1. justin w.

    Abyss Headphones shares video of HeadAmp GS-X mini Amplifier

    Abyss Headphones has published a video showing and discussing our HeadAmp GS-X mini balanced headphone amp/pre-amp! Check it out here: HeadAmp GS-X mini - Abyss Headphones Other links: Abyss Headphones HeadAmp GS-X mini Head-Fi GS-X mini Discussion Thread
  2. bassvirtuoso

    FS HeadAmp Gilmore Lite Mk2 Class-A Headphone Amplifier

    For sale only: HeadAmp Gilmore Lite Mk2 Class-A Headphone Amplifier - Original Owner, Early Serial Number Up for sale is my desktop amp that I've owned since 2017. It has several hundred hours on it as I've used it mostly as a preamp for my desktop speakers along with mild use as my headphone...
  3. R

    (WTB) Pico Power Amp

    Hello, If you have a Headamp Pico Power amplifier for sale, please let me know.
  4. lexipenia

    HeadAmp Pico Slim portable headphone amplifier

    Selling a Pico Slim portable amplifier, suitable for high-sensitivity IEMs. 4 years old, good as new, selling because I'm not using it enough. (Last 3 years it has just sat in a drawer.) Packaging, cable, leather case, etc., all included. Can ship within Europe with tracking. More information...
  5. ksorota

    Sold - Gilmore Lite MK2 - Upgraded Elna Silmic II Caps

    Up for SOLD is my Gilmore Lite MK2 which has had the stock caps replaced with upgraded Elna Silmic II 25v 270uF versions...retaining stock capacitance and voltage as the original. Click here for Information regarding cap replacement and sonic improvements This upgrade has been performed by a...
  6. heliosphann

    *SOLD* Headamp Gilmore Lite MK1

    For sale is a Headamp Gilmore Lite MK1 headphone amp. Fantastic little amp with a great build quality. Sounds much like the newer MK2 model, but with a little less power. In overall great condition, with just a few small nicks in the back metal panel. Trying to downsize my gear, so this tiny guy...
  7. vvar10ck

    Kevin Gilmore's Blue Hawaii KGBH by Fluxlab[worldwide] 230VAC

    One of the Best electrostatic amp here for sale worldwide. 230 VAC. Exellent condition. Additional questions, pics and videos by request!
  8. electrathecat

    FS: Headamp GS-X MK2 Balanced amp in good condition, priced to sell SOLD

    Due to getting a new car recently I unfortunately have to cull some of my lesser-used equipment to relieve the cash crunch I'm in. My loss is your gain as I'm going to be pricing items fairly aggressively as I list them (and I take pretty great care of my stuff!). Up for sale is the HeadAmp...
  9. Teaster

    FS:GS-X MK2

    I am selling my gs-x mkii. I am the only owner. It was purchased in November, 2019. Asking for 2200 pp fee and shipping are included. Do have original box and original accessories. The adx5000 in the picture is also for sale.
  10. ModMax

    [SOLD]: Gilmore Lite Mk2

    Lightly used, mint condition HeadAmp Gilmore Lite Mk2 amplifier for sale. Purchased for my desktop at the office and ended up being offsite most of the time as job duties changed. Amp looks and operates like new. Includes original packaging, power supply, and manual. Price includes shipping...
  11. ZoNtO

    FS: Headamp Pico DAC/amp

    Need to clear this stuff out so I can upgrade the subwoofer in my office system. Price below include PayPal fees. 3% discount if you gift. I purchased this unit on Head-Fi probably 10 years ago. I originally used it on my PC system to power my Etymotic ER4P (still have) and my Grado Head-F1 HF2...
  12. justin w.

    @ HeadAmp: Meze Empyrean in Black Copper and GS-X mini

    Now shipping at HeadAmp: Meze's lush Empyrean in new black copper finish. We have a few in stock, ready to ship today! A great pairing with our GS-X mini amplifier. (Empyrean ships to U.S. addresses only; GS-X mini ships worldwide).
  13. Dan Lee


    SOLD SOLD SOLD Just bought this amp 3 months ago and it certainly lives up to the hype. I was a little nervous it would be bright sounding, but it was basically a perfect sound. Its the best headphone amp I've thus far owned. I would keep it, but decided to go integrated cause I wanna get...
  14. Richardhoos

    HeadAmp Gilmore Lite mk2

    - Mint condition. - Perfect working order. - Comes with switching power supply. - Has about 4 months of use.
  15. songmic

    FS: [230V] HeadAmp GS-X mini w/ DACT stepped attenuator

    NOTE: This amp is 230V, so it should appeal to those living in Europe/Asia/Australia. However, while the majority of these countries use Europlug/Schuko, the amp came with its stock USA plug cable. I'm throwing in a custom aftermarket Schuko power cable (which cost me $50) along with the amp...
  16. justin w.

    New STAX amps SRM-700S and SRM-700T now in stock!

    We just received our first shipment of STAX's latest electrostatic amps, the SRM-700S and SRM-700T. We only have 1 of each, so act quickly! https://www.headamp.com/products/stax-srm-700t https://www.headamp.com/products/stax-srm-700s
  17. R

    (Found) Pico Power Amp

    Hello, If you have a HeadAmp Pico Power for sale please PM me. Thanks!
  18. DarKu


  19. Jmop

    HeadAmp Pico DAC

    Good shape, though it does have some light scratches. This is the DAC only unit. Comes with USB-mini cable. Shipping and PayPal on me. Lower 48 only.
  20. R

    [Found] Headamp Pico Portable Amp

    Hello! I want to buy a Headamp Pico Portable Amp. With or without DAC, please PM me. EU seller would be preferred, but US sellers can also contact and we would try to figure something out.
  21. R

    (Found) [WTB] Headamp Pico Power Portable Amp

    Want to buy a Pico Power Portable Amp. Please PM me your offers.
  22. brocrusher

    SOLD: Headamp Gilmore Lite Mk2

    For Sale is a Gently used Gilmore Lite Mk2 purchased directly from Headamp. This amp is phenomenal. The only reason I am selling this bad boy is because I am upgrading to the Headamp Gsx Mk2 because I was so impressed by the Gilmore. This order will include the power supply, user manual...
  23. muffin9988

    [FOUND] HeadAmp Gilmore Lite Mk2 [FOUND]

    Found one, thanks
  24. bimmer100

    SOLD THX 789 Amplifier - serial #00008 - open box - perfect like new

    SOLD SOLD SOLD I'm selling this amplifier as I don't use it. Literally has less than an hour of use only to power up and test that everything is functioning as it should! It's an open box new amplifier. I personally have over a half dozen really high end amplifiers and this one is just an...
  25. Ivan Makarov

    HeadAmp GS-X mk2 with Alpha Pot - SOLD

    I'm selling great and balanced HeadAmp GS-X mk2 in excellent condition. Black color with Alpha Pot volume control and 240V. Serial №059 HeadAmp is in Kiev Ukraine in my home. Price 2200$. Best.