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Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

  1. Solarium
    The more I listen to the Encores, the more I appreciate its soundstage and imaging. Binaural recordings are absolutely insane!
  2. jasonho
    Is it possible to change a universal K10e into a custom? If yes, what’s the process and how much?
  3. koluludome
    Maybe not by Noble, they only have owner transfer from custom to custom not universal to custom.

    But other brand that have reshell service is available.

    Procedures are

    1. Ask them first if they can reshell your IEM or not
    2. Taken ear impression
    3. Sent impression with your IEMs.
    4. Waited
    5. Waited
    6. Waited
    7. You almost forgot that you sent your IEMs for reshell until there were package in front of your door with bell rings.
    8. Unpacked the box with worrying that your CIEMs won't fit your ears then you tried them with nervous face
    9. It fitted fine

    Procudures may change but it often goes like this

  4. theUKMrT
    For those of you looking for a good aftermarket cable, I recommend the Triton8 - 8 braid with 4 copper & 4 silver conductors - & made to order for a (relatively) decent $175.

    Soft, pliable, comfortable & fantastic with my Encores.

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  5. crayonz

    Already try but still not work :frowning2:
  6. skootb
    been loving my K10s for over 3 years, now ordered Katana to add to the mix

    upgraded from Hugo 1 to Hugo 2.

    office listening is going to be a lot more fun

    (anyone want my Hugo 1?)
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  7. John0405
    Long time since I've posted something here. I'm going to purchase a set of k10 encore but I'm still hesitating on the design. If someone could post a photo of one pair with clear shells, that would give me a good idea of what they'd look like. I heard their clear shell design is quite stunning too. Thanks to all in advance. Cheers.
  8. NickL33
    What will the new Noble EDC sound signature close to?
  9. jrbgarcia
    Why would a boutique and high end audio company like noble release an entry level iem at that price? What's the mentality behind it?
  10. SDBiotek
    What's the mentality behind it? Many people can't afford the more expensive iems.
  11. Koolpep
    Cover more price points, get more customers. Allow people to get into the noble family earlier and move them up the ladder when their budgets allow. Much easier for luxury companies to go down market than mass market companies to go up market.

    It’s a smart move.
  12. jrbgarcia
    Thanks for the input guys. Was just looking at it from the perspective of a company like say, Rolex. They don't make cheap watches and yet still make a killing. That's why I asked cause noble to music is like Rolex to watches.
  13. NickL33
    They do.... they sell under name of Tudor
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  14. jrbgarcia
    Ah thank you. Didn't know this
  15. Kunlun
    Tudor watches are excellent, the quality is great. And Rolex is a good analogue to Noble.

    I'm looking forward to hearing the Velvet for sure.
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2017
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