1. HeadAmpTeam

    RAAL-requisite CA-1a Circum-Aural Ribbon Headphone is here! @HeadAmp

    Introducing the RAAL-requisite CA-1a Circum-Aural Ribbon Headphone! Avaiable all by-itself or bundled with the TI-1a transformer interface, the CA-1a combines the ultra-high resolution and natural sound of RAAL-requisite’s ribbon drivers with a more traditional over-ear comfort & fit! Secure...
  2. HeadAmpTeam

    Memorial Day 2022 Sale! Today through May 31st @HeadAmp

    To help you put together your perfect system, we're offering an additional 10% of all open box products starting today and valid until the end of the day tomorrow! Enjoy savings on headphones, amps, and sources such as: Audeze LCD 2 Rosewood A&K SE180 D.A.P Campfire Audio Andromeda 2020 Chord...
  3. HeadAmpTeam

    Pre-Order the new RAAL-requisite TI-1a Transformer Interface Amplifier now @HeadAmp

    Introducing the RAAL-requisite TI-1a Transformer Interface amplifier, a significant development in True-Ribbon™ headphone technology. The development took a while longer than hoped for, but ultimately, RAAL-requisite has now developed a transformer-based amp to ribbon interface with 32 and 16...
  4. HeadAmpTeam

    Sennheiser’s IE900 Audiophile IEM In Stock and Shipping Now! @HeadAmp

    Experience peak German audio engineering with earphones that deliver only the purest, most natural sound. Sennheiser's newest in-ear-monitor the Sennheiser IE900 is in stock and shipping now! Featuring a precision-manufactured aluminum housing that faithfully protects the dynamic TrueResponse...
  5. HeadAmpTeam

    HeadAmp X Kimber Kable Spring Show Impressions & Give Away Thread!

    We had an excellent time this spring getting a chance to see and speak with everyone again at the various Trade Shows and Head-Fi Meets we attended. During that time, we had an opportunity to partner with Kimber Kable for an exclusive giveaway to celebrate This giveaway is open to anyone who...
  6. HeadAmpTeam

    iBasso DX320 Pre-Orders Now Open @HeadAmp

    With more than ten years of tuning and design experience, iBasso's' newest flagship, the DX320 is a product based on the excellent performance of past generations and the result of the persistent pursuit of technological innovation! This fully evolved flagship reference digital audio player...
  7. HeadAmpTeam

    Spirit Torino Valkyria Titanium has arrived @HeadAmp

    Valkyria is the project of a perfectionist who took a “whatever it takes” approach. Spirit’s proprietary dual isobaric system, alongside ten powerful magnets, take Valkyria straight to cloud 7. Limited to 99 units worldwide, all hand built in Italy, and shipped direct. Order yours today! The...
  8. HeadAmpTeam

    HIFIMAN Shangri-La Jr. Electrostatic Headphone & Tube Energizer Now Back in Stock! @HeadAmp

    Now back in stock! HIFIMAN’s outstanding Shangri-La Jr. Electrostatic Headphone and Tube Energizer system! This system includes both the HIFIMAN Shangri-La Jr. Electrostatic Headphone and a Dedicated Tube Energizer featuring a 6SN7 output stage for a warm and sumptuous sonic quality. Each amp...
  9. Makiah S

    RAAL-requisite & HeadAmp will be premiering the VM-1A Variable Mode Vacuum Tube Ribbon Headphone Amplifier at CanJam NY 2022!

    We are ecstatic to be partnering with RAAL-Requisite as we help them introduce the VM-1A Varible Mode Vacuum Tube Ribbon Headphone Amplifier during CanJam NY 2022! Touted as the definitive flagship amplifier for the SR-1A capable of operating in Ultralinear, Triode or Pentode mode, the VM-1A is...
  10. HeadAmpTeam

    iBasso DX300 & DX300 MAX Like-New Open Box Units Now Available! @HeadAmp

    We're excited to share we've just got some like new open-box iBasso DX300 and iBasso DX300 MAX units in stock. These outstanding top of the line Digital Audio Players feature two outstanding chip-sets that are no longer in production, so be sure to pick up yours now before they're gone once again!
  11. HeadAmpTeam

    The Disheveled Engineer returns and with him Solaris ‘Shrink Ray,’ limited quantity now available! @HeadAmp

    From right out of the Campfire Multiverse Solaris ‘Shrink Ray’ has returned! Solaris Shrink Ray features the improved size and performance of Solaris 2020, with the striking, gold-plated aesthetic of Classic Solaris but with a subtle twist at the cross-over to provide an even more exciting...
  12. HeadAmpTeam

    Hifiman Edition XS Arrives @HeadAmp

    Hifiman's newest open back flagship headphone the Edition XS is here! An exciting new Open-Back Planar-Magnetic headphone from Hifiman that carries on the legacy of the original Edition X while also taking advantage of Hifiman's newest driver tech. Equipped with their Stealth Magnets and NEO...
  13. HeadAmpTeam

    Black Friday Deals are here @HeadAmp!

    Happy Thanksgiving to every one! We hope your enjoying an excellent day with your family and friends. This year we’ve got outstanding specials on a ton of gear! Be sure to check out the full list here on our website. To summarize tho, here’s a quick peek at some of the awesome sale prices for...
  14. HeadAmpTeam

    Meze Audio Liric is here, in stock and now shipping!

    Meze Audio’s Liric is here! When sound meets poetry something extraordinary comes to life! Featuring their all new Phase-X System for improved ambiance and spatial sound imaging Liric is in stock and shipping now place your order today and enjoy the comfort, sound quality, and beautiful fit &...
  15. HeadAmpTeam

    Purchase the new Mytek Liberty THX-AAA and receive a free HifiMan Sundara! Now @HeadAmp

    For a limited time when you order the all new Mytek Liberty THX-AAA Headphone Amp you'll receive a free pair of Hifiman Sundara Headphones! This exciting new amp from Mytek is built around the amazing THX-888 circuit and features a multitude of inputs with astonishingly low distortion for a...
  16. HeadAmpTeam

    Audeze LCD-5 is here! Pre-Orders now open @HeadAmp

    Audeze's newest flagship open back flagship headphone the LCD-5 is here! An exciting new Flagship Open-Back Planar-Magnetic headphone from Audeze, featuring an all new Parallel Uniforce™ diaphragms, new acoustically designed leather earpads, an improved and luxurious carbon fiber suspension...
  17. HeadAmpTeam

    New Flagship Electrostatic STAX SR-X9000 Now Available @HeadAmp!

    STAX's newest flagship open back electrostatic headphone the SR-X9000 is here! Featuring their brand new developed fixed electrode "MLER-3" evolved metal-mesh diaphragm, the size of which has been increased by 20% compared to SR-009S. This breakthrough realizes the widest sound field ever...
  18. HeadAmpTeam

    Meze Audio Elite Is Here! Pre-Orders Available Now @HeadAmp

    Meze Audio’s newest flagship open back headphone Elite is here! A blend of outstanding mechanical design and ergonomics from Meze Audio with the innovative technology and acoustic engineering of Rinaro, ELITE is here to set a new standard in ‘top of the line’ headphone performance. With a wide...
  19. HeadAmpTeam

    DCA Stealth - Now Available @HeadAmp

    Dan Clark Audio’s newest flagship closed back headphone STEALTH is here! Four years in the making, the flagship Stealth sets a new standard in headphone performance and ergonomics, Stealth delivers a stunningly smooth presentation to bring new life and enjoyment to all your favorite music...
  20. HeadAmpTeam

    iBasso DX 300 MAX In Stock and Shipping @HeadAmp

    We know your all just as excited as us about the new new iBasso DX300 MAX that launched this month with an amazing feature set including 4.4mm Balanced Line Out, full screen 5” IPS display running Android 9, a Dual AK4499 DAC Stage and up to 8.8Vrms headphone output. We’re happy to share that...
  21. HeadAmpTeam

    Campfire Audio Holocene & Mammoth now Shipping @HeadAmp

    We’re excited to announce we do have units in stock and ready to ship for these two new exciting @CampfireAudio IEMs both featuring a Sequal Yarn cases with a unique one of a kind design and Glow in the Dark Overmold accents! Mammoth A mighty beast with a Hybrid Design and mammoth sound...
  22. HeadAmpTeam

    Kann Alpha Urbanely Blue has arrived at HeadAmp!

    Kann Alpha is now Roon Ready and available in a brand new color, pre-orders start on July 1st, and if you looking for an outstanding DAP with a sleek fit, finish and feel and be sure to get your pre-order in!
  23. HeadAmpTeam

    iFi Audio Now Shipping at HeadAmp

    We’re excited to announce we are now carrying a variety of iFi Audio’s Pro desktop series products alongside their new iDSD Neo, the Diablo and a few more from their portable and entry level collections! Check out of full product line up here.
  24. HeadAmpTeam

    AudioValve Now Available at HeadAmp

    We’re excited to announce we have both Solaris and Luminare in stock! With DAC options available alongside special orders for their awesome line up of products.
  25. HeadAmp GS-X Mini

    HeadAmp GS-X Mini

    From HeadAmp Website: Features • Balanced 4pin Output • SE 1/4" Phones OUT • Low & High Gain options • 1 Pair Single Ended RCA Input • 1 Pair 3pin XLR Input • 1x stereo pair RCA Outputs • 1x stereo pair XLR Outputs • Standalone Preamp Function • PRE-Amp Switch: Enables Pre Outs & mutes...