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New Member Introductions thread

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  1. fonkepala

    Not that long, several months. They're great for the price.
  2. JorgePantalones
    Hey all,
    It's nice to have found this community, though it feels like a slippery slope!  Though I do most of my serious listening out in the open, I've always been obsessed with IEM's.  This is probably because I spend huge amounts of time on bicycles and motorcycles.
    I'll get back to reading now,...
  3. nomad24
    Hello to all at Head-Fi!  
    These forums have been instrumental in all of my buying decisions as I have fallen deeper into the rabbit hole of the head-fi audiophile.  Maybe I shouldn't have called it the rabbit hole as it makes it sound like a bad thing. It has been an incredible journey except for the massive hit on the wallet of course.  I started off with a set of AKG headphones and a Fiio E5 amplifier back in 2011 and have moved myself up to a full stable of IEM's, over-ear open backs, closed-backs, solid state amps, tube amps, DACs, music servers, portable DAPs and more.  The list is staggering now that i think of it.  I just received my Focal Utopia headphones about an hour ago and just holding these things has made me feel that feeling I got the first time I put on my HD800s HP with the Woo WA-22 and felt like it couldn't get any better.  Well, I keep looking for that next little incremental step.  I have many questions to ask and I feel I could be a good source of information given the amount of gear I have to compare against, so here I am making my first post so that I can create new threads and post in others. Looking forward to becoming an active part of the community instead of just lurking around and reading everyone else's views and opinions.
  4. mistergun
    Hello everyone,
    I have been browsing around for a few years and got very much helpful information. And just registered as a member.
  5. MusicIsLove
    Hello everybody!

    First of all, English is not my native language. I'll probably make lots of mistakes. Sorry about that.
    Sometimes my words might sound rude but I don't wanna be rude at all. It is because of like I said, "It's not my native language and I can't talk properly"

    I'm new here but I've always liked to listen to music. It's like a passion for me.
    Well, It is nice to be here.

  6. fullranger
    Oh, your English is better than a lot of native English speakers. Trust me.
    fonkepala likes this.
  7. hamlyn
    Hi, I've been a lurker for the past couple of years. I am just beginning to post. My main interests are high end audio and headphones.
  8. ajherman
    Hey everyone,
    I've been lurking on here for a while but have recently started looking into modding for my Fostex t40rp mkIII.  If anyone has experience with the incremental mods and measurements thread I'd love to get some help on where to start.
  9. ChijiroKuro
    Greetings from Spain.
    One date: I´m working as a technician (I´m not a commercial guy) in Sound-Pixel Planet, dealer of Audeze and Grado and other brands for Spain, and I like music and "machines" for play music since I had -9 months (I´m a human). [​IMG]
    I´m here, one of the best community,  for learning and share.
  10. malazz123
    hi headfi 
    silent reader here from indonesia 
    glad i can join up 
  11. fkndk
    Hey Guys and Gals,
    I am very happy to be here
    See U.
  12. Detronic
    Hi, I'm even new to this forum. I'm searching for the ultimate wireless expirience so I'm ever interesstet in new BT-Headphones, high end BT-Recievers and so on.
    Just startet with DT-770 Pro and Ultimate Ears 6000 and an Avantree Saturn Pro.
    Shortly I will upgrade to a Creative Soundblaster E3 and then start testing with more advanced Headphones.
  13. NorthxNorthEast
    Hey, folks. I have been a fan of Head-Fi for a while now so I am excited to join its ranks. Let's hope I don't spend too much money because of it. 
  14. Wes S
    Hey there!
    I am another newbie, that has just gotten into quality gear and I have been a diehard music fan all my life.  Big time chill electronica fan and indie rock.  My 2 favorite bands are Boards of Canada and Radiohead.  I just started lurking on this site a couple of weeks ago, while researching iem's and over ears.  After just 2 weeks of research, thanks to this forum, I am now the proud owner of a pair of Sennheiser ie80's and a pair of Sennheiser hd598's, along with a Dragonfly Black and I am loving life.  I have never experienced music like I am now.  I am really happy to have joined this forum and can't wait to learn more and more.   I know that my journey with high end headphones is just beginning.  I also just joined Tidal, so that I can enjoy my music even more.  Thanks!
  15. fullranger
    Good move joining Tidal. They really have a great selection, and awesome quality playback.
    Welcome aboard. Now surrender your wallet.
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