headamp gs-1
  1. ambchang

    Focal Elear, Headamp GS-1, Mytek 192 DSD, Stax SR-007MKI & Headamp KGSS, Quickstep

    For sale are a few items: Focal Elear - In really good condition, there is a little bit of a chip in the metal part of the ear cups. It's very minor, and I believe it came in this way (I didn't notice it until weeks with it, but I never bumped or dropped the phones). The box is not in too...
  2. Rhamnetin

    New Amp from HeadAmp - GS-X Mini

    A new dynamic amp from HeadAmp is inbound, the GS-X Mini. Here is all known information about it. Official update on 10/5/18 Official Product Page It is a balanced solid state headphone amplifier based on the class A "Dynalo" circuit designed by Kevin Gilmore (read more) which is one of the...