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Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

  1. Stranger Than Fiction
    @Redcarmoose: Interesting points made sir! While the K10s sound just as great now as they did upon auditioning them, there is a lot more being discovered every day (especially if I play something from The Rolling Stones, Daddy Cool, The Beatles (incidentally Paul McCartney’s Band on the Run was not well mastered even for its time!), Stevie Wonder and others. The entire complexion of some songs seems almost entirely reconstituted - in a good way. House music (from DJs like Cassy, Maya Jane Coles, Four Tet, etc.) absolutely sings too.

    I thought I’d audition the Katanas to see if maybe, just maybe, I was less of a basshead than first thought. They didn’t quite do it for me upon auditioning but I was so tempted to go with them to see if I’d grow to love them.

    But my musical tastes of course do need something with low end emphasis.

    Indeed trance has virtually no soundstage (hence the Shure SE846s are a good option for trance/progressive listeners as they have a very boxed in intimate periphery).
  2. Redcarmoose

    I'm a guitar player and there is a phenomena with high-end acoustic guitars called "opening-up". I've only experienced it one time as most guitars I've purchased have been old used ones. Obviously with a complex wood instrument there is a whole group of factors going on which allows the guitar sound to change.

    But if you ever experience it, it's a very strange thing as a whole. First it's like the guitar starts to sound louder, then it gets more harmonicly rich. This process is most intense in the first six hours of playing a new guitar. But depending on the make and finish used it continues to go on and on in a more suble way for years on end. It's like the guitar is alive and is waking upon the interaction. Also guitars doing this is pretty much standard understanding, the reverse of how we audiophiles debate burn-in.

    With IEMs:
    I would think for us it's a lot like our brain understanding the tone of the new IEMs. It's as if we were first looking at a map of the city, then after walking the (sound signature) streets for part of the year; know the town?
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2018
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  3. H T T
    More than just SoCal...


    I think the EDC line up has been winner after winner. The Bells are absolutely fantastic. The Velvets have their sonic niche, too. They are like a very well-made dessert.
  4. krismusic Contributor
    She can **** right off!
  5. H T T
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  6. Jazza517
    Would that be the PS tri copper ? What’s the impression with Encore?
  7. PinkyPowers
    I'm listening to Tri-Copper with Encore right now. Its truly amazing synergy. My favorite cable for these IEMs yet.

    Further impressions can be found in my review, which will be up Friday, coinciding with the official launch.
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  8. pithyginger63
    tri-copper? is it the t-metal?
  9. Stranger Than Fiction
    @Redcarmoose: Fascinating, and literally wonderful. I feel inspired to listen to something accoustic guitar oriented now. (Mark Knopfler’s “Monteleone” perhaps).

    I wonder what @FullCircle makes of all this? We haven’t seen him around the traps for a while.
  10. FullCircle
    Love acoustic guitar
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  11. PinkyPowers
    No, It's a new conductor they are releasing soon. Stay tuned for all the details. I believe their site will update this Friday.
  12. pithyginger63
    oo, sounds exciting
  13. Jazza517
    Sounds tempting as I have a pair of Noble X, thinking of getting the encore, your input would be like the final dose :p
    Last edited: Mar 12, 2018
  14. Redcarmoose
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  15. Stranger Than Fiction
    @Redcarmoose: After a day during which I jetted Sriracha sauce directly in my eye, reading about proper beer faucet cleaning practices into oblivion and a 4 ft dugite was spotted on the folks’ dog boarding property, that brought a much needed smile to my face. Thankyou. :)

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