Norne Audio (Was: Norse Audio): Feedback & Impression Thread

  1. Slim1970
    Amazing setup. What color is that? I just might have to get that cable for my D7200’s. How does that cable sound with the X7 MKII? What sonic benefits have you noticed over the stock cable, i.e. is the treble improved?
  2. Bluess
    It's transparent black. I can't give the proper impression yet. But one thing I immediately notice is that it makes the bass has much better control and the mid range is so much sweeter compare to the lack luster mid range in the original cable.
  3. Bluess
    I always find the d7200 mid range quite subtle and lackluster but this cable solves it all. I just love my D7200 more
  4. Slim1970
    If this cable improves the midrange and tightens up the bass that’s a win in my book already. If it adds just the slightest improvement in the treble as well I’m all in. The D7200’s is a great headphone and this cable seems to improve them.
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  5. Witcher
    @Bluess That's trans black right? How come yours looks darker than mine? LOL

    Maybe it's the lighting. :)
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  6. Bluess
    I don't know how to describe it but the treble is definitely better I need more time to listen to it to give a proper impression, everything just go so well right now.
    One another thing i notice is Viper effects which I always turn off on X7II are now actually sound really nice with this one.
  7. Bluess
    Mine is exactly like yours. It's the lighting LOL
  8. Witcher
    lol! but that colour is very hard to explain to those who haven't seen it. certain angles makes it look black, others, smokey grey, then the bronze. It's so 3D, it's awesome!
  9. whirlwind
    I will be ordering a ZMF Atticus soon, was thinking about getting a cable from Trevor as I love the Norne Draug 2 on my HD800.

    Any suggestions from anyboody who has a cable from Trevor and the Atticus ?
    I also own the ZMF Ori, so being able to use this cable with both headphones will be a huge plus.

    I will be listening with tubes on these two amps.
    Suggestions will be much appreciated.


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  10. Bluess
    For me, I would get both the draugh and solvx. Different tastes for different music
  11. Thenewguy007
    ONLY 3 weeks?

    Has the queue dropped off that much that orders can now be shipped within a months time?
  12. whirlwind

    Care to report you findings of each cable, if you have heard both...also what headphones did you use.
  13. thecrow
    If it suits your budget (ie about 2x cost of the draug) to chat to trevor about his silver cable options.

    He had the silvergarde s2 on his website but they recently disappeared. I had his silvergarde with my hd800 and it was great in my set up. I am looking to come back to the new version - s2 - for my hd800, lcd2 and elears (buy buying adapters to use with those too). I currently have his silvergarde for my se846

    It has great extension and clarity. Well priced compared to other more expensive cables (that ive never heard) and better sounding than the silver dragon i briefly heard that i found too drier and inferior. I found the silvergarde with my hd800 had great clarity with a tight bottom end and i guess a bit of a thick sound overall, ie not thin
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  14. whirlwind

    Thanks much...I will just get a hold of Trevor once I am ready to order
  15. Bluess
    I have not tried all of them so I cannot give you a proper response. However, with my experience I think these cable sounds different with different headphones and you may or may not like it. There's always a risk. But never was I regret buying one, because they always bring up the sound quality of the headphones. If not they're already out of business :)
    For the draugh, after 2 days of listening, I found that it brings everything alive for D7200. The bass still remain the same punch but with much better control, the mid sounds much sweeter, and the treble flying way up but not that much compare to the other 2. The sound stage remains the same though.
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