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New Member Introductions thread

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  1. verbositynow
    Hi all,
    Can't wait to further explore the world of hi-fi audio with all of you.  :wink:  I picked up a set of Sennheiser HD600's after RMAF CanJam, and now have to figure out what decent DAC / amp I want (Schiit Jotunheim is the front-runner), as well as how I'm going to budget in my new addiction!  I'm excited to be a part of the community!  I'm hoping to learn something and be able to contribute something meaningful.  Nice to meet you all!
  2. frigginloony
    Great choice! You won't regret that one.  It should be a pretty good match for the K7's.  Just be prepared with a crowbar  to dig out that wallet because NOW you've opened Pandora's box. Once she's out.... she's out .... and your budget will never be the same.  <grin>
  3. ibbanez
    I completely agree..  the one good thing about all of this is that I made my wife sit down and check it out, and now she loves how all this sounds, from the Schiit Stack, to the new Lossless files to go with it, so she is on board with getting more stuff.  On a positive note, now I can get different items to use and swap between us and try things out.  The bad news, now I can get different items to use and swap things between us and try things out, and forced to by two of things ;p ohh the pain... lol
  4. MTB5000
    Hi everybody!!
    My name is Morten. I live in Denmark where I am studying to become a chiropractor (finished June '17) and I stumbled into this vast vault of useful info and awesome gear-heads just a few days ago!
    I am an aficionado of quality in many forms... It started out with mechanical watches.. Which was joined by writing with fountain pens... that got accompanied by straight razor (wet) shaving... and now that my beloved Sony IEM's was snatched up by a bike-wheel.... I'm looking into the world of quality of sound..... *wallet goes and cries in the corner*
    I am looking forward to learning more about the finesse of SQ and the enjoyment of having those A-HA moments with music and hi-fi.
  5. sakibzaman
    Hello guys. I am looking for an iem under 100$ so please give me options.so far looked into rha ma750 and 1more triple driver headphone.can anyone say the differences? I like a more clear sound and a bit of bass.please respond
  6. robertbratosin
    Philips fidelio s2 or sennheiser
  7. garryt
    Hi all,
    Great site you have here.
    Looking forward to joining in when I can.
  8. garryt
    I'm a lover of mech watches and fountain pens too - just something about them eh?
  9. howdy
    there is a thread for watches on head-fi not sure about Pens though.
  10. bugger43
    Hello everyone! Hopefully I an posting correctly as I am a new member.
  11. bugger43
    I do have a few questions about some headphones but I am sure there are threads about them already so that I may need to search for first to avoid redundancy.
  12. Binsterrrrr
    Hello everyone I am new to this forum and I look forward to have some interesting discussions with everyone here! :)
  13. Muinarc
    Welcome to the club!
  14. alchemist32
    Hi everyone!
    Have been lurking here for a while, and now taking the next step!
    It's a new hobby for me, so there's still much to learn. Looking forward to some interesting discussions!
  15. ibbanez
    Welcome everyone.  I too am a new recruit and am looking forward to learning along side you all.
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