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Obscure Chinese DAPs

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by pekingduck, May 26, 2014.
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  1. hakuzen

    thanks! have you tried Muses02 as LPF? if so, i'd love to read your impressions
  2. anyone007
    I think ZiShan DSD will have a separate thread soon. I was wondering though if its sound will be on par with Fiio's X5ii and iBasso's DX90. I would definitely buy it with that price tag if that will be the case.
  3. w3nj13
    I, too, have ordered zishan dsd plus combo 2 upgrade plus electrical upgrade plus a1 amp on 11/11 from taobao. Can't wait!
  4. cokrewel
    Zishan dsd memory error isue?
    how to fix it if there is a software update?

    there may be other ways besides?
  5. neog007
    hakuzen likes this.
    Looking forward for your impression! I was looking at this combo as well, but end up buying ibasso pb3 for my dx90.
  7. vapman
    Glad to see there's a Zishan dedicated thread now, I was starting too think it was becoming a little too popular for this thread :wink:
  8. nick n

    oops missed this post. No issues at all with MP3 playback.
     Amp mode briefly not long enough to recall yet. I'll get to that. I thought you had to hold a button down on startup, maybe don't know what I am doing there but didn't work, however it self detects and swaps into that mode from what I recall.
  9. T.R.A.N.C.E.
    The walnut seems to have digital vol control as well as analog, you can hold down the next or prev button to change the digital vol, I max out the digital vol personally then use analog. I'm liking the Walnut, good little unit well worth the $20 I won for on ebay. The cpu chip includes the dac, I tried finding out what the chip is but I found nothing when googling it's serial, also there is no PLL circuit either, no crystal oscillator, the only other chips on the bottom of the pcb are an EEPROM which contains the OS, chip 4056E which charges the battery, and a voltage boost chip + regulator. I tried a bunch of opamps and a few had no noise floor, my favorite opamp with Walnut is AD827SQ, lowest noise floor and soo good for electronic, excellent separation and staging, excellent treble and bass, but if you want excellent vocals go for Muses02, has more body, more soul to vocals.
  10. neog007
    For amp mode just insert the cable in the line in/out jack and that's all. An impedance adapter could be certanly beneficial with the stock oamp to reduce the hiss for sure. One thing I found curious about the digital/analog volume thing is that you can use the digital volume to set the maximum level to operate with the analog one -the volume weel- so, in this way, you have a kind of personalized low-gain function for both player and amplifier function. Very good for sensitive iems since this player is very powerful.
    Another thing I noticed about this player is that there's a bit appreciative difference in quality sound between wav and MP3 files, not so noticeable in other players I tried, although the MP3 sound quality is very good. Just notice that the quality step up with wav files is more noticeable than in others players.

    P61024-133117.jpg P61024-133237.jpg P61115-161531.jpg
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  11. nick n
     ouch SQ is as much as the player  :)
    JN not low enough ideal operating range it looks like.
    Thanks and noted / saved.
    the dual volume adjustment is a great feature yes.
  12. vapman
    I can't wait at all to get mine. All your posts are making me so impatient for mine to arrive!!!
    Anyone have luck with a card larger than 32GB btw? I figure I won't want tons of music on a screenless DAP but just curious. And wondering if anyone's tried OPA opamps in it?
  13. neog007
    This player came with a 8gb micro SD card fully loaded with strange  Chinese WAV songs. That's more than enough for a screenless player but  I'm sure you can use any micro SD size card by formatting it with some special fat32 formatting software. That's what I did with the rockboxed xduoo'd x3 and the zishan dsd (before the exFat support of the newer FU)
  14. vapman
    Woah! I hope I got a card full of Chinese music! Would be too awesome :)
  15. T.R.A.N.C.E.
    My favorite budget opamp with Walnut was AD8397, in case you were wondering, it has low noise floor and high dynamics. I also tried LME49860 but unfortunately there is a noise floor (still better than stock though), I also tried several other LME and OPA opamps but all had some noise floor (I didn't try LME49990 though so I'm interested in your results with it).
    Overall it seems the AD opamps work well in the Walnut. I didn't get to try some Linear Technology (LT) opamps, I will do that some other day. Actually I also forgot to try Muses8820 which would be a good cheaper alternative for those after the Muses02 sound.
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