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New Member Introductions thread

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  1. esprithk
    Hi, my name is Eric from HK.
    I am using LG G5 with HiFi Plus module + Bose QuietComfort 25 or AKG Y50. (like to keep it light and simple).
    At home, I am using TEAC UD-501 + Schiit Lyr 2 + Philips Fidelio X2. (Ultimate goal is to own a Grado headphone someday)
    *I used to own iBasso DX90, OPUS#1, AK Jr, Pioneer SE-MHR5, JVC HA-SW01, JVC HA-FXT200.
  2. Jigowatt
    Hi all, my name is Matt from Queensland, Australia.

    At the moment I'm enjoying my Vsonic GR07s (classic) but they're starting to fall apart after three years of heavy use. I also have a pair of Audiofly AF56's but they are not pleasant to my ears so are used primarily for podcast listening these days.

    I enjoy most music styles but am a sucker for movie scores, Bowie, Queen and local artists.

    Looking forward to broadening my headphone knowledge here!
  3. el1x
    Hey everyone, my name is Tim and I'm from Sydney, Australia. 
    I've been a long time lurker, for years in fact, but never created an account. Finally jumped into a set of, what i believed to be, decent headphones a few years ago. I bought a set of Bowers & Wilkins P5's. They served me well until just recently when the left channel died, upon replacing them with series 2 i was left disappointed.
    So, the search began for a replacement and i fell into the shallow end of this headphone hobby.. or addiction. I've barely got my feet wet but I'm enjoying what i have experienced so far. 
  4. artofmanliness
    Hi all name's David.
    I've been using my Heaven VI for 3-4 years now. And I love it so freakin' much.
    I've been thinking also to use an amp for it or DAC. Still lookin' for what's best for it.
    I listen to almost any music genres as long as it sounds good to me. Also, to try and test what music genres are best for the audio apparatus that I am using.
  5. Bleach-Free
    I didn't sell my MA750.  My first pair had cable issues.  The rubber coating started coming off near the connection to the memory wire on one side.  I went through the warranty process to get a new pair.  About a month or so after that, while listening to the new pair, the cable hooked on one of my kitchen drawer knobs and yanked them out of my ear.  When I went to put them back in there wasn't any sound.  My guess is that the connection to either the headphone jack or the iems broke loose inside the wire.  I didn't want to have to go through that process again as I had just got done doing that.
    This happened a couple months after the P1s came out, so I went with those instead.  The removable cable is what sold it for me.  Ironically though, I just had to send in my pair of P1s because the cable on the headphone jack side was cutting out the right channel intermittently.  That was just through normal use though, and I've only had them since April.
  6. RCBinTN
    LOL.  Will enjoy following your posts.  Welcome.
  7. fonkepala
    Hi and welcome. Enjoy your journey in audio land, I know I am :)
    Ok, kinda glad now I didn't buy an M750i. 
    Yup, some early production units of the P1 had that issue. It's all but fixed now. Do yours have a low serial number? I hope you'll get your P1 back real soon.
  8. Bleach-Free
    Oh, I absolutely loved my MA750s when they worked!  They have a really fun sound to them that I just loved!  I just got frustrated with them is all.
    I'm not sure what serial number I have.  I'll have to check when I get home.
  9. voxie
    why didn't you contact RHA with the problem. They are a pleasure to deal with from past experience and always go the extra mile.[​IMG]
  10. Bleach-Free

    They absolutely are! And they were wonderful to work with the first time. I still have them. They're in my garage, so I may send them in again. It was frustrating because it happened so quickly after I had got the new pair back from them.
  11. frigginloony
    Thanks RCbinTN
    You're never too old to learn, help folks, or make an ass out of yourself. I've always been very successful at all three <grin>
  12. Ray3rd
    So excited. My Massdrop AKG K7XX headphones finally arrive tomorrow.Gonna plug them into my Fiio X5II and veg !
  13. Martinoslice
    Hi I'm Marty, just beginning my hp journey after spending years buying all sorts of speakers & amps, on my first set of cans (meze 99 classics) let the journey begin ))
  14. cannyladdie
    Glad to meet you all.

    I really enjoy this hobby, and would like to learn and experience headphone systems. My first pair of name brand 'phones were AKGs. They lacked low end presence and that put me off them. I next got Sennheiser 555s and I've used and loved them for years although they show their age. I now have Sennheiser HD558s, HD650s, and the HD700s. Yup i love the sound of Sennheiser.
  15. X-radio
    Howdy all,
    My name is Ron and live in Antwerp, Belgium. Have always had a love for music and good reproduction of it's audio. I my quest for a new kind of quality portable player I decided to buy a Fiio X1 second edition. I have used a set of Creative EP-630 in-ear phones and have have had a lot of fun with it. Maybe it is time to step up to a bit higher quality in-ear plugs with the new Fiio X1ii. Will fire some questions about these items on the forum the next days.
    See ya
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