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New Member Introductions thread

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  1. bdkillian
    Hello - like others before me I wanted to start with a quick introduction of myself. I have been an avid audio and home theater enthusiast for many years. However, I have only recently, within the past year, discovered the joy of the personal listening experience that can be had through quality headphones. I look forward to learning more, sharing my experiences, and any knowledge that I may bring to our discussions to come. - Brian
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  2. Soulfulsquirrel
    Hey all,

    New to Head-Fi, just getting into the hobby of high quality audio. Recently purchased the last HD 6xx drop and JBL 305p monitors for my workstation setup. I'll be adding a DAC/Amp to drive it on the new future.

    Cheers all!
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  3. gadolphus
    Also just joined today. My beloved HD600s finally died and I have been looking around for a replacement. I've been a long-time lurker here at Head-Fi (advice from my old boss: find people who know more than you and then listen to them) and I have decided to finally register. I may finally have to up my game a bit and will be picking people's brains over the next few months. Thanks in advance!
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  4. gadolphus
    I also picked up the 305s on Massdrop. Out of curiousity, what are you using as a volume control?

    How are you enjoying them?
  5. Soulfulsquirrel
    Oh I only got the 6xx on massdrop, didn't realize the 305s were on there as well. Right now, just my PC volume control. But I am looking at getting an Audio-GD R2R 11 to switch and volume control the speakers and headphones. Seems like all I really need in that little package.
  6. kiamsiap
    Hi everyone. Been lurking for awhile and finally decided to pop by to say hi... admittedly its cause I just got myself a Shanling M2s and the Xiaomi Pro HD to play around with, and I wanted some feedback/input from those who has the M2s.
  7. SilkyOtter
    Forgive me as I don't know how to just make a statement but.. yes well, I've followed this group of people for years and I just bought my first big buy.. [ish?], a Fiio x5 3rd Gen.. I stupidly bought the A5 amp not knowing that my x5 could easily power my Sennheiser Urbanites.. anyhoo, I agree with you Denon Frank, sorry to piggy back off of your comments but, we are all into the same game. Glad to meet you and otters
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  8. 495045
    Hi, my name is Philippe. I'm French (please don't boo but you can wow :dt880smile:). I have an HD700, HD800, HE 560, an LCD-2 non razor which I bought a few weeks before I felt into deep coma end of August 2015 : I was planning to keep one and resale the others. I'm still lanning to do so. My favorite one is a ruin HD560 as it was my comrade during the months I stayed in hospital. As amp, I had bought an Oppo HA-1 SE (audiocom edition) as I'm more and more interested in "Hi-Rez" which implies. But I've bought another drive/DAC (PS Audio Direcstream) so I'll stay with my Graham Slee Solo Ultra Linear. I listen mainly to Jazz anc classical (before my little health problem? I coulld easily execute Beethoven piano sonatas, playing them was a different kettle of fish).

    I was born with two left hands, now the right one is almost paralysed.

    I will need some help for my AKG 340 (elastics) having found in France nice people ready to fix new ones for me. But there is still a mistery : which size(thanx to owatino for his great tutorial).

    Any question welcome and... Keep $winging

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  9. mackdonz
    I'm newbie here. Please accpet me guys all.
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  10. serman005
    Welcome aboard, @mackdonz!!
  11. mackdonz
    Thank you so much for your reply.
  12. Gianni70
    my nickname is Gianni from Italy. I'm becoming ( or yet I am) an headphones addicted after buying a new entry level HQ audio player (192khz 24bit), that surprised me with his audio performance. So I started to buy headphones and earphones for the pleasure to test them and, if possible, to have fun in modding too.
    That's a kind of flashback to a previous love, the hobby of DIY loudspeakers , but's easier to do on a desk and moreover it reduce a lot the dangerous impact of the WAF factor on your hobby and your life. You must be careful anyway...
    Very happy to be here

    Last edited: Apr 20, 2018
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  13. Gianni70
    Thank you Markfm, for your understanding, may be you know about WAF.
    It's fun, wives should appreciate the size of your hobbies.

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  14. Markfm
    If I do it it's wasteful, if my wife likes it it's "a wise investment". All a matter of perspective ☺
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  15. judson_w
    I looked at this forum quite a bit last year when I was debating which headphones and amp to get. Ultimately I decided on Sennheiser HD600s with a Schiit Valhalla 2. Later I picked up some etymotic hf5s due to moving desks at work to a noisier area.

    I am looking forward to participating and learning here as I contemplate upgrades and other purchases (kind of considering trying some Beyers, though likely just the DT770/880/990 range, and Woo has been enticing to me for amps).
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