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New Member Introductions thread

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  1. studer
    Great to know the combination Hugo2 using the LCD3 - I noticed that the different combinations DAC - amp - headphones will favour one or the other source (Tidal or Spotify for example)
  2. Messi94
    Hello everyone, myself Guri.
    I am from canada and here to become part of this great audiophile community :)
  3. jeffrt
    Hello, My name is Jeff.
    Long time user of Sennheiser HD 580 Jubilee phones through a McCormack Micro Headphone drive, since around the mid 1990s.
    Every time I use them to listen to music, any thoughts of upgrading completely flees my brain. I seem to just think what album should I play next.

    Recently, after reading one review too many, and seeing a great discount form a dealer, I made an initial foray into Planar Magnetic phones, a Hifiman HE 400i. Then because the cord was so short, I started looking at cable replacements. So, of course, I wound up here. That, in turn, brought up new amps, like the Schiit Valhalla, and Woo WA-6. And upgraditis reared its ugly head once more. Sigh ...

    I had to register to ask questions and this seemed the requisite place to initialize the process.
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  4. y0da_cod3r
    What's up! I'm new here and new to the HiFi community! Rocking an HD600 and looking for a good close back.
  5. Violent_Sneeze
    Had to create this new account because I couldn't get into my usual one after the site revamp.
  6. BunnyNamedCraig
    you reminded me of the times I am on youtube to watch a specific video and then I see the videos to my right and think "that sounds interesting ill watch that..." then 2 hours later I am like "how did I end up watching a video on "highest max vertical in the world"" lol.

    I hope you find what your looking for and don't forget to enjoy the gear you have :beerchug:
    Check out the Meze 99 classic or the Meze 99 Neo. Both are a killer closed back. They are a little warmer then the HD600 and added bass. Just a very fun listen!
    I hope that all is well now with the new name, and I hope you got the tissues handy
  7. euromut
    Hey All
    Im Shawn, and im from Buffalo New York. Been playing the custom HIFI game for a few years.

    I am currently working on a set of custom Grados. Unfortunately, I am still waiting on Turbulent Labs to get me my new driver.

    Ive done a few other projects so far.

    Pro-Ject Headbox II

    Thorens TD-160

    Rega RP6

    H.H, Scott LK-72

    Hopefully more to come.
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  8. y0da_cod3r
    Nice Nice Nice Nice!
    especially the TD-160.
  9. studer
  10. studer
    The HD 580 Jubillee phones are great - no wonder you are a long time user -
    Try a single ended triode amp (that can drive the 300 Ohm impedance).
    The differences in impedance, the amps that output for a wide array of impedances (e.g. 16 to 300) are to avoid when using high impedance headphones.
    On the contrary, precise matching provide a close to ideal response from many points of view.
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  11. jeffrt
    I just ordered the Valhalla 2, supposedly an OTL headphone amp. We shall see.
  12. Original jungle
    Great website thought it was about i joined, I'm from Wales, in the market for a new dap to replace a 8 year old iPod touch.
  13. csl67
    Hello. Long time lurker. I have an HD600 and MSR7, and recently stepped it up and bought an HD800. Pretty excited about that.
  14. chrischang0624
    Hello, new to here. I'ma new to headphone.
  15. BushidoArts
    Hello my name is Denver, headphone addict for a year now, been trying to curve my addiction but I just keep falling back.

    Sorry I just had to make a joke about how everyone that introduces themselves almost sound like their in rehab (hi my name is _, I have _ *everyone else*: Hi _). But in all seriousness I'm just getting into hifi and consider it all really interesting to the point I'd consider it a hobby. I only have 2 headphones if that tells you anything, the sennheiser hd558 (foam mod) and the monolith m560 planar headphones, I'd like to own more but my wallet sheds tears each time I look at another set of headphones (Oh my word those look awesome and people say they sound amazing, huh? their 2,000 dollars, well frick me I could could go on a vacation to hawaii for that much). I also make music and release it on soundcloud under the name Bushido caugh* shameless promotion caugh*. That's all I have to say really, hope you guys appreciate my way of trying to make a different introduction ,emphasis on trying. Well anyway, sorry for wasting you guys time, you may now resume looking at other peoples more intelligent posts.
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