1. Rhamnetin

    New Amp from HeadAmp - GS-X Mini

    A new dynamic amp from HeadAmp is inbound, the GS-X Mini. Here is all known information about it. Official update on 10/5/18 Official Product Page It is a balanced solid state headphone amplifier based on the class A "Dynalo" circuit designed by Kevin Gilmore (read more) which is one of the...
  2. BombayTheIndian

    SOLD: Mjolnir Audio Dynalo MK2 Pure Bipolar Headphone Amp

    SOLD I purchased this amp ~3 months ago from Head-Fi member ken6217 for $1,500. He purchased it new directly from Birgir (Spritzer) at Mjolnir Audio ~6 months before that for $2,100 + shipping. I used this amp with Audeze LCD-4 and Focal Utopias, and it was equally impressive with both. Ken's...
  3. Valens7

    [SOLD] HeadAmp GS-1

    Not the original owner, acquired from @Roger5. See his detailed listing for pics and relevant info. Light additional use by myself, but otherwise no different than described previously. If a silver GS-1 in excellent condition is something you might be interested in, then drop me a line. This...