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Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

  1. Malevolent
    The Khan is, indeed, an IEM within a rare class - treble-rich without sounding overly harsh. I'm quite sensitive to treble, so I shy away from earphones with (poorly) boosted highs. With the Khan, however, I don't detect much sibilance. It's an IEM teeming with detail. Nevertheless, after repeated auditions, I have been unable to adjust to the Khan's relatively lean nature; I find myself reverting to the Encore and the K10 for my usual fix. Hence, I'm very excited with the arrival of the Tux 5. I'm sure it'll be a hybrid that's more suited to my tastes. :)
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  2. audio123
    Thank you! The Savant II is an excellent dual BA IEM.
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  3. Malevolent
    I cable roll all the time. I do it mostly for aesthetic reasons, however. With that said, the stock cable looks pretty good, so I might use that with the Tux for a while. If not, I have a couple of spare cables lying around; alternatively, I'll have to sweet-talk my wife into allowing me to get (yet) another new cable. :D
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  4. SeeSax
    Aminus (Crinacle's twin brother) just rated two of my three favorite IEMs (Percivali and Dream XL) as a two out of 10, so feel free to take what I say with a grain of salt...but...I am addicted to the treble on the Khan and think it strikes the perfect blend of energy, sparkle and refinement. I suppose I have other IEMs that I could listen to more comfortably for longer, but I really love the clarity and detail I'm getting out of the Khan. Overall I hear it to be a gentle U-shaped signature, but with pretty impressively clean sub-bass slam. I'm not a huge fan of mid-bass emphasis and thankfully the Khan is free of that to my ears. Mids are clean, no inherent warmth I would say, but not cold either. I guess overall I just love the signature and it's the closest I've found to my ideal sound. It compares well to my Earsonics Grace with the latter being a little easier on the ears for long-term relaxed listening, but the Khan is more like a shot of espresso with energy. It pairs really well with a higher-end copper cable as well.


    Today is an exciting Noble day for me because I also received the photo fo my Wizard/Joy collaboration Katana and was told it was complete. See below. I had the original Katana and loved it, but foolishly sold it for a U18T and regretted it since. Then I saw the Wizard designs, notably the awesome Katana @SLC1966 had, and wanted one something fierce. Can't wait to get it and while the Katana is a few years old now, I have yet to find an IEM that sounds like it. Hard to put my finger on it, but it's the best execution of a reference signature I have ever heard.


    Okay, back to listening, just wanted to check in with a few new goodies.

  5. Wes S
    Love me some wizard designs! Congrats on the Katana, those look insane.
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  6. CrocodileDundee
    Guess who's here! 20191209_080355.jpg
  7. SteveKiwi
    Oh so tempting! But right now I'm enjoying my M3's

    Has anyone had a chance to do a decent comparison of the two?
  8. Sebastien Chiu
    Folks who picked up a Tux 5: what are you thinking about it so far?

    Same with those who have a m3, we'd love to here more impressions!
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  9. Wes S
    Definitely looking forward to hearing more impressions about both, because they are both on my want list.
    Last edited: Dec 9, 2019
  10. Sunstealer
    I have mine but have had no time to unbox let alone listen to! I plan to start tomorrow.

    I ordered the 8 core balanced cable instead of the single ended. Is it OCC copper as well?
  11. bvng3540
    I had ee phantom, ca Solaris and sony z1r, after 3 days burn in, tux5 sounded the best of them all
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  12. Malevolent
    IMG_20191210_173519.jpg Well, well, it's here! I'll have a listen later, though.. I'm a little under the weather at the moment. Definitely not ideal conditions to enjoy music.

    But, I'm glad I've received my Tux! :)
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  13. Wes S
    I look forward to your impressions, and bummer about being under the weather. I hope you get some good ear time soon!
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  14. CrocodileDundee
    I will share more details about the sound later. But I want to share the thing the most took my attention on the first 24h.

    The Y splitter om the cable. Guys this thing is unnecessarily heavy for an IEM cable. To the point that it gave me headaches, because it was pulling the cable down and the hook was touching the back of my ears on a bad way, luckily I have an spare cable 20191210_221016~2.jpg . So, here is the Tux now. Not because I wanted, but because I couldn't use the standard.

    Please change the Y splitter to aluminum or titanium or anything lighter.
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  15. Malevolent
    Yeah. The Y-split is indeed a little on the heavy side. I haven't used it much at all, but it's definitely more hefty than the splits on my other cables.

    How are you finding the Tux? I'd like to hear your thoughts on them vis-a-vis the Legend X. :)

    Thank you, I most definitely will! My ears are a little blocked right now (from the flu), but I'm loving what I'm hearing. It's definitely a more engaging hybrid than the Khan. My wife, who generally loves a detailed, balanced sound, even quipped that it sounds good to her ears.
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