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New Amp from HeadAmp - GS-X Mini

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by Rhamnetin, Jul 8, 2018.
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  1. MattTCG
    Received email notice late last night that production boards were "on the way" and that as soon as those arrive they will be assembling and shipping.You can do the math, but I'm guessing 2-3 weeks for shipping on these boards and then 1-2 weeks for assembly..so, mid May? My birthday is mid May so here's hoping that I have something special this year.
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2019
  2. betula
    It would be nice to read some impressions about the mini, although I know it is early days.

    I'd be interested in comparison the the Pro iCan and CMA600i. I find the Pro iCan technically much better than the CMA600i, though I still prefer the 600i to the Pro iCan.
    I love the clarity, detail and dynamism of the iCan, especially in the bass. It does sound a bit clinical though and lacks life especially when it comes to vocals. (I know, I should try different tubes etc. Can't be bothered.)
    The 600i to my ears sound less detailed and dynamic but it has a special sweetness and smoothness to the sound with much more alive vocals. I prefer this easier sound versus the Pro iCan at the end of the day.

    I wonder where the Mini stands in the equation or even the GSXmkII. I assume the technical capabilities are on level or even better than the Pro iCan, but does it come on the price of loosing smoothness and life? Thanks.
  3. dieslemat
    I tried it in canjam singapore, using my ether flow open. To be honest I wasnt really totally impressed by it. The Mjolnir 2 with better tubes sounds a lot better.

    I dont know why but I didnt find the gsx mini special. Maybe I am missing something.

    But surely a no go for me.
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  4. commtrd
    Would love to read some feedback on Hugo 2 with the new mini. Because I am currently running the H2 with Gilmore Lite Mk2, and been looking at going balanced out for some time now. However the GL Mk2 is so insanely nice sounding even SE, I wonder I f I shouldn't wait and read some reviews on it first. The truth is I just had to pay in another $20k to IRS so a little beat up financially right now and need to recover a little first. Saying that, I def see a mini in my future this year. And already have the H2 so only need to pick up some balanced cables from Trevor at Norne.
  5. commtrd
    My Gilmore Lite Mk2 is and has been a total surprise. Heard perceived issues with loss of transparency in the pairing with Hugo 2, well perish the thought. GL Mk2 is really just tits with that dac.
    The reason I am so excited about the mini is the capability of using the Hugo 2 SE RCAs out to the mini and getting balanced out. So in my book that makes the mini just a screaming bargain since
    I can not have to spend even more money on a new dac at least right away.
  6. gtb75
    I heard the GS-X Mini at Axpona over the weekend with the Ether 2 and I wasn't super impressed by it either. Obviously it's hard to do any critical listening in an environment like that, but I thought the Liquid Glass driving the Ether 2 at the MrSpeakers booth next door was vastly superior. I also thought my Ether Flow Open 1.1 driven by my Liquid Platinum sounded significantly better than the Ether 2 driven by the GS-X Mini, and my headphone stack is driven by an inexpensive SMSL SU-8 v2 DAC. And this wasn't a case of me preferring the Ether Flow Open 1.1 over the Ether 2 - I bought the Ether 2 at the show yesterday after hearing it. The GS-X Mini also runs extremely warm, warmer than my Liquid Platinum. I know it's class A, but I didn't expect it to be quite that warm. I haven't ruled out the GS-X Mini yet, but I am going to wait for some reviews to hit before pulling the trigger.
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  7. justin w. Contributor
    The prototype at AXPONA was raw, smooth aluminum and not powder coated, which is why it felt as warm as it did
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  8. justin w. Contributor
    Yes, this was the 2nd revision of the board and receiving the 3rd version this week which should be the final one

    Last edited: Apr 15, 2019
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  9. Arniesb
    What dac that was used? Maybe you simply dont like dac that was used, because from what i understand Gilmore designs wont add coloration.
    You know maybe you dont even like Ether 2 how it truly sounds and coloration make it more enjoyable...
  10. Arniesb
    Hello, Justin does your amps have all these safety features like for example Violectric amps? P.S how long is warranty for your amps? Thanks.
  11. gtb75
    I believe it was a Mytek Brooklyn+, which is exactly what I use in my main 2-channel system. And it wasn't an issue with the Ether 2... I heard it on both the Liquid Glass and the Manley Absolute MrSpeakers had at the MrSpeakers booth - and I'm liking what I am hearing so far breaking in my own Ether 2 on my 789. What I heard certainly wasn't bad, I was just expecting more given the price point. Obviously the Liquid Platinum is very good at its price point, so I will be curious to hear what others say when the inevitable comparisons are made. As I said, it's really hard to make evaluations at big shows like that so I'm not writing the GS-X Mini off yet.
  12. gtb75
    Thanks for that feedback! The construction and build quality were fantastic. I look forward to hearing the final production model once it's shipping.
  13. Arniesb
    I heard some people praises Mytec brooklyn + Gsx mini and were saying how much better it was than Niimbus us4 + Hugo tt2. Maybe it was Higher end Mytek dac than Brooklyn... Some people just fanboying over certain company so its hard to make judgment by their opinions. Its hard to trust people that heard amps a few minutes too...
    I probably stick to reviewers that evaluate this stuff for weeks...
  14. --=Pudding=--
    It's worth considering that due to auditory masking, any product that adds 'warmth' to the presentation is going to sound better in an environment with external noise as perceptions of bass and mid-bass frequencies are most affected. 'Neutral' equipment like Headamp products would likely be at a disadvantage. This is something I run into a lot in the portable audio domain.
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  15. Dukei
    Seems like an interesting amp, not the usual lm317/337 psu?
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