lotoo paw gold
  1. EagleWings

    Lotoo PAW Gold Touch - Touchscreen, 4.4mm Bal, USB DAC, Bluetooth

    Lotoo PAW Gold Touch - High Resolution Digital Audio Player The all new PAW Gold Touch Hi-Fi Player is here. Lotoo has basically tried to retain the DNA of the LPG in its design cues. The biggest changes are of course the Touchscreen, Balanced Out and USB DAC. DAP Summary: 3.8" IPS Touch...
  2. Agul

    Any news about LPG 2nd Gen?

    Dita's Truth and LPG had been one of the best companies of iem and portable that I have ever heard. Now Dita has their new flagship, I am quite looking forward to the combination with new PAW gold. Though I saw some messages released in China saying that LPG 2nd gen would be ready by the end of...
  3. wantmyf1

    Hifiman HM901, AK380 or Lotoo Paw Gold...Help me decide

    Hello Everyone! I'm looking for a new high end dap and have so far narrowed it down to the three listed in the thread title. Though I'm open to be convinced if there's another equal choice out there. I tend to like more of an analytical sound over a warm signature. The dap doesn't have to have...
  4. pekingduck

    Obscure Chinese DAPs

    Will update this thread from time to time when new DAPs are announced / leaked.     Lotoo PAW Gold     Highlights:  DSD support  22wh battery  USB 3.0  High precision clock  Powerful amp (500mW @ 32Ω per channel)  Parametric EQ  Sapphire glass  24k-gold plated controls    ...