Norne Audio (Was: Norse Audio): Feedback & Impression Thread

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  1. songmic
    So transparent black is not really black but brownish? It so, that's the color I want.
  2. nico_g
    Foshow: is this a Silvergarde 2 cable ?
    Thanks for your answer.
  3. foshow
    @ nico_g: I believe it is and it sure looks so nice in person.. Kudos to Trevor for his top-notch workmanship. :)
  4. Witcher
    This colour is really cool. While it IS transparent black, direct light onto the surface reveals the cable at it's colour, though a little darker than usual. However, angle the cable away from your eyes, and you'll notice the farther ends of the cables getting blacker. It's almost as if it's a 2 tone effect.
  5. sylr
    Hi Kydu,

    I'm considering buying the vorpal as well but I am hesitating between 4 & 8 cables core. Trevor in all his wiseness suggested the 4 cables might be more comfortable due to being less stiff than the 8 core.

    How is your 8 core around the ear ? How comfortable this cable is to you (maybe compared to the stock cable of the SE846) ?

  6. Richsvt
    I have both the 4 and 8 wire Vorpal. The 8 wire is very pliant. Never had a problem over the ear. It is somewhat heavier but I don't notice it. I think the sonic benefits of more conductors out-weighs (see what I did there?) the potential weight difference. Some may find no difference in the SQ differences but I seem to think I can hear it. If you have the money, the 8-wire is the way to go. Beautiful cable.
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  7. kydu

    I love it. The main reason I wanted to upgrade was due to the stock shure cables being very uncomfortable and the memory wire being annoying as hell. I was nervous this cable would be too beefy for the shure se846, but it is actually extremely comfortable and mangeable and lightweight. I wouldn't change a thing! Unless you'll be using it with glasses I don't see how the 8 wire could be an issue at all. I would however trust what Trevor says over anyone else, so if he says 4 is good enough I wouldn't worry. Good luck
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  8. Richsvt
    8-wire Vorpal with My CA Jupiter
  9. sylr
    All right, thanks guys.

    One more question, Has anyone of you taken the 4 pin mini xlr male module as termination ?

    I primary use my SE846 with my phone so I want the 3.5mm unbalanced classic jack but I would also like the 2.5mm balanced plug for my fiio X5 III. Therefor I thought this module was a good choice as I'm not that keen to have to use a 2.5mm balanced to 3.5mm unbalanced adapter most of the time. So I browsed Trevor store to find for the adapters for this module and found :
    • 4 pin mini-xlr to Hifiman TRRS 3.5mm (don't need that)
    • 4 pin mini-xlr to 3.5mm unbalanced (need that but out of stock)
    • But no 4 pin mini-xlr to 2.5mm balanced

    Thoughts ?

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  10. seamon
    Norne Silver cables have this house sound where it takes out as much plankton as possible.
    Wires like SIlver Dragon V3 just don't compare
  11. thecrow
    A bit of a write up on the silvergarde iem cable that i just bought for my se846 (cut and paste from my se846 thread post)

    i received the norne silvergarde cable about a week ago.

    I already liked the level of detail of the se846 and the balance it has includng the lower end.

    The silvergarde has extended the top end. It has also lined up the bottom end so its not quite as forward or (overly) rounded like it is (that i also like) but the bottom end is there.

    The detail has further improved and the sound is or comes across a bit cleaner by what has happened to the top and bottom end

    In no way is the sound harsh or dry or grainy. This is not to be overlooked at all - a key attribute.

    They are not at all as linear or bright as say the er4s but i would think they are well extended and pretty neutral with a little "musicality" and a small drop of warmth thrown in. So even though they are not grainy they may not suit all se846 users that want that (somewhat) accentuated bass

    I think i will still be using the stock cable as well however at times for what that that gives. Two different sound options. I'm probably going to sell my er4s and use both these cables.

    It's somewhat like other iems i demoed around $1k+ that had more of a neutral open sound but not quite with the open soundstage that they had due to the limiting soundstage of the se846, not the cable at all. I couldn't tell you for sure what they were at all - perhaps the westone range or jupiter, perhaps.

    A great cable that has great extension, detail, cleanliness and balance and just as importantly no harshness at all.

    I've been using the alo cdm with them
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  12. Witcher
    I got new loot today in the mail! [​IMG]
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  13. commtrd
    :ksc75smile::ksc75smile: Loving my Therium with LCDi4. Sweet sound and eye candy too.

    When I decide to go fully balanced can bet I will be getting Trevor to build me a Silvergarde.
  14. Witcher
    I'm very impressed with the Therium. I now feel like my XBA-Z5s are really being used to their full potential. The cable isn't that much brighter or bassier than the Kimbers I was using it with. But the way the Z5 now presents the sound is different. Things hit harder with more impact, the long notes sustain smoother, and surprisingly there's no loss of warmth moving from a full copper cable to a silver OCC cable. the instruments stand alone better now, and there's a bit more "space" between notes where there's supposed to be.

    This now makes me wonder: how different would the Silvergarde be?
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  15. normie610
    Sto wondering and hit that order button :grin:
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