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New Member Introductions thread

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  1. Geral
    Hi there,

    Just starting in this hi-fi world, and i've been looking over the internet on reviews about pretty much everything related to high-fidelity audio, from how to properly rip your cd's to headphones and speakers, dacs and amps and everything in between. I dont actually own anything like that but im planning to make the jump to hi-fi so i've been searching alot through the web. Anyways, the one site that allways pops up is head-fi.org, and its been really helpfull to learn all this thinks from the members posts.

    Ill be making my own posts with some questions, and im sure you guys will have an answer for everything and that it will be a great one!.

  2. CactoesGel
    Hello everyone! I came here to read about tube amps. I'm interested in the Schiit Lyr 3 and the Decware CSP3. I only have two headphones > PM-3 and Focal Clear. I'm also hoping to get my first Senn > HD820.
  3. studer
    Your preference for tube amps is going to give you satisfaction. In my opinion and according to my experience triode single ended works best. Decware CSP3 is a great option, listened to it and compared with solid state (same price category) and there was a big difference.
    Reccomended to compare before you buy - you will be surprised.
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  4. _rob7_
    Hi folks. I’ve just joined and I’m hoping to consult the collective’s knowledge on wireless over-ear headphones. I’m going to Thailand in a few months and I’d like some decent headphones to make the flights a bit more bearable. I’ve got a pair of B&W P5s and some V-Moda XS but I wanted something with a bigger cup and could do without wires to get tangled up in whilst cramped up in my seat.

    I have considered the B&W PX but Sony and Bose could also be the ones as comfort is going to be important. I mainly listen to electronic/ambient music but also like some techno and hip hop so some bass is important but not Beats levels of muddiness.

    I’m going to keep trawling the forums to try to find the perfect pair but any suggestions you have would be most welcome.

    Cheers, Rob
  5. Arjestin
    Hi Guys,

    I've been reading your posts and reviews on head-fi for quite some time now.
    It is here that I first came across the amazing OPPO HA-1 dac/amp, which has been shining on my desk for the last few years.
    Many headphones came and went since then, and head-fi has proven to be a great source of second opinions.

    This hobby is quickly becoming serious for me, so I joined here to make it official. Yes, I'm a Head-Fier :)
    Already looking forward to exchange thoughts on equipment that I'm familiar with... Maybe even sell or trade some of it.

  6. jimi55
    Hello there! I have been reading about using different rectifiers in tube amps and decided to join up.
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  7. SuperdavidC
    Hello! Picked up a schiit fulla 2 couple days ago and am looking for a headphone upgrade which is why I have joined the community. Currently rocking hd598se. Glad i found this site as it has so much info!
  8. laucap
    Hi all, new to Head-Fi, relatively new to audio. Got HD6XX with a Schiit Magni 3. Looking for new IEMs, previously got B&W C5 S2.
  9. Bertaglia
    Hello everyone!!
    I'm new to the HiFi world (as a matter of fact, I have no Hifi gear at all) and I'm looking around to start with the basics: a DAC and a nice pair of cans.
    Especially for the latter, I found myself always ending up in this wonderful forum: I had to subscribe!! :darthsmile:

  10. 12harri
    Hi guys, I’ve been looking for some review about hi-end head fi and end up finding there are lots of discussion thread here, so decided to join up. Currently I am using Tia Trió/13V2 ProUiem>WM1A, cheers.
  11. serman005
    Welcome aboard, Marco!! Really super sorry about your wallet... ---)
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  12. B0NES
    Hello! I'm a med student who loves good music, good movies, and good beer.
    New around town -- and to the audiophile world in general.

    Current gear:

    AKG K7XX + Dekoni sheepskin leather earpads
    Beyerdynamic DT 770/250

    Schiit Modi 2 Uber/Magni 2 Uber
    Fiio E10K

    Glad to be here!
    Last edited: Dec 29, 2018
  13. michal12345
    Hi, Im a music addict. I mix and master my tracks and tracks that other people send to me. Nothing big, it's just my hobby.

    I made an account on that site, because I wanted to ask you about comparision of two headphones, but I cannot post in the headphones forum :frowning2:

    Do you know after how many posts of mine can I post on other forums? It's quite important for me. Thanks for answer :)
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2018
  14. Randonneur
    Greetings. Been moving into audio recent, headphones because of space constraints.

    Intending to make use of collctive wisdom to keep inventory small but hopefully effective.

    Currently on Mimby feeding an MCTH or a Black Widow. Massdrop 6XX.
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2018
  15. pace8500
    Decided to finally sign up after a number of years of using head fi for reviews and information!
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