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Official Ipod Video / Classic 5g+5.5g+6g+6.5g+7g SSD Mod thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by freeze, Aug 12, 2011.
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  1. beyondwind

    The dip in voltage just aggravate in the mSATA mod because the high peak current draw. CF will have some but the dip will be very small, This can also be checked by using the battery benchmark app in rockbox, the battery voltage will be logged in a txt file and if you plot it, it will be a sawtooth like curve.
  2. cmarti
    Good information, I have one of those Sanyo batteries. Didn't know they were better than the other ones, I went with the battery removed from a new 7th gen iPod Classic but the battery is already a year old now but still it goes strong.
  3. DMinor
    You are lucky at 9%. Mine happens sometimes even at more than 30%. There is a surge I guess depending on how aggressive you browse the folders and switch albums. I feel like the battery suffers from a heart attack. LOL.
    Also I found out when that happens, don't turn it right back on. If you do, the battery will be completely drained as it suffers double surges in a short period of time. Let it rest for a while and then turn it back on, and the battery will recover some.
  4. cmarti
    Found two of the blue Sanyo batteries on ebay.
    Here's a link.
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  5. DMinor
    These Crucial M500 mSATA's are currently sold at very good price at Amazon. The 480GB dropped 30 bucks from what I bought a couple of weeks ago. The M500 240GB is priced at $114 only, which is $76 below what I bought the Crucial M4 256GB last year from Amazon (returned later). At this price and dropping, these mSATA's along with the RB patch provide the best option for hosting your growing music library.
    While the mSATA mod is not as power efficient as the CF mod, with a quality battery the performance is decent and good enough.
  6. DMinor
    Nice find Cmarti.
    BTW, I received mine from Milliamp and it's basically the one wrapped in black cover. The model No. is 616-0232.
  7. cmarti
    How is the iPod working with the new battery?
  8. DMinor
    I have not completely drained the battery yet after the initial full charge, but based on my observations so far it's not a big improvement. 
  9. cmarti
    I have two of those 616-0232 batteries, I noticed that they drain in a short time when the iPod is not in use.
  10. davidcotton

    For once the drives are similar prices in the uk.  Typically we are overpaying on the second hand ipods again.  Just a shame that the msata mod doesn't work on the 7th gen's :frowning2:
  11. DMinor
    Not much improvement from my other batteries. I think battery mod may be the only option for a big boost.
    These ipod video's become rare and rare now. I hardly see them anymore from my local Craiglist sellers. At eBay, you can still get those for $40 or less with only hard drive issues (perfect for the mod). I love the transparent sounding from these capless diymod's paired with my capless amp. Along with the big storage, they really serve me well for the growing music library and music listening experience. It has helped me to expand my music interests in more genres, musicians, composers, etc.
  12. canikickit1
    Encountered an issue with my diymod-
    Installed a Tarkan's adapter, connected an SD to CF adapter, and a Komputerbay 128gb SD card.
    Ipod video 5th gen.. Rockboxed. Whenever I add music to the diymod, the music skips, and sometimes jumps from one song to another, and back. Similar to switching stations on the radio, then back. From research, it seems indicative that the SD-Card may have a filesystem corruption that is fixed using chkdsk. However, using chkdsk doesn't work and the problem persists. At first I thought it was the iPod itself, but when I played music via the iPod as a source, the skipping/overlapping was evident.  Also, Tarkan himself stated that we have to use Disk Mode before adding music when using Rockbox since the USB Handler doesn't comply well with CF Card mods.Has anyone else ever run into this issue of skipping,overlapping songs?
  13. davidcotton

    Have you tried formatting the sd card first before adding music?
  14. canikickit1
    Sure did - Formatted to FAT32 using fat32format.exe
  15. canikickit1
    Actually discovered the trick to fixing my skipping/overlapping issue
    1 - Follow Tarkan's Steps for preparing your SD Card
    2. Install Rockbox
    3. Once Rockbox is installed, put the iPod into Disk Mode. Add songs via Disk Mode.
    I added 50GB worth of music and no skippage is present. I did however, had to delete the "database" files in the Rockbox folder since upon the initial restart, it was frozen on "Committing Database." 
    Got my diyMod back.
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