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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. Luisonic
    I get what you mean... :- )
    After a while of trying and trying, I just went with what was my preference, and settled with enjoying that!...

    I didn't punch the final audios just because they're not my type. The bore is too narrow and tames the highs too much for my taste, so the flex issue was a non-issue with them.
    If you want to use the holes, I don't see why it wouldn't work the same with them.
  2. Luisonic
    I'm glad you're finding some peace!

    In fact, the many ways in which you can manipulate and squeeze goodness out of these babes, warrants keeping them IMO.
    The possibilities and the quality are just too high to pass.
    Let me know when you upgrade player and see what you think...

  3. HeartOfSky
    I very much enjoyed, this evening, hearing some songs that scale well with gear. For some artists, one would really hope for amazing sound on this great gear, but then realize that it was just poorly recorded/mastered. Butt then, there are all those other tracks that take on a whole new feel & texture.

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  4. subguy812
    I would say yes. The Spiral Dots have been my go to for many IEM's. I feel it is always good to have wide bore tips as well as narrow.
  5. tlcocks
    Wow about sibilance. It’s like you and I are describing two different earphones. Just don’t get it. Most reviews have agreed with me on the treble. But if that’s what you hear, that’s what you hear. Are you getting a good deal? Without that, any iem can sound sibilant.
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  6. tlcocks
    Good SEAL, I mean
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  7. kingdixon
    Well, with complys i am sure i get a good seal and sounds awesome, but with silicone is there a perfect seal along with driver flex ?

    i am using spiral dots ML, i always try to get the best seal, i will try a larger one see if this makes a difference.

    and also by sibilance i don't mean it as extreme, but some tsss in vocals that i can live with, but i enjoyed complys more.

    i will do some more trials also with the seal and see if that will change.

    Edit : might be the holes i put on the tips as suggested by @Luisonic to avoid driver flex, he didn't perceive the same sound as i did, may be the cuts i made were bigger that i couldnt get an air tight fit, and now the sound is thin and peaky.

    but thanks for mentioning this i need to do some more tests
    Last edited: Feb 4, 2019
  8. subguy812
    Sibilance is most often the file you are listening to and then exacerbated by your earphones. I have never hear anything remotely shrill with the Atlas, that said I believe you if you are hearing it. Are you sure it is not the case of not achieving a solid seal?
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2019
  9. kingdixon
    After having a good seal with spiral dots, the bass is much tighter and the mids is not thin anymore, still a bit aggressive for me though compared to more warm complys.

    I also tried the final audio and was impressed with it, to my ears it seems to be the exact middle, not too smooth and warm, also not as aggressive ..

    Iam sticking with it for a while.
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  10. Luisonic
    Yup, go with what works for you...
    Just to be thorough, I've used the JVCs without the holes for a couple of days, and noticed two interesting things:

    - no flex! I guess the ears have gotten used to the Atlas-CA roundness...
    - sound is the same, and actually I hear the highs just a bit ore accentuated, maybe because the sound is more encapsulated than I'm used to.

    I'll continue and see how it goes!

    I do agree with the comment that, if you hear any sibilance, it's either the recording or the source. The Atlas have proven to be very gentle even in their honesty, and tips don't mess that much with the sound.
  11. kingdixon
    thats funny because i got a new jvc of same size without the holes, tried inserting it different ways for over 20 times, not a single time without flex, i had to go lower one size then got a nice seal without flex but since its bit heavy i don't feel the fit is secure and that makes me wanna dig some smaller holes on a new tip of the larger size, but will try it later :D , i will enjoy some music for now.

    ye i guess the sibilance is from the recording, but the over all sound is a bit aggressive to me compared to other tips .. also may be it just needs some time to get used too .. anyway that's it for me on this subject.

    I am in love with the bass here and how everything sounds coherent, its done better than i have ever heard before.
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  12. tlcocks
    You will be fulfilled with more burn in. Both mids and treble got smoother more delicate and refined sounding with time. The aggressive thing will disappear, in other words. I’ve had mine 5 months. Use em every day. Am listening right now to Steely Dan “The Royal Scam.” Sound is incredible and better than my big rig.
  13. tlcocks
    The space and natural timbre and decay around cymbal strikes in Steely Dan’s “Home at Last “ and “I Got the News” is IMPRESSIVE. love these iems
  14. Rockwell75
    Perilously close to pulling the trigger on the Atlas. I have heard some claims of fit issues...some even claiming it's a deal breaker. Can anyone who owns these comment on this?
  15. paulgc
    Love mine. No fit issues.
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