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New Member Introductions thread

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  1. leamingtonspaceman
    Hello everyone.

    I'm new here, just joined.

    I've finally delved into the world of hi-res music and have signed up here as it looks like I'll find all the info I could possibly want.

    Hope to speak with some of you soon.
  2. pav13
    Welcome everyone!!
    Hey everyone! I'm new to the thread you can call me Ivan. I have been into high end audio my whole life but mainly when I managed a Home and car audio/video shop in college now I miss it and decided to dable in the world of high fidelity audio with in -ear's. Just Ordered a pair of Audeze iSine LX with the Cyoher cable and a DAC/Charger from AAW. Looking to next purchase a pair of amazing bassy IEM's. I fly Alot and commute to work so good music is a must. Been eyeing the AAW AXH hybrid or Fender FXA7's if any one has advice. I don't have an audiophiles ear unfortunately ( I don't think, not yet )
  4. talmadge
    Welcome to the forum
  5. Shuyrna
    Hi, I am a new headfier and also a college student. I am a relatively new to the audio world and own ath m50x and sennheiser momentums. Looking forward to get higher end headphones this year!
  6. marian170
    Hello everyone,
    I've been a lurker of this forum for quite some time. Even though I'm new to the audio world I was able to buy amazing headphones based on reviews found here(there are no places to test headphones in the nearby area) and I'm grateful for this.
    Thanks again for everything and I wish the all the best!
  7. Misterlol
    Im a new headfier. Recently got into this hobby and i ask pretty stupid questions. I hope to get some iems.
  8. talmadge
    Welcome. Lots of good information here.
    marian170 likes this.
  9. eLnacho
    Hi everyone

    I'm from Chile and already have been around for a couple of years just reading.
    Based on comentaries on some post here I receantly bought an AGD r2r 11 and it was a really great purchase. Thanks headfi and now I hope to make some contribution in compensation for all the info that this forum has provided me over the years.
  10. Sound~Patriot
    Hi there,

    i'm completely new here.
    Music (several electronic genres and classical) & adequate headphones are my deep passion :)

    Last edited: Feb 26, 2018
  11. mrksgll
    Hi everyone,

    Yet another newcomer to this forum.
    Got an xduoo device recently, after lurking a bit around here, now ready to ask questions on my own to the community :)

  12. NorCal
    Hi everyone,
    Have been listening to mostly entry level audio equipment, but a couple of years back I bought a pair of HD650s. I've decided to upgrade from my integrated amp's HP jack, so have been reading quite a few threads/posts on the various Schiit HP amps, over the last few weeks. Lots of good information to ponder here.
  13. Magnetophon
    Hi All,

    Obligatory first introduction post... I've been visiting the site over the last 5 years or so for reviews, thoughts, and recommendations. Finally decided to register as I'm in need of some custom recommendations which I hope to discuss with my fellow "headophiles" :beyersmile:
  14. pronster
    Just poped in to say hello to everyone.

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  15. GustavoMendes
    Hello everyone. Just popping up to say hi to everyone. I’ve been reading the forum for the last year.
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