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Official Ipod Video / Classic 5g+5.5g+6g+6.5g+7g SSD Mod thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by freeze, Aug 12, 2011.
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  1. neosoul
    DMinor, does this drive require the tarkan adapter if installed in a 5th gen Ipod?
  2. DMinor

    The Tarkan adapter is for the CF card, and the mSATA needs this adapter.
  3. mikemike097
    well the 1tb evo is cooler running and more power efficient than a 480gb m500 consuming only a bit more at full throttle so it would likely work assuming its firmware likes to mingle with rockbox.
  4. zzffnn
    I personally really want a 1TB DAP, even if it costs me $700. We may want more robust (than stock) power supply to run a 1TB mSATA SSD though. Beyondwind, please do mind abandon your adapter mod idea so quickly. 
  5. DMinor
    What I have noticed is when you browse the folders and/or switch albums the battery drains quicker than my other mods with the CF's. The battery actually performs decently good if you just let the ipod play music. When I turn on the ipod, I see the battery takes a hit and then it comes back after a while. The good news is no more overheat issue and the ipod is very stable and responsive.
    The adapter may well be the reason for this power consumption behavior, and I also hope Beyondwind can look into this to see if the adapter can be improved .
    With that said, I am waiting to receive this battery and see how it performs. I will go back to mod a battery if this new battery does not live up to my expectations.
    Edit: Cmarti may chip in with his observations on his 480GB mSATA mod.
  6. zzffnn
    ^ That is probably expected - from reading Beyondwind's description, I got the gut feeling that browsing folder would drain battery quickly. The thing is, when you have 1TB of music there, you would likely browse a lot. At least I do, in addition to doing fast forward/skip and deletion. 
  7. AudioPhilistine
    anybody else running the BP4 240GB mSATA SSD in their 5/5.5G, like dr408517 has done some testing with? i'm particularly interested that his results were that the BP4 runs considerably cooler than the crucial SSD.
  8. cmarti
    I wanted to use the iPod heavily for a few days before I posted another update.
    Right now I am in heaven, the iPod is very responsive and can't get better than this. The battery last over 9 hours and mind I have the slim battery. I have not had any issues reporting low battery and I have used the iPod until the battery runs out. It sounds so beautiful when matched with my FiiO E17, no EQ and no GAIN set. 
    I think you will do a lot better once you get a solid battery, I like the site where you ordered the battery. I remember reading good things online about milliamp batteries.
    Me too would like to see another mSATA to ZIF adapter, Beyondwind feel free to post how much would you need to get the project up and running. We can help you with funds, once you get the adapter tested then we will be the first ones to buy them from you. That's how Tarkan started and look at how successful and popular he is now [​IMG] 
    Edit: added picture.
    zzffnn likes this.
  9. davidcotton

    So what advantage would there be with the msata to zif adapter that you mentioned cmarti? 
  10. cmarti
    Hopefully better power management because of better components and improved circuitry. I don't believe we would see faster transfer rates, the bottleneck is the iPod itself.
  11. zzffnn
    Adapter mod is supposed to provide robust power supply to a more power-hungry SSD (e.g., 1TB mSATA), as stock adapter may not be able supply enough transient current to 1TB SSD. 
    I am quoting beyondwind from the other thread:
    "Whatever how power hungry the drive is, it can be made to work, just add a separate step down DC-DC convert to supply 3.3V for the mSATA HDD, assuming the battery can be moded to supply the needed current. Right now we are already stressing the TEA1012 DC-DC converter & battery at a discharge rate approximating 1C during disk activities."
    beyondwind likes this.
  12. DMinor
    How often did you browse the folders or switch albums for that 9 hrs of play? Did you try to browse the folders and switch albums when the battery indication was around 25% ~ 30%?
  13. cmarti
    I usually listen to the entire album so maybe I browse folders every 35 minutes.
    Not at that percentage but it just happened now at 9%.
    You can see how the voltage drops when you go in and out of folders.
    Here's a video testing it just now.
  14. beyondwind
    This is a normal behavior, a dip in voltage at a high discharge rate, caused by the battery internal resistance.
    So unless a higher capacity battery MOD is done, this will be the way it is. 
    Also check this: http://beyondwind.duckdns.org/?p=137
    Pickup the blue SANYO battery if you can, I am willing to trade new li-po batteries for used SANYO battery at any time, they are difficult to get, I bough some non working iPOD simply trying to harvest the best battery.
  15. DMinor
    Is this dip in voltage specific to this mod? It doesn't seem happening to the CF mod.
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