Norne Audio (Was: Norse Audio): Feedback & Impression Thread

  1. commtrd
    Norne Audio Therium moderating the signal between Hugo2 and LCDi4... just sick. Audio bliss. Really.
  2. dnnaudio
    Have been enjoying a Silver draug with the Z1R and Hugo II. Great synergy, this cable is silky smooth natural with all the details top to bottom but never calling attention or emphasis. Quite the opposite of stereotypical silver cable. Listening is like a complete musical immersive experience. Initially I ordered the S2 w/c ended up not ideal match and Trevor graciously offered to swap with the Draug with fantastic result. IMG_1902.JPG
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  3. thecrow
    I had the silvergarde and sold it with the intention of upgrading to an s2. However my systems sound has recently opened up due to an addition of an audience usb silver cable and i’m not sure which way to go with cables when i have funds again.

    Can you compare the s2 to the silver draug as you found it?

  4. dnnaudio
    The two share more similarities than differences. For me the key aspect that made difference was the treble. The S2 is a touch more energetic in the highs than the Draug and in my case paired with the revealing Hugo II this created enough issue for my treble sensitive ears. Both cables are very accomplished but I felt the Draug was more sonically evenly balanced. If you prefer a lively presentation with kick ass bass you will love the S2. Despite my treble sensitivity it took me a while to convince myself to part with it and take Trevor's swap offer.
  5. thecrow
    Trevor's great like that

    problem is the s2 was looking as my preferred option as i loved the previous version but now the usb cable has showed me, to my surprise, how closed my system was before with a generic (cheap) usb. It's like the new usb cable is doing a lot of the work the silvergarde was doing before - ie detail and clarity and extension. So now i'm worried the silvergarde might be too a little too bright/aggressive for my system using a hd800 (which is now walking a fine line) and hence the draug might suit me better in the top end...but i do like the bass kick the silvergarde has but that gain in the tight bass which i did love might be to the detriment of the cumulative aggressive effect of everything up high.

    Overall i have really loved the nice rich tone of the silvergarde and it was in no way dry or analytical like another silver cable i had heard but my system has changed

    ps i am dealing primarily with my hd800 and now also my elear and lcd2

    i'm thinking the silver draug might be best when all things are considered, at least for the hd800....mind you that kick would be great for the lcd2...and the elear could work well with both

    but i don't want two cables

    thanks for your notes

    ps i am loving the silvergarde iem with my se846 at the moment too
  6. dnnaudio
    I am familiar w/ your HPs especially HD800, IMO the S. Draug will be better match. Especially you say your usb cable upgrade already considerably opened it up. The S2 might bring it over the boundary. Just keep in mind the Draug seem to be more delicate construction unlike the sturdy S2 hence may need a bit more care. Incidentally I also have the se846 w/ cable from DHC. Its like a mini Z1R.
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  7. thecrow
    yeah that's the way i'm leaning. even though i'll have to forgo the bass of the s2. how did you fid the silver draug on bottom end? was it punchy at all?
    can i also ask what your set up is?

    i could be wrong but i'm thinking the upgraded cable (particularly the silver draug) may not have AS MUCH of an impact now that my sound is already better. there will be an additional element that the hp cable will bring but probably not as impacting...i'm thinking/guessing

    how much would you say did the silver draug brig in to the sound?

    i'm also thinking the s2 is probably the better of the two options for my lcd 2 and the silver draug i'm confident would be best for the elear

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  8. dnnaudio
    Agreed the S2 will probably better match the lcd2. The bass of the Draug is just as impactful and full as the S2, except the S2 bass is more forward sort of in your face. But both slam and you wont feel lacking w/ either. My setup is ipod>cypherlabsDB>Hugo2>z1r.
  9. thecrow
    Thanks for that. Good to get that comparison on the bass. The silver draug looks like the one I’ll need for the hd800. I may need to eventually grab 2 cables. Ill see if i can get away with draug s on kcd2 though
  10. Gym_Turtle
    How flexible are the Draug and Solv X cable? Also, could anyone please tell me what’s different between the two?
  11. gsr108
    Hi Trevor can you check your email?
  12. Phon@ix
    :L3000:Ordered a Norne Audio Draug V2 for my LCD3 on Wednesday – Can‘t wait to test it:L3000:
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  13. thecrow
    Let us know how you go with it with the lcd3
  14. Phon@ix
    Of course I‘ll report my impressions.

    At the moment I‘m listening with a Sköll. It’s a nice cable but searched for an upgrade and I trust in Trevors advise to go with Draug V2 for an even better sound.

    P.S.: Very good customer service - super quick replies!
  15. whirlwind
    Will be ordering a Cocobolo Atticus on Friday.

    A nice cable from Trevor will be my next purchase...not sure what cable to get, i will contact Trevor at a later date.
    I have a Draug 2 for my HD800 and love it.

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