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Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

  1. Sunstealer
    I noticed that the Tux5 cable felt a little heavy. I took the heatshrink off as it was creating a lot of friction and pulling the nozzle against the top of the external auditory meatus. Really painful after an hour. Much more comfortable without it. I did weigh it... it weighs 40g versus my Ares 8W which is 36g. Not much, but a definite difference. The Ares is more comfortable to wear and has a different sound - drier, with a larger soundstage but still very impactful.
    Last edited: Dec 12, 2019
  2. CrocodileDundee
    Thanks for sharing that, mate. I was about to do the same and weight them. If you put in context it is 10% heavier, so it's kinda something to look.

    I was thinking that on the first 24h what I really want is to be blown by the sound, but I couldn't stop thinking about that thing pulling the IEM from my ears. As soon as I changed, I could concentrate and enjoy, but the sound signature isn't the same, the standard cable is actually really good.

    I hope that gets addressed for future buyers.
  3. soundperfection
    From what I know there are differences between k10 and k10ua cuz of the different housing materials. I have very deep fit with mine and its def a brighter sound sig with a hot treble. I use symbio tips with abit more narrow bores to bring the treble down abit. I find if u use wide bore silicone tips they tend to reduce bass and boost the treble. Comply tips basically kills the treble all together. I been looking for a way to tame them abit with cables or tips without losing the resolution.
  4. CrocodileDundee
    I do the same, narrow double flange from spinfit. Tried the wide bore foam tip and gets to bright. For the cable pure copper tend to be slightly warmer.
  5. holsen
    My M3s just got delivered!
    I've got about an hour with them in my ears playing off a Shanling M5s and at home out of Topping D50s to JDS Atom.
    First impressions are very positive. They are incredibly comfortable and fit in my ear like a tailored glove would fit on my hand. The isolation is fantastic.
    In the short time that I've had them, thus far I've played a little bit of everything from Progressive Rock like Rush and Robin Trower to Funk including Parliament and Maceo Parker. I threw in a little Baroque, Some female Jazz with Diana Krall & Holy Cole
    and some Harry Connick Jr. I rounded off my first session with some Bob Marley (Exodus & Three Little Birds). All this to say I wanted to test them across multiple genres . I do believe the ABM (Magnetostatic) Driver will benefit from a few hours, but straight out of the box the first thing I notice is the tone and thexture at the extremes. The Bass goes down nice and low with very good texture. You can hear the plucking of the strings and feel the reverb from them without the bass being overpoewering or drowning out the mids. On the other end the treble is beautiful: Crisp, clean, resolving with ample sparkle, good separation and not a hint of sibilance. I love Three Little Birds for assessing this because although it may not be the best produced track, there is a lot going on in the track. Marley's voice haunts you from the centre, backing vocals come in from the sides and right in behind him, cycmbals and tombourines literally float up in the corners around him and M3s handle it all beautifully. I'm going to let the run on endless loop for the next 24 hours and come back to them. But with the Comfort, the Fit, The Isolation and the depth and detail, I think I found my new in-flight best friends!
    Last edited: Dec 12, 2019
  6. Wes S
    Nice man! It is nice to read another positive experience with the M3. The fit is a big reason why I am interested, as well as the sound.
  7. ahossam
  8. mvvRAZ
  9. BananaOoyoo
  10. ahossam
    How to tell if you get 1st gen or 2nd gen Khan? I am planning to get Khan from local dealers.
  11. holsen
    I'm listening to Zeppelin II on them right now and the two words that come to mind are Depth and Detail. John Bonham slamming on the kick drum, Jimmy Page winding it out on the right stage, Robert Plant's whispers to a scream come out from behind to right up front while John Paul Jones finger plucks the bass, oh my...
    The M3s are F U N and the whole album sounds stunning on them. This morning I ran through Kevin Eubanks "Zen Food" and all the power, nuance, subtlety and detail from the guitar, bass, sax and brush strokes across the drum kit were right there. I'm very happy with these. And like I said earlier they are super comfortable with great occlusion from the outside world. They'll be perfect in noisy environments.
    Last edited: Dec 14, 2019
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  12. Wes S
    Awesome sauce! Those M3 sure seem like they would make a nice compliment, to my Savant II and K10U.
  13. Wes S
    Just hooked up an Effect Audio Maestro to my K10U, and I am loving it. Took a little heat off the top, and added some power in the bass, and warmth in lower mids, compared to stock cable. For $99, it is hard to find a better cable. I have been going back and forth between my Norne Therium and Maestro, and I like them both for different reasons. I have to say that cable rolling with high end iems, is freaking addicting!
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  14. SeeSax
    Thanks for the great M3 initial impressions. Two questions if you don't mind, first is how hard are they to drive? I'm looking for a pair that I can use with a mobile phone that aren't insanely priced and the M3 are at the top of my list. Second is how do they compare to the Fusion? The second question is not all that important because my Fusions are lost at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean or somewhere else.

  15. Rowethren
    The most visibly obvious difference is gen1 has flat sockets and gen2 has deep recessed sockets.

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