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New Member Introductions thread

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  1. JPcopter
    Hello guys JP here. Was looking at some new headphones since my last one broke. Just decided to get the VE monk plus. Does anyone know how the mic version is on the monk. Wondering if I should spend some extra dollars on it.
  2. gabrihamlincoln
    Hi all, proud owner of Senn HD 650 and HD 595. Longtime lurker, glad to be a member now :)
  3. JonnyBegood
    Hey guys im Jonathan from germany and i love headphones lately i am useing the beyerdynamic dt 990 pros and the jaybird x2s but im also an owner of the marshall modes bluedio r+legends and the beyerdynamic dt 770
  4. tkcha
    Hi,  all. My name is cha from Montreal,  proud owner of Woo Audio WA 6SE with Maconi U52 Recti,Mullard GZ32,Sophia princess 274B,6FD7 and mod HE6,HE 1000  headphones with HOLO spring 3 DAC as front end nice be with head.fi members thank u everyone !!!
  5. howdy
    Welcome aboard! 
    That is quite the impressive setup you have there!! Not sure if you are going to have fun listening to anything else, Im sure you will though.
  6. tkcha
    thank u howdy  for warm wellcome   I've been audiophile since 1980 so I'm kind of old side also big music collecter have more than 15000 albums including 1500 dsd file also big 2channel speaker system but with new holo DAC I'm thinking upgrade speakers and tube based pre/power amp or TOTAL intergrated amp like Allnic audio T 2000,Line magnetic 219Ia.  I have Parasound JC1 mono block amp as main amp and ps audio perfectwave mark2 dac as pre also now I have to get pre or intergrated amp so my bank acount will suff more but music is most important.   happy listening !!!   howdy  from canada
  7. howdy
    That would be a long time and yes im from that era as well. I love listening to music as well but would not call myself an Audiophile but just a plain music lover. I have almost 3TBs of music mostly FLAC and a lot of DSD as well. My gear is mostly portable so I can walk around with it as like to be somewhat on the go. Right now jamming to my Ipod touch streaming Tidal HIFI into a iFI Micro DSD to Oppo PM3, a amazing combo! I live in Minnesota, really close to Canada, not necessarily close to you. Alreay dropping in to the high 20 to low 30s, what happened to Summer.
  8. tkcha

    hi again speaking of portable gear I have Fiio 5x gene2,calyx M as dap and E12 amp than I using hifiman headphones and just sometime AKG KS551 if I have to. I dont like closeback headphones.   now listening blood sogar sex magik, Red Hot Chili Peppers hi res from hdtracks sound good very dynamic sound with HE6.   see u later
  9. Hollis Prince
    Hi! I'm a lifelong musician and wanna be audiophile. I'm in the market for some good custom iem's and I've come here to seek advice and geek out.
  10. wuwhere Contributor
    Nice headphones.
  11. OhMyGodPancakes
    Hi everyone! I'm brand new to the community and know little about the hobby so I hope to learn a lot from you guys. I fell in love with nice headphones when I got my HA-2 and my K7XX's. I am currently looking to purchase a nice mid-range headphone amplifier and a separate DAC which will work well for the LCD2's I'm planning to buy and for a new pc I'm building so any suggetions would be welcomed. 
    Thanks! [​IMG]
  12. tanseygurl
    Hi my name is Andrea I have a Samsung Galaxy 6 and a Samsung tablet I'm getting ready to go buy some Skullcandy Navigator headphones off of OfferUp from somebody but I noticed that it said iPhone and Apple product I don't know but my question is if I get the headphones will they work with my Samsung products please anybody reply as soon as possible I'm supposed to be meeting this person in like 20 minutes
  13. N0BOX
    The "Play/Pause/Answer Call" button in the middle will work with Android phones, but the Volume Up and Down buttons won't work.
  14. Jofral
    Hi. I live in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. Nice to meet this fabulous forum! Best regards. José Francisco
  15. ibbanez
    Hello everyone, my name is Jerome.  I'm 35 and I have just awoken to the world of audiophile :)  I just ordered the AKG k7xx as my 1st real headphones, and I'm about to pull the trigger on a DAC/AMP.  Most of the reviews I was looking at lead me to here, so I figured I might as well become a member.  I also like Zeos's youtube channel and his reviews on there and reddit as a quick and simple review, and over here, its usually much more technical. 
    I first started looking around because I always saw that gaming headsets were garbage, and audiophile sets were much, much better.  About 4 years ago, I purchased the Astro A40's with Mixamp from Best Buy, because I didn't know any better and of all the headsets they had, these got the best reviews.  They were pricey at $250, but coming from garbage $40 headsets, I thought I was in heaven.  Well, those broke and with the Best Buy warranty, they didn't have them anymore, so they gave me the wireless A50's.  At the time I thought they were good, but lately I've been feeling mehh about them.  After researching a lot, I pulled the trigger on the Mass Drop special K7xx's and I am currently awaiting them to arrive.  I knew from reviews that HyperX Cloud II's were basically Takstar Prod80's with their USB DAC thingy that has garbage 7.1 virtual surround.  Immediately these sound better than the A50's to me, so now I am super excited about the AKG's coming my way in a few weeks. 
    I just really wanted to come in here and say hello and introduce myself.  I'm an IT professional by day, father/husband and aspiring youtuber with my oldest daughter, who is 7, and we are making a gaming channel and a kids channel for her.  SO hello everyone.  I've taking a lot of time to research and read up on a lot of things, but until I start getting some real equipment, its all book work and I want to gain real world experience, so when I hear all of your jargon being used, it will make since to me.
    And since this new found passion, I also figured my audio collection would probably need to upgrade from the crappy 128 kbps MP3's to Flac and other formats, so I've begun researching that and collecting music in the appropriate format.  That also lead me to discovering Foobar2000, and I must say, with its components and everything else, I like it so far.  I love the built in converter after you get the correct things, like the command line Flac codec, etc. 
    So overall, I'm jumping in head first and its exciting.  Just a little bummed out that I've waited this long before getting into it.  now onto deciding my DAC/AMP combo.  I've looked at the Schiit stack like a lot of others, but then I'm also looking at the SMSL M3 or M6, as well as the Fiio E10k, E12, E18k, and a whole bunch of other things.  Man I will say this, there are definitely no shortage of choices in this area, but that is also a curse for me, as I read and review everything as much as possible.
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