Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

  1. FullCircle
    That is up to Massdrop
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  2. FullCircle
    _20171018_081944.JPG _20171018_081904.JPG _20171018_081830.JPG _20171018_081944.JPG _20171018_081904.JPG _20171018_081830.JPG _20171018_081755.JPG
  3. FullCircle
    Often imitated, but never duplicated
  4. Rowethren
    They look like they are a reprint of mine... Look pretty nice if I do say so myself lol!
  5. Solarium
    After trying out many different tips I may have found the perfect tips for Encore Universal's - Symbio W Wide Bore Silicone+Memory Foam Special Hybrid. These are absolutely fantastic. Takes less time to put on than memory foam and better isolation than just silicone. The bass is absolutely FANTASTIC on these, and my EDM never sounded better :) The Encore's have SOO much better treble than the SE846's it's not even funny.

    Just curious, anyone compare these to LS50W's? I know they're in completely different ballpark and speakers vs IEM's. But I really only use the IEM's in a home setting where nobody minds me playing speakers anyway, and they're about the same price range. It would be a purely audio quality comparison.
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  6. koluludome
    Agree !!
  7. Solarium
    I know a lot of people have been struggling with the Encore Universal's fit, these tips should really be stickied or something on this thread to be the "ultimate" tips for the Encore U's. They do take about 2 weeks to be shipped, but they're absolutely worth the wait! Also, they run about 1 size larger, so if you use large normally I would suggest you use medium's for these.
  8. FullCircle
    Some folks despise foam ear tips, so maybe the ultimate foam tip may be more appropriate tittle.
  9. PinkyPowers
    I'm not so sure. I despise foam tips, but the Symbio hybrids are something else entirely. And I too find they work wonders with Encore. :D
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  10. FullCircle
    Learned something new today, and yes the hybrids look like they have potential

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  11. jscmd2000
    Which Symbio will fit the Encores? The wide bore (4.5mm) or normal bore (3.8mm)? Hoping the normal bore will fit.
    The spin fits and spiral dots have large bores and do not sound very good to my ears... too bright and sound honky like listening through pipes
  12. brams
    I use Symbios as well and do agree they sound great with the Encores. Having said that they sound close to the Spinfits to me with the Spinfits having slightly less bass, but possibly a slightly clearer upper midrange.

    From a fit point of view the Symbios do stay in my ears a bit better though. For this reason I even use them on my bluetooth earbuds where they also work wonders for the sound signature.
  13. koluludome
    wide bores is recommend, normal one may unable to put on
  14. crayonz
    Hi everyone,

    I would like to ask, how to fix this accessory not supported when using noble lightning cable on Iphone 7?

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  15. ScottFree
    Have you cleaned the connections on the cable and the iPhone?

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