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Official Ipod Video / Classic 5g+5.5g+6g+6.5g+7g SSD Mod thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by freeze, Aug 12, 2011.
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  1. dr408517
  2. ZorbaTheGreek
    Thanks for the quick replies guys!
    The card i'm using is the following:
    This is what i have tried this far:
    - formatting the card to FAT32 using a card reader > put into ipod > connect to Mac > itunes reset > crashes when transferring music or even during restore
    - connect ipod to PC > itunes reset > install rockbox > connect to mac > crashes when i try to move files in disk mode
    - managed to install rockbox from mac > still crashes when i try adding files
    Have now restored the ipod in Windows, connected to mac, might have found a solution (knock on wood).... managed to transfer a 2gb playlist in itunes and 8gb files in disk mode...
    Will let you know how it goes:wink:
  3. ZorbaTheGreek
    Nope.....spoke too soon...thing still crashes:frowning2:
    Guess I'll try taking the card back to the shop and getting a refund.
    Might try with another one. Apparently the Kingston 128gb seems to be working according to Tarkan's info and is pretty cheap where i live... anybody have experience with that brand?
    Thanks for the help!
  4. cmarti
    I installed the cheapest class 10 128gb Kingston SD card in my son's iPod and it is working great.
  5. ZorbaTheGreek
    Good to know!
    Testing my Hama card with H2testw, wonder how that goes....will keep you posted:wink:
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  6. tengen
    Is BeyondWind's page down? I just finished restoring my iPod 5.5G with a 480GB Crucial SSD and a new battery from iFixit; loaded up default Rockbox and it gives me ATA error -11.
    Hopefully BW's patch can fix ATA error -11.
  7. DMinor
    Yes I notice his site has been down.
    Download here for the RB patch. It does exactly to fix that ATA error -11. Remember to save a copy for your future use.
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  8. DMinor
    More UPDATE on the 850 mAh Miliamp battery:
    With the Crucial 480GB mSATA mod, the latest full charge has lasted 22 hrs and still running with 2% (20 min) left. The increased longevity is due to less folder browsing or forced album switching.
    Still I am surprised by 22 hrs for mSATA not CF.
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  9. Jilted1951
    Excellent info. I realise this is 4 years on but Do you know of anyone who's actually been successful in this particular combination (i.e. the Mach Xtreme 120GB Nano ZIF Series 1.8" PATA SSD) Has there been any 'world-changing break-throughs' in the last 4 years ?
  10. dr408517

    I use the KingSpec 128g KSD-ZF18.6-128MS. Works like a charm in V7 and V6 slim iPods. Never tested a MachExtreme, but I have been tempted by the 256g.
  11. Jilted1951
    Yeah.... last year I used a Super Talent 120  in a 5Gen slim, then with a bit of help from a 'genius' on the Rockbox site obtained a patch & made the successful software conversion....After adding a FiiO Andes E07K & the 64 Ears V3s I couldn't be happier with the results.
    I just fancied making a second/back-up (you can never have too many iPods - right ?) but with a different SSD.      I have considered the KingSpec - you had no problem then with the Rockbox conversion ?
  12. Jilted1951
    Sorry....may not have made it clear - Must have Rockbox !
  13. dr408517

    Now that I BeyondWind's patch for the mSata works, I no longer have any V5 ipods below 256g, and all of the mSatas are RB'ed.  I do have a V5.5 with a 256g SuperTalent that runs on standard iTunes software.
    I should have mentioned that the KingSpec will not work with a V5 ipod. I did not have any luck getting the 256g SuperTalent V5.5 to work with RB, but that was 3 months ago.
  14. dr408517
    I just had a PM come to me from a user asking mSata upgrades - which iPod to use, which battery etc. I thought it might be useful to post a more detailed version here if any other new members were interested.
    Building an mSata V5 or V5.5 iPod:
    1.  iPod to use for an mSata upgrade. Purchase a V5.0 or V5.5 60g or 80g iPod. This is because the 60 and 80g models had 64mb of RAM, and many of the 30g only had 32mb.  Both will work, but the 64mb board works better.  All of these V5.x ipods will be the thick kind, which you will find work better for the mSata modification anyway. The thick version will offer a little breathing space for the chip and allow for better heat dissipation, and will accommodate the thicker battery (more below).  Note: at this time, the V6 and V7 iPods do not work with the mSata upgrade.
    2. Chip: Like others on the board, I am currently using a Crucial 480g mSata chip in the ipod. For the 256g upgrade, the BP4 is by far the better chip to use because it does not overheat as easily as the Crucial. For the 1T, I've tested the Samsung successfully, and have about 250g loaded on my current test model. 
    3. Adapter: There is an mSata to zif adapter referenced in these pages; it is the green one that sells for about $11-$15 on Amazon. http://www.amazon.com/CY-PCI-E-Adapter-Toshiba-Hitachi/dp/B00HP01QXI/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1397308868&sr=8-2&keywords=msata+to+zif. Other venders sell it for less - and since almost all are shipped from China, it takes a while to receive a new one. Others will work, but this one seems to be the most common one employed. These adapters are delicate - if they get too hot they will fail.  The ribbon cable is installed on the adapter so that the chip faces away from the logic board. Remove the "blue" padding from the existing HD in the and place one piece between the adapter and the logic board, and the other between the chrome case and the chip (to keep it from moving inside the assembled iPod).  I usually do not snap the whole iPod together until after I have restored and loaded the firmware - just in case something goes awry and I have to reformat the chip or replace the ribbon cable.
    4. Battery: I would not recommend purchase of the 1300mAh or 1350mAh batteries found on Amazon. I have seven of them on my workbench right now and none hold a charge well. The quality is not good. Like Dminor, I have found that a quality 950mAh battery (like the Milliamp brand he purchases) will work fine. Li-ion and Li-poly appear equally well (or poorly). I've not found any "thin" battery to work well, so I tend to use only the thick ones. In fact, I am running my 480g right now on a 650mAh iPod battery recovered from a very well cared-for used iPod. I recommend you buy more than one battery, because if you receive old stock or a bad one, it will only result in lots of frustration. After you build, be sure you charge the battery for at least 4 hours before beginning the restore process.
    5. Formatting the Chip: Normally, a new chip will not require formatting before you begin. If formatting is required, for instance after a crash, use something like AOMEI (it's free). Rebuild the MBR table, and format the chip to Fat32. Use whatever mSata to Sata adapter you prefer to connect it to your computer to format, but remember to either eject or shut down the computer before you disconnect the chip after formatting or your chip will "lock" and the iPod will not be able to restore properly.
    6. Firmware: The stock ipod firmware from Apple, combined with the mSata chips, can result in a lot of heat on the chip.  Furthermore, the stock iPod firmware appears to have difficulty with large numbers of files (>35-50K files depending on the storage media). Use BeyondWind's RockBox mod (a link can be found on the forum, including Dminor's recent posts). Once you build and restore the iPod in iTunes, switch to BeyondWind's Rockbox for mSata firmware and load the music in blocks of about 5g or so.  Periodically check the iPod, and if it gets too warm, or the battery indicator shows you are below 75%, stop loading files.  Allow it to cool down, charge it if necessary, and load some more.  If you let the chip get too hot, or the battery too low, one or the other will shut down as a protection from overheating and you will need to reformat the chip and start all over again.
    Last - be patient during the restore process in iTunes. It can take anywhere from 5 to 9 minutes to go from "Restore" to "Welcome to your new iPod".   Happy modding.
  15. Peridot
    This is very much appreciated, thanks. I was planning on trawling back through the pages of threads to get the information to embark on a mSata upgrade and you've saved me a job.
    I will probably go for the Crucial - just need to get hold of the iPod first :)
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