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Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

  1. CrocodileDundee
    It's being kinda pleasure to use them, finding some genres where it exceeded the expectations (e.g most of "Billboard hot 100" playlist on Tidal) and some that not much (e.g everything else). Of course take that with a grain of salt 24h only.

    For me, not a "Mini Khan" as being advertised, at least not from the good things that marked me (e.g airy, energy on the highs, soundstage), it is a really good balanced hybrid though.

    I will spend some time on a "comparison mode brain" soon and share more details. A12t, EE Valkyrie, EE LX... full BA, Hybrid and Tribid... will be interesting.
  2. FullCircle
    I think the mini Khan got started because it shares some parts....

    But that doesnt make the tux 5 = a khan
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  3. FullCircle

    Beauty in simplicity

    Pure Silver internal wire


    Noble Audio Stay updated on Noble Audio at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/NobleAudio https://www.twitter.com/noblebywizard https://www.instagram.com/nobleaudio https://nobleaudio.com/en/ contact@nobleaudio.com
  4. Wes S
    Any K10U owners looking for a good cable pairing? I can confirm, that my Norne all silver litz cable, is a match made in heaven. I have been going back and forth between the stock cable and Effect Ares II, and both had a different sound, with the stock cable sounding the thinnest. The Ares II added some nice bass rumble and texture, while still remaining somewhat thin in the mids and top end. Then I switched to my Norne Therium 4 wire (pure silver multi strand litz with cotton core), and wow! With the Norne silver, the bass got even stronger and more textured, while the mids got a bit warmer yet still more resolving at the same time. The highs have a nice sparkle but never even get close to sounding harsh, like they can with stock and Ares II cables. All in all, putting the Norne Therium on my K10U, has resulted in the most positive results I have ever got from a cable upgrade. Also, that just goes to show when implemented right, silver can add warmth and impact, while still increasing the resolution. Next up is the Effect Audio Lionheart, once I have the funds. . .
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  5. Wes S
    Wow! Right when I am writing a post about silver wire, this gets posted. Love me some silver!
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2019
  6. Sunstealer
  7. soundperfection
    I hear alot of people say k10ua has a fun somewhat forgiving signature but am I the only one who finds it kinda analytical and bright. I dont know about other Noble products but it seems most top iem from noble has this thinn analytical sound as a signature.
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2019
  8. Wes S
    I thought the same thing, until I got the rights tips and seal. If they are not inserted deep enough, they can sound thin. I am super treble sensitive, and absolutely hate a thin sound signature, and in fact I like it warmer and thicker than anyone I know. Once I got a really good seal and fit with the right tips, and got a warm cable, the K10U became my endgame sound signature, and are miles away from sounding thin.

    What are you using to drive them?
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2019
  9. Rowethren
    Not the universal version I know but my customs are pretty far from bright and analytical sounding.
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  10. SBranson
    They are definitely detailed but I don't find them bright. The mid forward keeps them from being too analytical to my ears. I say mid forward but it's done naturally and suits a lot of the music I listen to perfectly.
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  11. msiekkb
    I have question about different between Katana CIEM and Universal in sound signature, bass, mids and treble? Because always there are different.

    I listen universal version and I like it, very like, for me this is one of the best iem/ciem, especially on vocals and unison music.
    My dream I want from Katana mids, and bass and treble from Khan
  12. mvvRAZ
    I decided to send in my Katana to a third party for a reshell into a CIEM because the universal simply wouldn't fit me and I didn't have the bucks for the prestige treatment

    The bass I'd say has remained the standard Katana bass, not much of a change there, but the treble has been elevated significantly compared to the stock universal model. I also got a lot more instrumental separation, detail retrieval and a generally higher level of technicality.

    All in all it's a matter of how well the IEMs fit, and the seal that you achieve with universals. Customs will always have a deeper insertion though, and that generally gives you better response on both ends

    Also, I realise my Katana isn't original Noble material so to say, as third party reshells can have some adverse effects on the sound, but in my specific case I absolutely loved the end result. Attaching some photos of the ItsFit/Noble Katana :)

    IMG-9482.JPG IMG-9484.JPG IMG-9491.JPG IMG-9493.JPG IMG-9495.JPG
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  13. Rowethren
    Loving the colour and pattern, congratulations!
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  14. mvvRAZ
    Thank you!! The photos aren't great as Head-Fi scaled them up a bit too much :D
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  15. Redcarmoose
    Yes, we talked for awhile in another thread. I’m glad to hear the process was able to be a success. I somehow just thought it may do the trick. Enjoy!
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