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New Member Introductions thread

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  1. the2048
    I am the2048 as you can tell, currently my headphones are a very battered pair of Panasonic RP-HTX7s in cream...
    I need to recable it, but that's no matter. I got to headphones because of them.
    Also, welcome to all the people that are new and read this...
  2. The Fife Flyer
    Greetings from Scotland everyone. I must say, looking through a few threads this looks like a superb forum with many posters.

    Once I get full approval, I`ll make a signature with my audio gear. It`s nothing special and am certainly no Audiophile, but do love 'gadgets' :) Just waiting on my new Sony NW ZX300 getting delivered tomorrow.

    Hopefully I can contribute along the way.
    Last edited: Feb 28, 2018
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  3. srREXed
    Hey guys I’m Andrew. I’ve been fighting with tinnitus since a pretty harsh incident in Afghanistan 2011. It’s hard for me to enjoy sounds with constant ringing and high pitched humming in my ears 18hrs a day. Hopefully you all will be able to help me enjoy my audio.
  4. The Fife Flyer
    Welcome Andrew. Just joined myself and the forum is brilliant. Am sure you`ll get all the help you need.
  5. Matthecc
    Hey all! Chris here from Chicago. I'm new to the high-end audio world and will likely be mostly a lurker trying to soak in as much as possible. But, I wanted to introduce myself and say thanks for all the incredibly helpful information so far. From what I can tell this is a great community (and I have a LOT to learn)!


  6. ZardoZzZz
    New member from North Carolina here. Just purchased my first pair of [good] headphones (HD 6XX) and a big part of that decision was all the information I gained here. Have been blown away by the amount of knowledgeable people here. I think I've found a new hobby albeit a hard to afford one in headphones. I was amazed by the qualities that these new cans have brought out in music I've listened to hundreds of times.

    Glad to be here
  7. RTI_MD
    Hi, new member here. Just looking for a better sound, long time reader - decided to sign up
  8. talmadge
    Welcome. Lots of good information here
  9. mmcc
    Howdy all - long timer lurker, first time register-er. I have far too many pairs of headphones and am hoping to get some help fixing some Stax.
  10. BunnyNamedCraig
    wow you did a pretty serious first jump! Thats awesome. I feel you got a good set of "starter cans" :wink: haha. Your starter set might just be your endgame!
    I'm very sorry to hear that Andrew. I take a lot of precautions to try my best to not hurt my hearing because I would never want to experience tinnitus. Do any sounds seem to exasperate the issue more? I could try and recommend cans that could fit your needs better. I hope (and think) you could get help here! Welcome to the site btw :beerchug:
    Hey you're welcome!! J/k I probably haven't helped you yet so I won't take direct credit lol. After you get your feet wet feel free to contribute your thoughts as well. Plenty to learn and share here:ksc75smile:
    amazing right?? I can still remember my first moment of feeling that when I got my first "upgraded" headphones. Its what started my whole obsession with this hobby and also a part time job in the field. I would have never expected this years ago but here we are. Welcome and I hope you keep having that moment with audio. It's the tops!!
    too many headphones eh? You seem to be in the right place ha. Welcome!
  11. kev.95
    Hi Everyone,
    I just started getting into headphones and found this site while searching online. Just wanted to say hello.
  12. mediamgl

    Despite this being my first post, this site has provided me with so much information over the years. Thanks for the membership approval.
  13. FridgeMagnet
    Hi H-F Community,

    I’m new here, I’m FridgeMagnet or FM for short!

    Long Long Time Audiophile, since late adolescence years Thx to parents always listening & playing music around home, gotta blame them for something!

    Got a Great home 2 ch audio system but since I like to get out & enjoy coffee outside reading & doing some photography I’m getting into the portable aspect of it.
    Been looking/reading on H-F & enjoying for quite a while, trying to get an insight & some education on the more recent aspects of the hobby esp concerning the portable/mobile take it with you high end digital audio to enjoy out with your coffee etc.

    Currently awaiting the new Mytek Clef for my mobile solution for use w my phone until I can get the DAP I’m planning on getting.
    Also looking at possibly getting the Mytek Brooklyn+ or the Naim DAC V-1 as well as other possibilities, wil see.
    Headphones currently using Focal Elear, Focal Listen Wireless, Denon ADH D7200 [& some not in use inckuding Bose, AKG, Beyerdynamics] looking at getting the ZMF Auteur one of these days.
    Music, pretty much a bit of Everything & a lot of what I Really Like inc Classical, Jazz, Blues, R&B/Soul, [New] Country & Western, Electronic, Alternative, World etc...

    So that’s the definition of the FM

  14. EthanTM
    Hello! I'm Ethan. I'm somewhat knew to the audiophile realm. Thanks to Massdrop, it has been relatively inexpensive to enter. Currently, I am mostly listening to my HD 6XX and enjoying every minute of it. :p

    I've lurked here for a while so I decided it was finally time to make an account and post something lol.
  15. yaylittlepony
    Hello to the people of head-fi who read this thread. I'm from France and I signed up on the site in order to have information on my first audio setup (yes I need my very first serious headphones and I wanted to buy a dac/amp combo:ksc75smile:) and it seems the site has many knowledgeable people to help me on my quest. I wish you a good day, hoping to learn lots of things in the audio department :)
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