New Member Introductions thread

  1. Mnanninga
    Hi all, here another new member.

    I'm not a huge audiophile but I like my music and can hear the difference between a budget and a decent audio system. Back when I was younger my car was setup for audio quality while also getting decent volume for the car meets. Good old days:).

    I have been reading here a lot over the last couple of weeks before buying a new headphone to replace my old Sennheiser PC150 used for listening to music while working and making Skype calls. After a lot of reading and looking at reviews I ordered a SHP9500, which got delivered about a week ago. Got to say I love the sound of it, my wife liked it too much, once I have her the headphone to listen to it it was gone for a large portion of the evening. I also ordered boompro to make a headset out of it, this is still on its way.

    The integrated soundcard of my laptop does not do the shp9500 justice and a usb soundcard I have is on its last legs so I also ordered a Sabaj D2 to power the headphones and to provide input to a set of active speakers I want to buy when ilwe moved to a bigger place for the home office.
  2. govie
    I am the newest newbee here! Reason I registered is because I need a DAP for sports and public transportation. I have owned simple mp3-players in the past but never a DAP. I need guidance in buying/selecting a DAP on a tight budget. Maybe the audiophile in me will grow from this point forward!
  3. becet
    I am also new here but have been reading since last week as my Samsung galaxy s music player died a few days before christmas, while I new I needed to spend a few hundred it looks like i have to spend a bit more which is ok but I need to make the correct choice. I used my player in the car using the aux-in, I could listen using my hi-fi which is over 20 years old using the earphone jack, an as it had speakers the player was often on in the background.
  4. Genlove
    Hi all!

    Just got my first "quality" headphone, HE4xx. Can't wait to see what else to get and to learn on this new hobby.
  5. Brownman_80

    Just recently joined Head-Fi and I enjoy reading the threads here. I'm new to this audio scene and so far I have collected quite a few items on my journey.

    VE Monk+
    -Clear Black (SE)(recabled)
    -SPC (SE)
    -Espresso (SE)
    -Brown Cable (SE)
    -‎White Cable (SE)
    TY Hi-Z 150S (SE)
    FAAEAL Narcissus 2.0 (SE)
    Seahf F32T (SE)
    Auglamour RX-1 (SE)

    Auglamour R8 (SE)

    iFi nano iDSD BL
    iFi nano iCAN
    Walnut V2
    Cayin N5ii
  6. nicgrace

    I have been lurking around for a long time. Read many reviews, forums before obtaining HD800S, Magni3, ifi micro iDSD BL and IE80. Happy with them. This is becoming addictive :beyersmile:

    Here to learn. Head-Fi is a great receptacle of knowledge!

  7. Thums
    New member here, registrered to ask question about Asus Xonar U7 MKII. Hopefully I get approved fast, not an spambot or anything
  8. BunnyNamedCraig
    The 1More Triple driver and Quad driver are very good "bang for the buck" IEM's! I think you were very generous with your gifts and gave people a great portable rig.:beerchug:
    The post office clerk is probably listening to them as we speak, rocking out!! In all seriousness though I hope you got them by now.
    It's amazing when you step back and see how deep an industry is. There is a ton of DAPs on the market, let alone the price range is really vast. If your main purpose is sound quality then I would whole heartedly get a dedicated DAP. Just browse and think about what your "make or break" features you want. Do you own a lot of digital music? How important is it for you to be able to stream music? Questions like that... Good luck with you r search! Also, even though Sony seems like another brand that is in big box stores, their DAPs are quite impressive... Not to mention they have a lot of great quality from $200 up to what, $2k? Good luck!
    Don't you hate that moment when you are working out in the yard and rocking out to tunes and then next thing you know you slice your amp in half with a chainsaw? Happened to me last week as well, I feel your pain. Someone took a video of me rocking out with my chainsaw-

    Ok all joking aside I hope that you find what you are looking for. If we had anything at the store (Music To My Ear) I would give you a suggestion. I think our starting amp price starts around $250.
    Your first stop I feel should be looking up the Chord Mojo. It costs a bit more then your headphone but I has the potential to be end game for portability, and you could also use it for a desktop set up as well. Incredibly versatile in that regard. Not to mention its about the size of a pack of cards.
    Like I said above I think The Chord Mojo is a great product that ticks a ton of boxes, especially since you travel a lot. Also depending on budget check out the Meze 99 classic headphone. Very fun sound and good detail. Its killer bang for the buck and small size as well. I think the walnut wood specifically looks gorgeous to boot.
    Have you got an amp or dac yet? You would get a lot more out of the headphone with the amp I feel.
    You have an excellent set up!! Have you had the opportunity to listen to the Utopia yet? Its basically the Clear but add incredibly fast speed and extra transparency.
    I do a mix ha. I have a hard case that I always put my best headphone back into when I am done listening. I don't want the headphone to get dinged up or even get dust on them (it would be totally fine to leave out, I just want the added protection). I also bought a super cheap banana hook that I can hang headphones from. That way they are off of my desk and out of range of being knocked off the desk.

    It all depends on how well they are built in the first place, and how likely you are too knock it off of where you normally listen!
    You are in the right place to get an absurd amount of info my friend. Just use the search bar at the top to try and find what you are looking for. Welcome to the site!
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  9. narco dacunzolo
    You found how many time we require to post our photos?
  10. yrun26
    I'm more of a forum reader than a forum writer but I figure I should engage in the conversation from time to time. It's always fun to read through all these threads!

    My current setup:
    Work Area
    Desktop > Schiit Fulla 2 or Teac AI-301DA > Hifiman HE400i
    Media Room
    iPad > Schiit Gungnir MB > Bryston BHA-1 > Hifiman Edition Xv2
    Audio Technica LP120 > Schiit Mani > Bryston BHA-1 > Beyerdymanics T1v2
  11. Spongebone

    kind of a long time reader here, and finally decided to register for some advise.
  12. narco dacunzolo
    I was a reader, but like you i decided to join to this big family in wuality of reviewer
  13. liztor21
    Hey everyone!
  14. Sithem
    Hi there,

    I only recently started to appreciate better sound quality and look forward to learning a lot!

  15. Nasba123
    Hi all another new newbie.
    I won't pretend to be an expert so forgive any newbie mistakes.
    I do know what i like and I like my grado sr80's, my think sound on2 and my senn hd700. I love my new p1 pinnacles and campfire lyra2's. My sources are an iPod classic powered thru a fiio amp which I quite like. I have some noble items but they don't do anything for me and same with 1more quads.
    In terms of sound I like a good meaty bass but controlled so it doesn't muddy and dominate everything else. I love detail and clarity, hearing emotion in a voice and the really good treble. I like a good wide soundstage too.

    I've come here to ask questions about the Opus 1 and t okhen interaction with iTunes etc so I will be doing that shortly hopefully.
    Thanks in advance

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