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Official Ipod Video / Classic 5g+5.5g+6g+6.5g+7g SSD Mod thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by freeze, Aug 12, 2011.
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  1. DR650SE
    Ohhhh man, I just stopped by the local Micro Center. They had both Crucial and Samsung mSata drives in Stock and on display. Up to the 1TB Samsung msata drive... All for your average prices too. Now I'd need to convince the wife lol.

    If you have a local Micro Center near you, I highly recommend you check it out. May save some shipping cost and time.

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  2. DMinor
    How can you convince her to approve a 480GB or 1TB drive for only 90GB music?  You got to come up with a good lie  [​IMG]
  3. DR650SE
    Disk mode :D pictures backup :D lol. And an even growing music collection :D

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  4. dr408517
    File limitation and road-test update:
    These tests are conducted with the same mp3 test library used in all of my previous media tests.  The iPods are V5.5 with BeyondWind's RB update. The test music database has approximately 100K songs, 75% are 128.mp3; the remaining are .aac and 160.mp3.
    1. At some point between 68K and 95K files, the iPod can no longer function correctly. Rockbox screen loads, and the iPod will permit navigation through the menus for about 15-20 seconds. The system then locks up, no navigation is possible, and the mSata chip quickly begins to overheat. The battery drains, and if not disconnected, the iPod will crash to a sad-face. 
    1. 256g BP4 mSata ipod has approximately 61K songs from this library, The database was successfully updated and has no issues so far.  
    1. 1T Samsung mSata ipod was successfully loaded to 490g without issue in 30g blocks. During continuous run time test, iPod froze during first few minutes and had to be reset. Full reformat/restore was required. At approximately 230g loaded (59K songs), continuous run time on 850 mAh battery was an unimpressive three hours before shut down. Battery was recharged and replaced, however, iPod is reporting sad face.
  5. cmarti
    What do you use to format the mSATA card?
  6. dr408517
    File limitation update:
    After replacing battery and running disk check for errors, 95267 files have now been loaded on the V5.5 480g Crucial mSata.  Appears to be operating normally after 30 minutes of play time.  Battery is a THIN 650mAh purchased from amazon:
    Go figure.  I am testing the same battery in the TeraPod now.
  7. dr408517

    I use AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard. It is free.  I've also used EaseUS Partition Master, and it works great, too, but it is not freeware.
  8. cmarti
  9. dr408517

    By the way, I've ordered the Milliamp 850mAh batteries, but they haven't arrived yet.
    I hope to take the mSata 480g to 100k files - however, to do so I have had/will have to double enter may files because my library ran out long ago.
  10. cmarti
    Sorry, I mean what kind of adapter do you use to format the card.
  11. dr408517

    I use the following adapter:

    Btw, i was able to get 6h 20m out of the V5.5 480g mSata Crucial today. I had to put the ipod into disk mode to charge it howver, after it drained fully.
  12. originalsnuffy
    I have a 5.5G 80GB ipod.  The unit still works great, though the video is starting to fade a bit.
    I am curious; why are these units still so popular for modding?  
    What is it about these machines the keeps audiophile intrigued?  Is that they are easy to open, or the Wolfson DAC, or ....?
    The unit has been used in a bathroom that is part of open floorplan into a bedroom, so it has no really been exposed to much moisture by the way.
    The only downside to the unit is that is uses the older firewire charging system so I can't plug it in to more modern clock radios.  I have an old Sony that works pretty well.
    What is the value of a unit like this to a modder?  If I decided to sell it, should I post it here somewhere or ebay?  
    Thanks for the info and thoughts.
  13. cmarti

    Thank you, I thought I needed to format my 256gb mSATA card after the iPod fully drained but when I removed it and installed in the iPod that has the 480gb card it worked. So this means that the last mSATA to ZIF adapter that I got of Alibaba failed beause I get the iPod sad face when I use it.

    Also I had to fully charge the slims battery of the 480gb iPod after I did thee card swap, looks like it was completely dead and the iPod couldn't boot of it. (This is the first time this happpen to me)

    I will order that adapter, I may end up using for my Thinkpad X60 after I upgrade the capless iPod to 1TB. I saw the prices going down for those cards.
  14. dr408517

    I think I may have the process finally figured out. I am going to finish the TeraPod, then publish the process and parts on the forum.  It may take a couple of days to load, however!
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  15. dr408517
    If it is an old 5.5 80gb, and the board works then you are golden. These boards have 64mb of RAM, which is really useful for big upgrades. The older V5.5 ipods still use Wolfson DAC, which is as good as you can get. These are the iPods many of us have found to be the most mod-able and the most reliable for diy upgrades.
    I don't understand the "firewire" comment.  The older (up to classic) ipods use the "wide" plug which were adapted to both firewire and USB instead of the narrow plug used by the newer iPads and iPod touches.  Yes, the modern clock radios use the narrow plug, but adapters are readily available.
    You can post it to ebay and you will get whatever the going rate is. Or - you can mod it and avoid the purchase of an inferior "upgrade".
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