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New Member Introductions thread

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  1. Audiostart
    Greetings from Romania, my fellow earthlings!

    Found this forum, i am not an audiophile, but like to listen to music from time to time. Have a Sansa Fuze, found about Rockbox here, installed, but needed earphones. I used Coloud Colors, they broke now (cable) and wanted something smaller on the cheap, can't afford more expensive gear. So i am waiting for a pair of Vido's, Rock Zircon, Xiaomi piston 3'd edition, and start from there :) Later i will add Superlux HD668B for computer. As speakers i use Edifier R1280T, for a small room they are good enough, considering the price. I hope i don't get any addictions while lurking here and end up with a box of headphones :)
  2. talmadge
    Welcome to the forum
  3. kbundith
    My name is bundith. I am interested audiophile. I will upgrade my device.
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  4. talmadge
    Welcome to the forum
  5. serman005
    Welcome aboard, @Audiostart!! Here's to that box of headphones... ---)
  6. Shiroyuki
    Hi I’m from Indonesia, frustated while looking for AKG K550 replacement bud, but finally found a solution. Will share once have the permission
  7. nicolanico
    Good morning everybody,

    I registered 4 ask advices and share passion 4 music.
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2018
  8. talmadge
    Welcome. Lots of good information here.
  9. JWiner
    Hi all, I caught a bug collecting vintage cans from the mid 70s, I like to refurbish them and rotate em at the community radio station I work at. I also gesticulate a lot while talking, which explains the profile photo. I'm happy to meet ya' all!
  10. GenEricOne
    Hi everyone, new here!

    Had my Fulla 2 and Ultrasone Pro 900 for awhile but the bug bit me hard in the last couple months...picked up Mimby+Magni 3, DT990 250ohm, M1060, M1060C, HE-400i, with a Loki and TH-X00 PH on order.
  11. Headstand
    Hi guys.
    Newbie to this site.
    Have been into hi-fi for a number of years.
    Built my own 5.1 system up over the years using Lowther Drive units and building enclosures myself.
    I have owned a pair of Grados RS1 for some time and decided to make my own Headphone stand.
    With the encouragement of others I am now looking to design and market them.
  12. serman005
    Welcome aboard, Jim!! I have a history of Lowthers in my past as well. It was fun. Best of luck with the stand project. Enjoy!!
  13. DavidHwang
    Hey~ I live in Sydney too nice to meet you! :)
  14. Eddym
    Hi, Just saying hello! Great forum, lots of helpful info, I'm just getting into playing music from digital files/streamers etc rather than only form CDs and LPs, and this seems to be a goldmine of knowledge!
  15. talmadge
    welcome to the forum
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