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New Member Introductions thread

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  1. moedawg140 Contributor
  2. InternPrimas
    I've always lurked this website to get advice / look at reviews of various headphones and iem products. Made my first high quality headphone purchase it was a Sennheiser HD280 Pro but overtime the cord started to break like short out. Didn't realize it at the time that the cord was replaceable and I ended up throwing the headphones away when the cord finally died out.
    I've recently demo'd the ATH-M40X headphones and enjoyed them but wanted to check out the M50X's and the CAL2 headphones. Currently discovered some decent IEMs that have a nice wide soundstage and great seperation of instruments and good lows and overall sound.
  3. ibbanez

    Thanks for the warm greet.  I hope to make my around and just continue to learn and enjoy music and more importantly, just the overall sound.  I can already see that this can be a very expensive hobby ;p  Much like photography or working on Cars... ehh, ohh well, its all in the name of sound :)
  4. moedawg140 Contributor
    No worries. Enjoy your time here, and enjoy the music! 
  5. Geekinside
    Hi everyone!
    I'm new here too, my name is Florian and I live in the French part of Switzerland.
    When I was young (well, I mean younger), my father always listened to his music with his tube amp and Altec model 19 speakers, that had always impressed me and I think he gave me the virus.
    As I don't have too much space in my flat (and to keep my neighbours happy), I chose to have only good headphones and bought some HD650 with LD DAC and amp few years ago.
    Now I'd like something else and that's why I'm here, this forum has so much information and advices. I read a lot here to know which amp to choose but we have always questions, don't we? That's why I created an account.
    No doubt I'll find everything I need here :)
  6. zachtom
    FInally signed up to head-fi after lurking around reading lots of posts and reviews in past few months. Relatively new to this hobby.
    Current setup: dx90, ATH-MSR7LTD, campfire jupiter. Cheers.
  7. tschell2000
    Modding Audigy 2ZS
    Excellent modding results I got :
    first put a 270 yF 16 V mainboard oscon  cap at the output Pins of the thick voltage Regulator of the analog section which is here a 3 Pin 78M05 positive Voltage regulator , midle pin is negative and Common,  right pin is positive, and on the input  the left one is positive the negative is middle one too. input add a 330yf panasonic FM.,
    Then you got an overwhelming bass.
    Good Opamps here are AD826,AD8066 and AD8260 which all do not oscillate. Great sound.
    Important is a low soldering temperature , no soldering grease during soldering and unload electrostatic discharge from time to time by touching heating.
    Important too is do not solder the caps on an other location otherwiese the card will not start (revesible).
    Audigy SE mod is similar.
    Front Opamp is the bigger one 4556 not he 4558  these ones are smaller.I will post some pics when i am accepted.
  8. fonkepala
    Welcome @ibbanez, like you I'm also learning as I go along. The important thing is to be happy with what you have and knowing when to stop upgrading...well, that's easier said than done, obviously :) Let me know how you like those Massdrop K7xx, they look sweet. I'd get one if I haven't already got my sights set on a pair of HD598.
  9. kaciatterson
    hey guys really excited to start my head-fi journey!
    does anyone know of a better sound isolating IEM than the etymotic er4 series? -42db is no joke but I'm looking to top that off if theres such an IEM is even in the market right now
  10. ibbanez

    Thanks and will do.
  11. ibbanez
    Well I just purchased the Modi2U/Magni2U stack, so I'm excited to get it in and check it out.  Now I just need my AKG k7xx's from Massdrop to come in, but gotta wait about 2+ weeks for that.
  12. dhilsiva
    Hello I'm Siva, 31, from India. I've been a follower of this site for a long time and I decided to become a member today. Pretty happy!
  13. DrMkLz
    Hello from The Netherlands! I've heard great things about this site like good honest products reviews :)
  14. karthikhulk
    im new here looking for good in ear earphones under 150 bucks
  15. HSmusic
    Hello! newbie here, nice to meet you all. Looking forward to be part of the community.
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