all custom Reshellers I've seen, they are the best priced, quickest turnaround, and willingness to work with the customers. So we'll see. Still gotta get impressions somewhere.
  12. DMinor
    I will go crazy without my setup on my desk in the office. These are like my body parts. :)
    I have never tried any ciem's, but I doubt I will be comfortable with those pieces in my ears. My ears are very sensitive to anything intrusive. After I used the EX1000 with almost weightless housing and shallow insertion, I will have hard time to adjust to others. I owned IE80 and 4A.i before, and I couldn't get used to wearing those anymore after the EX1000 experience.
    DR650SE likes this.
  13. DR650SE
    Yea I like the W40s, but mostly just curious about the customs. That and I love the see through look of clear or smoke. Being able to see the BA. Plus it's one more way to make my setup unique. :p

    But it does drive me crazy to not have my gear at my desk. I sit and think about how I could have some high quality tunes going, for 8 hours a day. :/

    Oh, almost forgot, another project is to recreate the ALO amp wallet in a high quality leather. Shouldn't be too hard.
  14. DMinor
    Outsource that project to Coach. :)
  15. davidcotton

    Any reason you prefer the cf mod?  Would seem to me that you already have the ultimate upgrade in the tera and 480 versions.  Wouldn't 256 seem a little limiting after that?
    The cf mod does seem to still have it's attractions despite cost.  Better battery life, more stable file transfers etc.
    Just a pita that that pny 256 gig sdxc card isn't sold in the uk.  Even if it were it wouldn't be as cheap.
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