New Member Introductions thread

  1. Quequacio96
    Ciao a tutti, mi chiamo Alessandro, vengo da Torino. Aiuto il traduttore, quindi perdonami per eventuali errori. Mi piace molto il campo hifi anche se è troppo costoso. Il mio impianto consiste in un paio di kro craft rev.B (con modifica crossover) e un aliantek D8, tutti molto modesti.
  2. kinggiamma
    Hello everybody,
    Gianmaria from Italy. New to the forum new to Hifi related discussions.
  3. JH.ALAN
    Hello, I'm Haider. international student from Iraq in UK. I just like the technology behind the high end headphone and i thing this is the right place to read about it.
  4. spartanmaya
    Hi, thank you for your approval. I'm waiting for the good comment and review.
  5. zaky
    hi.. been a silent reader this whole time. created an account today, just in case. not a native english speaker. thanks :)
  6. wtaps.604
    hello all,

    longtime lurker, finally decided to join up...

    looking for advice on a portable player, a set of IEM's and then finally a home setup with possible Audeze lcd-3 and whatever else i need to go with them.

    will apologize in advance for the possible dumb questions coming
  7. nicgrace
    How do you guys store your precious headphones when not in use? Thanks.
    1. Headphone stand
    2. Dry cabinet
    3. Leave around on audio table
    4. ...
  8. Sizzerb
    Hi, I'm new here. I signed in here because I have a PS4 and a Creative Sound Blaster X7 and would like to improve the sound.
  9. sngecko
    Hello- I’ve perused these forums for a few months, after a coworker got me into Hi-Fi audio. I already had two pairs of AKG K-501s. I added a Modi2U, Loki, and Vali2 for Christmas and listened all night to Holst, Vivaldi, Norah Jones, etc. It was heavenly.
    My coworker let me test drive his Fostex TH-00X Purplehearts yesterday and I was shocked by the clarity in the low end. I could hear oboe keys being pressed in my favorite Tomaso Albinoni pieces.
    When I saw a pair of Fostex TH-00X PH for sale, I made an account and spent all my cash.
    Good to be here.
  10. ENZO-F
    Hi, I’m a lurker that finally decided to sign up after acquiring a pair of HD800 and am now looking for an amp to go with them.
  11. zooey
    Hi, I'm Andrea from Rome and I'm new to HI-Fi audio. I'm here to find some useful information before buying my first hifi setup
  12. halkaloogie
    Hi all, I was sent over here by the people at AudioKarma because I had questions that they said were talked about in better detail over here.
  13. fjbruening

    Been a lurker for years, dropping in every now and then when the bug for better audio would bite me.

    For years I've been happy with an iphone and my beloved Ety 4ER-P's - I've listened to these for at least 12 years.

    However, a few days ago a buddy took me to Echo Audio in Portland and I made the mistake of listening to TIDAL thru a Mojo dac/amp into some HD660s.
    I left the store with a mojo and set of HD660s... I couldn't believe how much better full sized open cans sounded than my Ety's (which I still love, but OMG, what a difference).
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  14. zaky
    Cool story :) . I'm with you. Was always an IEM guy the whole years. Bought a closed back headphone 3 months ago, although it's much cheaper than my iem, i didn't expect it would blow my mind right out of the box, it did, so is everyone in the house, lol. Bought an hd600 not so long after and now I'm done with my headphone quest. I feel very satisfied . Now i'm only interested to upgrade my source.
    Still using my iem everyday for bed use. Can't laying down with headphones.
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  15. Drew_C
    Hi all, I'm Drew, a grad student who's slowly getting into serious audio products. After learning lots through lurking I signed up to take the next step! Cheers!

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