Norne Audio (Was: Norse Audio): Feedback & Impression Thread

  1. connieflyer
    Have the information now thank you
  2. taetertot
    Trying to get some sense of why the Solv X (silver cores) sounds so different from the stock cables (which are OFC). Is it simply a matter of faster transients?
  3. felix3650
    Cable geometry, conductor thickness, electric properties of the conductor material (impendance, capacitance and inductance) all play a role. In the end it all comes down to two main factors concerning signal transmission in a given material: attenuation and signal phase. An ideal cable has 0 attenuation and a coherent signal phase, which means all audio frequencies are transmitted at the same time (without a frequency reaching your headphones faster or slower than the others) and with the exact same voltage (and current) at both ends of the cable.
    Silver has different signal properties than copper (of any grade) :)
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  4. koven Contributor
    How's the Therium 4 wire vs 8 wire ? Is the 8 wire kind of bulky for daily portable usage?
  5. kingkikapu
  6. felix3650
    Skin effect and non-linearity of the cable (at a material level, both inside and outside) affect timing of the signal at a given frequency (and that timing is correlated with phase too). Our brain is sensible to these small scale variations and we percieve these differencies as more air, soundstage and/or bright/dark to name a few in audiophile terms. That is a good reason why we try and build cables as close as possible to ideal.
    If you solder two different cables together, let's say a mix of pure silver and copper and send a signal through both of them, what would be the speed of signal propagation for a given frequency at the end of both cables? It's not that simple unfortunately for us :)
    That formulae is the speed at which an EM wave enters the conductor but not the signal propagation speed of the conductor, per the Wikipedia article "This velocity is the speed with which electromagnetic waves penetrate into the conductor and is not the drift velocity of the conduction electrons."
  7. kino lau
    The 8 wire isn't bulky at all.
  8. Witcher
    Yeah... I’m actually hunting for another can just to get another Norne cable. LOL!
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  9. koven Contributor
    Have any pics of your Andro w/ the Silvergarde vs 8 Wire Therium?
  10. chefboyarlee
    Up until now Zach at ZMF was my favorite to order from. Trevor has now taken up the top spot. Norne cables are amazing yes, but Trevor's customer service is bar none the best in the industry. I have ordered Therium to Draug2 to Draug 2C to almost the Eternus. I say almost because after 2 dozen emails back and forth we made a gentleman’s agreement that I would send him the money and he would ship the eternus when my backordered cans shipped. I instead purchased a used Norne custom silver set of cables AT HIS RECOMMENDATION instead of buying the cable I had already agreed to buy. He said it was a better cable at a much lower price. He really does this for the love of his craft and for the love of hifi NOT purely to make money like others in the industry. He sacrificed this one sale for MANY more in the future. Bravo Trevor!
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  11. connieflyer
    Trevor, just received the Draug 2 for my Senn 800 today, and I must say, that the workmanship is top of the mark. Beautiful braid and the presentation box and sleeves were a real treat. However, that being said, it was the increase in performance that made me a believer. I was hoping from what I have read here and elsewhere, and hearing from a member here that has a Senn 800 also, that there would be at least a noticeable increase in clarity, but this is beyond what I would have thought possible. Was shopping other headphones, but have ended that, these phones are performing to my satisfaction now. I can not thank you enough. Great job, and highly recommend your work.
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  12. emptymt
    btw guys how long does it take for re-termination work? I'm trying to rush anyone but just want to get some picture on the duration, thx
  13. TigzStudio
    PM sent
  14. TigzStudio
    Thank you very much guys for your support and for taking the time to post, I appreciate it.

    update to all :
    I am trying to get replies to all remaining emails right now and by tomorrow morning. Please feel free to resend any email to me if for some reason you did not get a reply within 24 hours.
  15. Bluess
    So, I received a draugh V2C today after almost 3 weeks of wait. The quality is out of this world. Just simply fantastic.
    The service is one of the best I ever had.
    Thanks Trevor and the team You guys made my day.
    IMG_20171027_105531.jpg IMG_20171027_110557.jpg
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