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New Member Introductions thread

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  1. 31steve
    Hello, I am new to the forum. My forte is actually video which I do professionally with music shows for PBS's Soundstage and others as the Video Shader. Since I am exposed to all this great music I am moving more toward enjoying great stereo in my home.
  2. MXTape80
    Hello everyone. I've recently joined the forum although I had been passively reading up and getting all my knowledge from all you folks since probably around 2010/11. 

    Back then I "won" a pair of skull candy headphones (on ear) that my employer was giving away. Someone then pointed out how "lucky" I was and that they were awesome headphones. Mind you, this is before Beats, so skull candy had the Fashion statement element of the market somewhat secured. At any rate, I took them home and listened to them for about 30 minutes and just gave up immediately and remembered that when I was younger I had a good pair of headphones I loved to listen to music on... So that's when I started looking into headphones and ended up on this forum. 

    At the time I was just interested in getting good sound from my phone or computer and my first investment was on a pair of Bose OE2's which I really liked a lot. Sadly, something was probably off from the manufacturing side and the left ear cup somehow managed to disconnect.Actually the wire simply fell off the soldering about a year in. I tried my best to fix it but that was the end of that. 

    A lot has changed since then. My current inventory consists of the following Headphones: 
    DT880 (250Ohms)
    Grado 325 (most recently bought and the reason I ended up wanting to post on the forum)
    ATH - 70x
    AKG 240 II acoustic 
    And my most favoritepair - The AKG 553 Pro
    I use Tidal HiFi at home and on desktop and Spotify on the go. and my cources include: 
    Schiit Fulla DAC
    Schiit VALHALLA 2 Amp
    Bravo V2 Tube amp. 
    I do light semi-pro recording for a local classical music studio that records up and coming students. 

    Overall my pleasure is just to listen to records and enjoy a great song on a great pair of headphones. 

    I am now feeling it's time to start posting and getting more involved in the head-fi community, but I have always enjoyed articles, reviews and posts. 

    Alright. That's that I Guess. :wink: 
  3. noverbeck
    Hey all, 
    Nover here. Just wanted to drop by and say hello and what a great community this seems to be. Look forward to learning more about headphones. It's eye opening how good music can sound through different headphones, and how much detail and tone that I missed before.
    Currently looking to upgrade from my HD598s to either an HD600/650 or LCD-2. Really stuck deciding between the three. 
  4. LoveJiuJitsu
    Hey all!!! New here. Philips Fidelio X2 appear to be unicorns! Are they making an X3, which would explain the lack of availability?

    Have a good one!!!!

    **Thanks to a forum member (Fastnbulbous) I was able to pick up a pair today!!!! Thank you so much Fastnbulbous!!!!
  5. stellarelephant
    Hi Everyone.  I've used Head-Fi as a resource for a while, especially when buying gear.  Now I'm hoping that I can give something back to the community.  I'm becoming more interested in headphone audio recently because I'm a new father, and I can't rattle the house with my speakers as often anymore.  Just bought my first pair of open back headphones--the Grado SR80e.  Actually, the main reason I'm joining this forum is to discuss these cans,.  I could hardly stand the sound signature of my Grados, even after some burn-in time.  So I developed some custom EQ curves that make my Grados sound pretty much like studio reference cans, with a nice flat frequency response.  What an improvement!  Fun times.
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  6. Rosser85
    Hi. Kris here from Perth, Western Australia :) im looking for a new set of Bluetooth over ears and lookingfor some advice. Trying to decide between the Bose soundlink ii and the Phiaton bt460. Ive only listened to the Bose was hoping someone had heard the Phiatons. Cheers
  7. Dirt McGirt
    HI. New member introducing myself. Big into home audio but kids have made headphones a lot easier to .isten at night. Spent the first year with a Stax setup and am now all in having received a headamp bhse last night
  8. chongyi
    Hey all, 
    New member, thanks for having me [​IMG]
    Musician and also enjoy listening to others tunes.  Not a big collection of gear; just essentials for two channel and headphone listening.  Got tired of dealing with multichannel audio and realized that I spent more time listening to music than dealing with video formats, so recently decided to downsize.  Figured this would be a great place to get information as I've been largely out of the hobby (still listening and making music, but not really changing things up for a long time). 
  9. kevinbfusco
    Hey guys! New member here, although have been following the site for almost a year now. The site has been extremely helpful with my budding collection of gear, which consists of the following:
    Phonon SMB-02
    DT770 32ohm
    Audioquest DragonFly Red
    Audioquest Jitterbug
    Definitely looking for a more robust setup as time goes on so I look forward to hanging around!
  10. blackkzero
    hi, I'm new user in the forum but I got some years reading it. Just recently decided to join and interact with everyone. Greetings [​IMG]
  11. rackinov
    Hi Everyone,
    I've been bitten with the bug! I'm a new member to this site but have been visiting it for information for quite a while now. I run a pretty simple set up of a JDS Labs element with a pair of Akg 7XX's. This was the first bit of quality audio equipment I've owned and I love the sound. I've just recently expanded and bought some Gale Bookshelf speakers to see some contrast between over ear and external sound and I definitely think I'm more of a headphone guy.
    I look forward to being a part of the community and hopefully hearing some pretty cool things
  12. hobermonster
    Hey all! long time lurker to the forums, quietly reading and absorbing. im starting to get more social and looking to expand my brain on the head-fi. i have a decent portable rig and a home stereo to match. 
    Fiio x1 (both 1st and 2nd gen), jds labs c5d, hifiman he300 and massdrop / hifiman he350. shure se215ltd, hifiman re400, a dozen other mid-fi iems and earbuds. 
    listen to a lot a lot a lot of music on the go, and theres usually a record playing at home on my technics sl1200. also a musician. drummer and various analog noisemaker. 
    glad to be part of the group!
  13. Otter7
    Greetings-  I have been reading Head-Fi for years and finally decided to join.   I listen to primarily classical and value tonal balance and detail over frequency extremes and dynamics.  My current cans are HD650.  I have been experimenting with various amps of late - that is why I joined.  I look forward to some interesting discussion.  Thanks.
  14. TinkerToyTech
    BT aka TTT aka TinkerToyTech here:
    I too have lurked but today for some reason I signed up, and posted this intro:
    Having worked as the guy with the PA / Soundsystem, Mixers, yadda yadda yadda I've been listening to live music with ear protection most of the time since my teens,
    now finding myself in my 50's I can no longer hulk around the gear I have left from the PA days, and have long since shut down the basement studio and sold off the instruments,
    but  thanks to the internet I still DJ a couple times a week live to a shoutcast server, playing all request shows with American Audio VMS 4.1 into JBL LSR-308's for the local mains,
    and I trade off a number of headphones, the AKG K240's, AKG K7XX's or having received but not yet broke in nor even listened to the HiFiMan HE350's.
    As for ADC-DAC I have a Behringer UMC202HD aside from the various soundcards amps, etc built into the various computers I use for audio / video / Plex / DJ support over the in-house network.
    See you in the forums and Twitter, I accept pm's
  15. DavidRrofel
    Hello, I'm David and new in Head-Fi. I got some months reading this forum looking for some advices and right now I decided to join it. Thanks
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