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Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

  1. Kunlun
  2. Tommy C
    Just checked. Is it sold out again?
    The drop is closed.
  3. rantng
    They haven't opened it up again yet. Check back in about 1 hour. @CEE TEE made the announcement that they would be making the additional units available in about 3 hours. That was 2 hours ago.
    Last edited: Oct 9, 2017
  4. Tommy C
    Oh ok. Thx bud
  5. BradWI
    Drop is back open here.
  6. ajreynol
    Jumped on the drop, as it is time to retire my old UE Triple-Fi 10vi's. I listen mostly to Jazz, Pop and Hip-Hop and enjoy a respectable amount of bass. Hopefully I made a good decision.
  7. T.D.C
    Dear Mr. Wizard,
    490 unit in all, gone in less than 48 hours combined, with just 2 months to work on it, now do you still do hand assembly and test in the US ?

    I'm actually split between worrying about your staff facing this amount of work, and the quality control of this massive order... These high end iems are intricate...
  8. sparkj
    I ordered the massdrop K10s.

    Just had 2 questions, hoping some more experienced headfi-er could help me with:
    - does the anodised color on the aluminum scratch off easily?
    - what would you recommend as a lightweight and small case that can still protect the K10s? Can't really carry the pelican case around as I don't usually carry a bag around

    Ps. I was trying the Encores at a audio shop and the boss dude told me that something new was going to be released in the coming weeks!
  9. ejong7
    Seems like the MD one's does not follow the new norm for Noble, in which all the universals come with the round case now. So you can try aiming for one of those.

    In terms of the anodised colour, not seen many (if any) complaints about this as long as the proper care is given.
  10. Malevolent
    If you're using the stock cable, the IEMs and the Noble cable should fit rather snugly in its supplied pouch. Or get a similar pouch - they cost a few $ at most. However, if you're using a 3rd party cable, with a larger wire size, you'll definitely need a larger case. Perhaps, something like this? It's a little expensive, but you can try hunting for something similar. Not as bulky as a Pelican, but big enough to store your K10 and an aftermarket cable.
  11. Watagump
    Buy the round Noble case, I used it with my customs and a thicker cable, it fit perfectly. Now that I am using the stock cable, there is even more room, even have a silica pack in it. Okay, been here too long already, peace out.
  12. notyourtree
    I really liked the Campfire Audio cases, specifically the Canvas Case with the fake lambswool interior. It's a small, pocket-able, sturdy case -- only around $29.
  13. PinkyPowers
    Today at work I listened to a lot of Encore, using the Effect Audio Thor Silver II cable. Which doesn't give me the best seal most of the time. But with the MandarinE Symbio W tips, they stay in like a champ, even with that cable.

    And oh lord, the sound is sublime!
  14. FullCircle

    Thanks for stopping by
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  15. Watagump
    I am now rocking the AK240 Blue Note, thanks to dropping my other AK240 on Saturday and shattering the glass. I paid for the price of the new glass and Owen just gave me a Blue Note unit and I was out the door. I should have broken my other one a long time ago. :wink:

    Last edited: Oct 12, 2017
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