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New Member Introductions thread

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  1. serman005
    Welcome (finally) aboard, @pace8500!!
  2. pace8500
  3. el-duderino
    Been following head-fi for a long time now and most of my latest purchases have been based feedback I got here, so I decided to finally create one count!

  4. tonymark
    Hi! I'm a newbie here, but I'm glad to be a part of such useful and interesting community!
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2018
  5. Fan0Cans
    Hey all, just registered, been lurking for a long time. I've always loved headphones, but until recently only dabbled, but looking to grow my collection in the next few years (wife saw my headphone wish list on amazon... i owe her many purses in the future lol)

    Actually in the market for an amp to use. I own the 598's, Just recently purchased the HD600's and loving them.
    I also have the ATH-M50x, and the ATH-AD500 and ATH-AD700 (got a good deal on the 500's for a back up to the 700's).

    Cheers all
  6. Denshin92
    Hey guy, I am new here and also to the hifi world lol. Hopefully, I can learn a lot from here!!
  7. Acadummy
    Hi guys, after reading these forums and learning stuff from around the internet, I want to throw my hat into the ring, specifically with IEMs.
  8. serman005
    Welcome aboard, @Acadummy!! Watch out for that wallet... It bites. ---)
    Acadummy likes this.
  9. zz64
    Hi all. Really enjoy the site. Just starting out my headphones adventure. Lots to learn.
  10. archie159
    Another new user here... Probably won't post often, but definitely will be lurking about learning from the experts!
  11. toxicrocker
    What's up, Head-Fi?

    Am a long-time lurker, first time joiner/poster! I've just gotten into recabling/cracking headphones open, and have found myself completely addicted. Sad to say, I'm still fairly crap at it and will have a LOT of questions as my trial-and-error methods become more... erroneous.

    Anyway, thanks for being awesome.

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  12. sweetleaf
    Hello HF forum :)

    Usual story, been lurking and reading so though to join and share. Lots of DIY stuff to get on with but loving my Pathos Aurium and HE 500 combo just now. Got a fine pair of AKG K340's to have modded by Jerry one day.
  13. emeline
    Hi everyone!

    I registered a few months ago and largely lurked since then, but just realized I never posted here...
    Usual story too, I've always been addicted to music of all kinds, and have been more and more interested in the audio part of it. Got a pair of B&O H6 2nd gen. and a Sabaj DA2 DAC/amp a few months ago, and now waiting for a Hiby R3. With summer and warm weather coming up I'm thinking of a pair of decent IEMs, maybe the iBasso IT01 or Fiio FH1... in a couple of months though, trying to be "reasonable" :ksc75smile:
  14. Wise guy
    Hi everyone,

    I’ve been using this forum for lots of useful info the past few years and finally decided to sign up so that I can contribute more actively. Looking forward to enjoying the vast amounts of knowledge on this forum!

    Wise guy
  15. Ron Scarboro
    Hello everyone,
    I figure I've lurked here long enough and would make myself legit. After many years in my attic, I found my old vinyl and that has brought me back into audio. I've put together a modest 2 channel system and finding my way into headphones and hi-rez audio.

    I'm looking forward to getting some advice and asking some noob questions here and there.


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