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New Member Introductions thread

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  1. AnakChan Moderator
    Welcome Ron. Hope you enjoy your stay here in Head-Fi!!
  2. bmilcs
    Hi Hello.
    I'm Bryan. I'm 30, married and two stepsons. I'm listening to Papa Was a Rollin' Stone by The Temptations via HD650's and my newly built Bottlehead Crack with Speedball upgrade. 
    Will I fit in here? I am fanatical with hobbies and have just joined the club.
  3. morsio
    Hello, my name is Omar. I've been introduced to the site when I was looking up reviews of the MEE Audio M6 Pro's, they've recieved very positive reviews here, which is the reason I went ahead and pulled the trigger on purchasing them. They're my first IEMs and my entry into the HI-FI world. However, since I'm new to this grade of gear, a lot of questions have crossed my mind since the very moment I put the buds into my ears, and that's the reason why I signed up, so I can hopefully get them answered. :)
  4. fullranger
    Bryan, you just checked into Hotel California.
  5. naiynat
    Hi everyone!
    I'm new to the forum and definitely new to the world of headphones and iems.
    By the way, I am shopping for my first custom iem and I have shortlisted these that is within my budget:
    1. JH Audio JH5 Pro
    2. Jomo Audio Jomo4 V2
    3. Jomo Audio Jomo5 V2
    4. Empire Cerberus III
    I listen to pop, rock and dance music most of the time, and would prefer a decent bass but not too heavy. Any advise, tips and suggestions would great!
    Looking forward to learn more from all of you!
    Thank you!
  6. Wortifer
    Hello all,

    Been following for awhile now and figured I'd join into the amazing group of folks on here. Long time metal-head, looking forward to discussing all things metal! Also looking for a new set of cans and I'm sure I will have plenty of help, thanks for the great site and plethora of knowledge.

  7. Mr Brett
    A newbie too.
    Not to stereos, music, upgrades.
    Looking at upgrading my portable gear.
    Have an iPod video with Red Wine Audio iMod.
    Mini 3 portable amp.
    Moon audio blue dragon LOD.
    Sennheiser HD25 Uber mod from Custom Cans.
    Also have Grado SR80, SR325, RS-1.
    Looking for a Ray Samuels SR-71A portable amp next.
  8. fonkepala
    Hello there. My son's name is also Omar :) Enjoy your M6 Pro, they're excellent IEMs for the price. I love mine.
    I heard that they're too bassy..is it true? Anyway, have you checked your P1's serial number?
  9. morsio

    Their sound is really harsh at higher frequencies, and can cause them to become fatiguing. :/ But as far as I've read, that issue is tamed after their burn-in period. I just don't know how to properly burn them in.
  10. fate64
    I'm a long time lurker but just recently made an account. Love it here so far! Hi everyone!
  11. Nemomovies
    Hi guys.
    My name is Alireza and I have a plan for change my music devices for better listenning.
    Its my pleasure to join you and use your informations for update my mind.

    With regards
  12. fullranger
    To burn your IEM's in simply leave them plugged into a music source and let it play for many hours without wearing them. Time varies by opinion, but at least a day, or maybe longer...
    Crank the volume up a bit to make them work. You can always wrap them in a towel to keep the noise down so they don't distract you.
    morsio likes this.
  13. Farshout
    Hi! i'm a 22 years old italian folk looking for the best headphones forum. Am I in the right place? :)

    I need help for my next pair for headphones, hope I can find some here.
    By the way sorry for my english!
  14. HiraiMomo
    Heyo, was a lurker but with my recent plunge into the audiophile world, decided to sign up and get involved.
  15. morsio
    Would putting them through:
    Damage them in anyway?
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