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Official Ipod Video / Classic 5g+5.5g+6g+6.5g+7g SSD Mod thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by freeze, Aug 12, 2011.
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  1. zzffnn

    Regarding power consumption of mSATA SSD, I have not found a direct measurement comparing Crucial M500 480GB vs Samsung EVO 1TB.

    However, after reading the following INDIRECT comparative measurements, I am guessing that the Samsung 1TB mSATA may draw less peak current and consume less power overall than the Crucial 480GB mSATA.




    It sounds like "mikemike097" was referring to the first web page provided above.
  2. canikickit1
    I have both a DX50 and a diyMod (ipod 5th gen) and cannot tell the difference when amped via JDS Labs C5.. granted they're both Wolfson DACs. Is that the reason why?
  3. DMinor
    Who will be the first one to try the Samsung EVO drive? [​IMG]
    That's the only way to find out how the power consumption does on these ipods.
    I have not heard the DX50, but with these diymods I have the difference is easily noticeable to my ears between different caps or between the capped and the capless. Even the difference from swapping my different LOD cables is noticeable. In fact, now I can't listen to any other LOD's except my diy lod made of the cotton-dielectric silver wires. My ears are that fussy. [​IMG]
    But, as much as I appreciate the sound quality, I have never enjoyed more than swimming in the ocean of my music everyday thanks to these big storage cards.
  4. FunkyRelic
    Before you flame me for asking this question, please know that I have already read much of this thread, as well as other sources on the Internet. This thread has gotten so long as to be very unwieldy to read and figure out what exactly works and what doesn't. I wish it could be pinned or that someone could start a new thread with the most recent information summarized. I've tried to read through this thread and have succeeded in confusing myself.
    All that being said, I am actively trying to buy a used iPod. I'm looking at either 5th Generation Enhanced (sometimes referred to as the 5.5 Generation), the 6th Generation or the 7th Generation. My ultimate goal is to mod the iPod to use an SSD or mSATA, but in the meantime, I'd like to use it as is. My dilemma is that I have about 84GB of music alone and would really like to be able to put all of it on the iPod as is until I get around to the mod. I have seen some refurbished 5.5 Gen iPods with 100GB and 120GB drives, so those would work. Also, there are plenty of 6th and 7th Gen iPods with 120GB or 160GB drives.
    I guess I have two questions then. If I decide to go with a refurbished 5.5 Gen, what are my options for going solid state with it and what parts would I need for each option? The same thing is true of the 6th or 7th Gen iPods. What are my options for going solid state and what parts would I need for each option? One last thing, in either of those scenarios, does the thickness of the case matter?
    Thank you in advance for your help.
  5. davidcotton

    The 7th gen is limited to tarkans adapter and the sd card of your choice.  Some seem to have had luck with the lexar 256 whilst others have not.  128 gig is also a LOT more affordable anyway.  One other option is to swop out the hard drive for a 240 which has been quite popular.  Of course if you want to move away from spinning disks then this isn't really an option.
    5th Gen can be modded for use with msata and rockbox now so if large storage is your goal this may be the one to go for.  With the 5th gen you could put in a tarkan adapter and sd card of around 128 gig (these go for around £60 on amazon, compared to £350 odd for the 256!) and then get the msata drive of your choice at a later date.  With the 7th you are pretty much stuck as they just do not seem to like msata's.
    Not sure on 6th gen.
  6. FunkyRelic
    Tarkan's adapter is a ZIF to SD card adapter? Is there a link somewhere? Look's like this route would work regardless of the kind of iPod (5th Gen Enhanced, 7th Gen)? But if I want more than 128GB, I should go with a different adapter and an mSATA SSD that runs at 3.3 volts? Is there a specific adapter like this that is known to work?
  7. cmarti
    You can always use the Tarkan adapter and the SD to CF adapter to upgrade to 256gb SD cards or 256gb CF cards, some members have done that.
    I personally have an issue filling my 256gb Lexar SD card, I can only fill up to 164gb and anything after that corrupts.
  8. davidcotton
  9. dr408517

    The v5 is upgradable with hd up to 256g. It is very picky about ssds, but will take any of the toshiba zif hds. I sugges t you get a used thin 7th 160gb with a bad harddrive. Purchase a kingspec 128 gb ssd ksd-zf18.6-xxxms. Remove old hd, install ssd, restore, and you are set to go. When your collection gets to more than 120gb, get a thick chrome back, a toshiba 256gb hd, and upgrade again. This is the the most stable path for upgrades i know of. The v5 can be upgraded with aN mSata, but it is very finicky.
  10. FunkyRelic
    I managed to snag a 6.5 gen classic 120GB with a dying battery. I'll start working on a modding strategy for it.
    I gotta tell you, I really want to do an mSATA in this iPod. Can anyone confirm if that is possible and has been done successfully? Any luck with this adapter and this drive?
    If not, I will have to go the Tarkan ZIF->CF adapter with a CF->SD adapter. He has a bundle for the adapters needed so I would just have to find the best SD card known to work.
    Can anyone comment on either of those routes?
  11. FunkyRelic
    If I go with the ZIF->CF->SD route, what are best options for SD cards? Has anyone had any experience with the Komputerbay cards? Those and the Transcend seem to be the least expensive. Man, those 256GB cards are PRICEY!
  12. davidcotton
    Tarkan has a list of compatible cards so may be worth a perusal of the list to see what's available.  There is a 128 gig sdxc card from kingston available from amazon that floats around the £60 if that's any use.
  13. dr408517

    I've tested the Lexar 256g SD listed on Tarkan's site and it does not work well with any version 5 and above. The Transend 128g SD works great, however.
  14. cmarti
    You mean the files corruption issue after X amount of data is transfered? If that's the case I am having that same issue when using that card in my iPod mini 2nd gen.
  15. DMinor
    I can confirm the Transcend 128GB SDXC works well with the Tarkan, and I have a pair of those.
    Also I tried this 64GB CF card recently and it works well with Tarkan. Although the mSATA rules the mega storage (excellent for backing up music library to ipods), I love the CF cards for its power efficiency. Honestly we are spoiled with all the available options. The thing I have not tried is a ZIF SSD drive.
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