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Official Ipod Video / Classic 5g+5.5g+6g+6.5g+7g SSD Mod thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by freeze, Aug 12, 2011.
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  1. DMinor
    Crucial 240GB M500 mSATA Internal SSD
    $109.99 with FREE shipping
    BTW, is there a way to extend the stock ribbon cable for the drive?
  2. cmarti
    Something tells me you are doing the double battery mod [​IMG]
  3. DMinor
    Haha, not really. I want to give this adapter a try but the ribbon cable is a little too short.
    This adapter could be more power efficient, and then battery mod may not be necessary.
  4. dr408517

    Dminor, i tried this adapter and it did not work for me in the ipod. I ordered it from aliexpress, but otherwise looks to be exactly the same.
  5. cmarti
    I have that adapter, it doesn't work. You need a type 1 ZIF connector.
    This seller offers it, you need to specify that you need type 1 if not he will send you the type 2 instead.
  6. DMinor
    I am not so sure how this adapter shall be faced (up or down), and it's difficult to make the connection with the short stock ribbon cable.
    Did you get any error message when you tried?
  7. dr408517

    Yes. If I link it to my computer, it recognises the chip. I had to take the logic board out of the ipod to attach it, because the ribbon cable would not sit flush while in the ipod. Regardless, I was never able to get anything but the sad ipod icon. I had to use an acorn ribbon because it was flatter than the stock ipod ribbon. Maybe you will have better luck with the extended ribbon.
  8. dr408517
    By the way, the 256g BP4 mSata v5.5 RBox has been runnig cool and reliably for a week. No glitches at all using std 3.7v 850mah battery. Ipod is 90% full.
    480g Crucial overheated and i am awaiting new zif-mSata adapter board and battery for repair. I have abandoned the 256g lexar SD testing - apparently Tarkan is on this issue.
  9. zzffnn

    @ DMinor,
    How do you know that adapter is more power efficient? Or are you simply trying it out to see?

    Did you mean that you correctly order type 1 adapter, but it still does not work in your iPod?

    Thanks to both of you!
  10. cmarti
    So we are not the only ones reporting issues filling the 256gb SD card? I tried filling it with only disk images but it's starts corrupting files when it has 73gb free. Anyways a 165gb iPod mini is something pretty impressive.
  11. cmarti
    No, I ordered adapter Type 2. It never worked in the iPod, it does work on the computer when I formatted it.  
    Never ordered Type-1, maybe someone else will be willing to try it. 
    zzffnn likes this.
  12. DMinor
    My 480GB Crucial has no overheat issue and it works perfectly except the battery power consumption is not as efficient as I have hoped for. But it still decent enough for me to get by with one charge everyday, considering I am a heavy listener of music everyday.
    I can imagine a battery mod will give a big boost.
    Sorry I don't know just my feeling.  :)
    Yeah the type 2 was what I ordered and still have it, and that's what I was told by the Chinese vendor to order. But I am not sure if that was the correct one for the ipod. Definitely we need to find out about that type 1.
    zzffnn likes this.
  13. cmarti
    Yeah Type 2 is not the right one. Even the connector looks different.
  14. zzffnn
    DMinor, I don't know if you have noticed: 

    the adapter that you want to try (the one mentioned in page 170) is made by Sintech and has product number of PA6007B, while the adapter you said worked (on page 168) is also made by Sintech and has a product number of PA6007. 

    The Amazon adapter reviewed by cmarti looks similar to (but is not the same - compare location of part C13) Sintech PA6007. I cannot tell which adapter(s) beyondwind used, though his adapters look more similar to the Amazon one.

    To make it more confusing, I purchased that Sintech PA6007 from DMinor's link (eBay seller "containyou") and received an adapter that looks similar to the eBay photo, but is missing parts C8 and C9 (everything else look the same)? My adapter looks like it is designed to be without C8 and C9 (not like they are missing). They may not matter, but I would like to ask the eBay seller. I have not tried SSD with my adapter yet.
    DMinor likes this.
  15. DMinor
    That's interesting observation and I am a little confused which one is the best.  [​IMG]  So I guess the blue adapter and the the green adapter may well be the same thing, judging from the product number.
    The one I bought from that ebay seller works great without any issues. I also ordered this one the other day from AliExpress..
    When I get a chance, I will try this blue adapter like this and see if it works. But I am not going to use my 480GB for a test. [​IMG]
    This is the type 2 , and I know I was told the metal pins should be facing up. Let's hope I was told wrong.
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