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Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

  1. Stranger Than Fiction
    A question I’ve been meaning to ask... How resilient are the K10s to sleeping with?

    Unfortunately I have little choice in the matter as nearby dogs in the area, Cesner (sp?) planes and all sorts are incessant at night round here. Then at 5.30am our own dogs get let out which is of course a veritable s... storm of noise.
  2. uzi2
    They'll still respect you in the morning...
  3. PinkyPowers
    Ear plugs, man. Much safer and healthier than sleeping with IEMs.
  4. Stranger Than Fiction
    Yah I’d certainly rather keep my hearing loss for the day alotment for more worthwhile listening, not to mention the longevity of the headphones too.

    Unfortunately ear plugs don’t help with the noise level round thesevparts.
  5. PinkyPowers
    They may not block out the noise 100%, but they must help quite a bit.

    I have to use them myself sometimes. Just regular cheap foam ones. When the noise is bad, I can still hear it, but it's not jarring me like it normally would and I can fall asleep.

    Is it possible you haven't given them a fair try?

    Either way, if music is the only thing that works, at least you have that.
  6. Rowethren
    I would say if you sleep on your side you might have a problem with the K10s as they are rather large. I certainly can't lay on my side with them as they dig into my skull rather uncomfortably.
  7. faithguy19
    I noticed that the new Luxe is debuting tomorrow on massdrop. Does anyone know how they compare to the Velvet or Bell?
  8. PinkyPowers
    Tri-Copper 03.jpg

    DX200/AMP4>PS Tri-Copper>Encore

    A truly outstanding setup.
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  9. Felicitous
    Pinky, where could I procure the Amp4? I see nothing of it posted online besides reviews. I know you’re not the “right” person to ask but I might well sorry!
  10. PinkyPowers
    Ought to be back in stock in a couple of weeks. iBasso originally thought it would be a limited run, but all the reviewers raved about the sound quality and caused a surge in demand. So they're building new ones as we speak.

    Any more questions ought to be directed via PM, or the DX200 thread. This is the place to talk about Noble, after all. :D
  11. ebjarrell
    What's unsafe or unhealthy about sleeping with your IEMs? STDs?
  12. PinkyPowers
    Things can happen when you sleep. None of us are in control when we reach REM stage. You could damage the IEM. Damage the cable. Damage the source device. Then there's the health side of things. Doctors do not recommend listening to personal audio devices that long. Your ears need a rest, man. Don't abuse them. They're the only ones you're going to get. :wink:

    You only need to worry about STDs if you've hooked up with an IEM whose a true slut.
    Last edited: Mar 13, 2018
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  13. FullCircle
    I'm a Doctor, doctorate of audiology

    Ears are functioning all the time, sleep or not so technically they never rest.

    One could have a fan on all night long, being exposed to the constant drone of the fan or one could have ear phones in.... same concept. When I was younger, i would listen to Mandarin Chinese all night long with the hopes of learning Mandarin, I don't know if doing so helped or not.

    The things to worry about are

    Loud volume

    Not alowing the tissue in ear canal to breathe

    Ear wax

    Environmental awareness


    Loud volume - self explanatory

    Air out the ear canal- it is wise to let the ear canals to get some alone time, as a closed off ear canal becomes a little green house, warm and moist, perfect environment for fungus to grow and grow it will. I have only seen this with people that wear hearing aids essentially 24 hrs a day.

    Ear wax - ear canal tissue literally grows outwardly (very slowly) and by doing so, the process acts like a conveyor belt, moving ear wax out of the ear in a slow outward fashion. IEM, ear plugs etc can act like a dam and cause ear wax to build up.... leading to a plugged up ear canal, leading to other issues which could lead to a visit to the ENT to get resolved

    Environmental noise - self explanatory

    Sooooo be wise with your ears
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  14. Velomane
    Thanks for the explanation. I had no idea there was an audiologist in the house. I have one question for you: are there any sweat glands in the ear canals? I ask because I'd like to pop in my Encore CIEMs while on my bike trainer, but I'm concerned about perspiration getting into them.
  15. Watagump
    Listening to loud music has worked my ears into muscle powerhouses, that is all.
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