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New Member Introductions thread

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  1. Catto
    Hey guys!
    I'm a student in high school who recently started that audio game. Since my budget is pretty limited, I recently bought a pair of akg k553s from mass drop since I really like music and wanted to try out a neutral pair of headphones first before getting more into higher end audio.
    I joined this forum to learn more about audio from other, more experienced perspectives. And also obviously the fact that the community here seems friendly and very helpful :p
  2. fonkepala
    Have you tried tip rolling? I find that for me using the right size silicone tip helps tame those high frequencies quite a bit. I use the double flange silicone tip in my left ear & the large single flange in my right ear (I have different sized ear canals lol). The highs are still there but not so bright.
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  3. robertbratosin
    20161001_103353.jpg Hello ! My name is Robert and i love music and headphones ! I have 5.6 pairs of iem models sony xb70, ex450 , sennheiser mx470 , some philips, akg , and 2 pairs on ear pioneer se mj5 , sony xb500 and 2 pairs full size sony pulse elite and sennheiser hd 8dj ( i'm in love with this they are trully out of this world)
  4. fullranger
    I didn't check the link, but I don't think you can damage them. If it's available for listening the phones can take it. Burning-in is thought to maybe help, but some don't feel it's a real benefit.
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  5. Duncan Moderator
    the only real way to damage something is to over drive it, or if you have a weedy device that clips (distorts) very easily, and with today's electronics, neither is really possible, short of plugging into a power amp at maximum volume... Sure all will be good :)
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  6. Bleach-Free
    I just checked.  I have Serial No. 496.  Do you know what number stopped having the cable issues?
  7. atarione
    Hello, new member (lurked some honestly checking out equipment purchases in the past)
    I have a bit of gear I'm most proud of my vintage Sony ES stack (TA-N77ES, TA-E77ESD, 730ES Tuner, 700ES tape deck a C75ES cd changer ..it is hooked up to some vintage JBL L1 speakers.
    I have a Vintage Pioneer SX-3600 w/ NHT SuperZero's (USA made) and SW1 (passive sub) also that I like very much and all an Onkyo M5050 /P3030 stack (etc.. with tuner and eq and another Sony ES changer w/ Vintage B&O RL60.2 speakers
    as I get some posts I plan on posting pics of this vintage gear in the various threads on such matters around here.
    Headphone wise I have the following
    Beyerdynamic DT880 Premium 250ohms, DT770 Pro 80's
    Sony mdr706
    ATH-M50X and a removable cable modded (by me) pair of M50's (after breaking the orig cable)...lol
    Pioneer SE-A1000 (probably a giving these away... not that comfortable..got them for $30 at bestbuy on clearance)
    vintage AKAI ASE-45
    additionally I have a FiiO E07K/E09K combo and a FiiO E11
    I probably have some more gear I'm forgetting... oh yeah (don't throw rocks) but I frequently use a ELCOM Bluetooth headphone amplifier w/ my ATH-50X's and Samsung Galaxy 6 edge while out and about to keep the phone unencumbered w/ cables.   Actually the ELCOM sounds pretty OK w/ aptX  support... certainly good enough to drown out the distractions trying to read/ work while getting coffee or whatever.
    I'm debating getting a Tube headphone amp for the DT880's now and or getting Senn HD600's in addition to the cans I own.
    OK ...so that is about it for now... looking forward to learning more / sharing info ..etc and just hanging out with audio fans.
  8. Noob1234
    I'm posting partly to introduce myself and also to prove I'm not a bot, but hey, ya gotta do what ya gotta do right? 
    So a little about me.  I have played music all my life, but work in the hearing aid industry.  Audio is important to me, but I use it in a not quite expected way.  One day a sales rep hooked me up with a free pair of the high end Phonak IEM's they used to make and, well, it ruined me for ****ty audio after that. In my house we don't have cable so we generally do our own thing on the computers and I have been using some over ear cans for a while.  I'm mainly hear to research a decent pair of entry level studio monitors so when I go to the store to audition them, I have a bit of base knowledge to help inform my choice and expectations.  
    And to that end, I have to thank this community a lot because holy crap do you guys have a lot of info to sift through!
  9. morsio
    I think my MEE Audio M6 Pro's will go through these like a champ. Do I set the volume on max (they're plugged in a phone, it shouldn't be too loud) for a better burn-in session?
  10. morsio
    I haven't, went directly to the Complys. I'll give it a try, though. How long have you had the M6 Pro's?
  11. cooph
    What should I say first Gents and Ladies?
    Just found out ____I thought I was a "know it all"   wrong!
    Have music entire life______vinyl first ____my "rig" is entirely analog  i.e. tubes and large floor standing speakers.
    For a short time I have used  `audio -out' on Mac into RCA  jacks on  tube pre-amp
    through small  interconnects to  Class A  triode vacuum tube power amp, large floor speakers
    and listening to mp3s____________nice small collection and easier to access then some vinyls 
    that being said____my iMac is older mid-2011  using 10.11.6 OS____
    In theory my goal is to add external DAC  between Mac and pre-amp to `clean-up' the sound.
    For years listen to the solid-state amps in mass____some friends thought I was selling the stuff.
    One day to a dear friends house__Walter-(RIP)_____who was playing vinyl on turntable through
    older Altec -Lansing speakers using 5WT  amp he made._____I heard music like never before,
    "analog"   as music is suppose to be player. IMO of course until you hear it yourself.
    My quest is to find that certain DAC for Mac ___in line from audio out 3.5mm to RCA  times 2 inputs on
    tube pre-amp.
    Any and all help will be most appreciated with reward of "thank you so very much" and "the check is in the mail' !
    Please PM or post or whatever is done here, Please!
    Thank you for reading this plea,
  12. coppiman
    Just another fan of great quality sound here!
    Great finding about this community!
    I'm a noob, so be patient!
  13. Mikualotic
    Hi new guy. Best sound experience possible great goal. To find the one headphone to rule them all. One headphone to find. (sorry I could not help myself :) ). Lots of people say the hd 800 or 800s is the best, but it is rather picky with amps. I am doing the cheap route to get best sound as possible. I rather get a more forgiving sounding headphone perhaps LCD 2 or ESP 950. And for amp and dac probably magni modi from schiit. I only have two headphones :frowning2: HD 598 SE and the Oppo Pm3 (I love them) . I plan to get schiit magni modi soonish. Good luck :)   
  14. ShokakuGo
    Hello everyone, i'm new here too. :D
  15. Walter Giordano
    Hello everyone, I'm here because I love music and I need some help to decide my next purchase. Currently enjoying my ATH-M50WH since 2013. [​IMG]
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