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Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

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  1. krismusic Contributor
    A really excellent review. Very insightful. I'm only a week into owning the K10 and am deliberately delaying forming a judgment but I would say that what you have written crystallises what I have been half thinking so far. I especially like the fact that you see past the K10's strengths and identify it's inevitable
    weaknesses. Definitely not a fanboy review.
    Incidentally, on the subject of cables. http://www.head-fi.org/t/486598/testing-audiophile-claims-and-myths
    an interesting read! As is your review. Thank you.
  2. Jethrosang
    Is there any source, like DAP, DAC or amp that noble recommends to drive their earphones? Just curious, like Dr's favourite apple or something.
  3. mscott58
    ALO's new Rx is a really good portable IEM amp that shows great synergy with the K10's. It's my go-to reference for my portable stack. Cheers 
  4. Watagump

    Hugo. [​IMG]
  5. Kerouac
    Already have a Hugo...would love to hear a K10 out of it someday...
    A few days ago I've ordered (another brand) 10BA universal, but I'm seriously thinking about going custom (for the first time in my life) with the K10 later on this year...checking this thread for some time now and really loving those ''out of this world'' Wizard designs...
  6. fiascogarcia

    I'll vouch for the Hugo, but I think the greatness of the K10 lies in the fact that it pairs well with just about everything!
  7. kalrykh
    It does not pair well with high impedance extension cables :p
    fiascogarcia likes this.
  8. Malevolent
    Yep. K10 out of my AK120 II is simply fantastic. But with the ALO Rx Mk3-B+ thrown into the mix, the lows are given some tremendous authority. Punch, impact and texture are all improved - a truly wonderful combination. This speaks volumes about the K10, really. They are great with (almost) any source, but scales well the higher up the chain you go.
  9. Malevolent
    Savants, bro? Looks sweet! Kinda like radioactive rocks, there. [​IMG]
  10. Watagump

    Yes they are Savants, the ones posted a little while ago with the Pablo material, serial #000ONE. [​IMG]
  11. Dilwar
    Just made the plunge and purchased the Noble 4 with the BTS.

    My Etymotics started cutting out on me today more frequently, couldn't handle moving the cable to get the sound right, and now I can't wait to receive the N4.
  12. mscott58
    Sure you looked at this trade-off, but for another $50 you could get the Savants...
    (as through 6/30 you get a free BTS with the purchase of a Savant)
  13. Dilwar
    Are the Savants that much better than the N4?
  14. Watagump

    Savant = free BTS with pre order. So you get the baby K10, for $599.
  15. LifeAspect
    the ak120ii is a great pairing with the K10, more so than the hugo :)
    Sorensiim likes this.
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