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Most overrated headphones?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by germancub, Aug 30, 2010.
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  1. WhatToChoose
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    Too many people claiming headphones are detailed, when in reality they can't tell that the treble is boosted. I also see a lot of people who think that the less bass a headphone has, the more detailed and "reference" it is. I guess suckers will always exist, more money for headphone makers.

    There are a few reviewers who have the ability to slice through the herd mentality and come to conclusions on their own. What I have learned from this hobby is that it is a damn talent if a headphone manufacturer can develop headphones with a healthy amount of bass and still be extremely detailed.
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  2. god-bluff
    I take it you have not heard a pair of DT150s though ?!?!

    'Natural' is the first word that will come to mind after a few minutes listening
  3. SSandDigital
    Anything Grado
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  4. god-bluff
    The cheaper ones in the new and improved `e' series! !? ?!

    SR80e and Sr60e. Really?!?! Hard to beat for the cash. Classic sound first headphone

    Some strange contenders being put forward. Surely the overrated madness lies in the ridiculously priced 'high end' jokes
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  5. SSandDigital
    ANYTHING by Grado. Also I think Grado is the EPITOME of "high end" jokes.
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  6. Sonic Defender Contributor
    I feel bad saying it, but I have yet to hear an AKG signature that worked for me. I had the K872 here for a few weeks and I could not listen to that headphone for more than a few minutes I am sorry to say. Not sure that the 872 qualifies as I don't think that it ever achieved any great following unless I missed it. There must be a good AKG signature out there, but the three models I have heard which also includes the 701 were just too strident for me and lacked musicality. Just goes to show that one persons food is another persons poison as I know full well many people really enjoy AKG headphones.
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  7. richard51
    I have the AKG K 701 for listening video or film because the cable is very long and they are more light on my head and more confortable that is all....The AKG K 340 is the AKG top of the line dedicated to my music listening.... It takes me some months to drive them correctly with my own designed tweaks all along the house and the audio grid but this headphone is now so realistic,musical,organic,holographic, that all my past headphones sounded like way less natural, that include 2 Stax,( the basic nova, the mythic SR-5), the Hifiman HE-400, the beyerdynamic DT 990, and the beyerdynamic DT 150 and the AKG K701... All these headphones are not in the same league than the K 340...It sound so good that I enjoy them on par with my speakers because they are imaging like speakers and had a natural rendering of the natural timbre of voice and instrument in a holographic atmospheric musical space...

    The guy who sell me that marvel works in audio business, and probably like most people who try them, he does not listen to them at their full potential,100 bucks for that is a steal...At their optimum level with a good amplifier and some tweaks,but mostly in a cleaned audio and electrical grid they becomes really astounding; i already read a reviewer that prefer them to the Stax 007,and I know now why...With this headphone on my ears I read reviews of new headphones at any price and, I smile slowly, without despair even if I cannot afford to buy the actual top of the line....

    This marvellous headphone created circa 1980 was the first hybrid headphone,very complex design, impossible to reproduce at low cost today for the mass market... All reservation or negative reviews about them comes from inadequate implementation or gear synergy,or high level noise in the house electrical grid of the owner and noisy audio line, the K 340 are very sensible to source for their audio qualities... I drive them from the speakers out of a vintage extraordinary amplifier(Sansui AU 7700) and they are incredibly natural like speakers around your head...God is good I have one...

    P.S. I do not advice a newcomer or beginners audio fan to buy that headphone because the probability of disappointment if you dont implement them rightly in your audio and electrical grid is very high because they ask for a dedicated amplifier a relatively low cost powerful vintage ss one or a costly tube one, forget most headphone amplifier... I read all reviews on the internet and more than half of the people who owned them never listen to them at their highest potential and after that so called "upgraded" from them...For example when you read that they are incoherent, this is not true to their nature, for sure they are not coherent in the way that an orthodynamic,or an electroacoustic, or a good dynamic headphone are, after all they are an hybrid design,but they are coherent in their own way and perfectly listenable, you will not notice or be bothered by this " incoherence" except if your implementation was inadequate for them...They are not perfect headphone, they are way more than that, they are simply natural and musical with an imaging of the highest order and a more than good soundstage; with them you listen speakerlike to music not to a perfect microscopic detailed dead headphone sound...For me their fundamental quality is not focusing on details, trust me they had plenty of details tough, but more so their capacity to reproduce in a global integrated musical way, not like a microscope...They are not neutral in any way, their medium frequencies reproduction is out of this world and they are not fatiguing at all to listen to...They had plenty of bass around 35 hertz and up, their highs are without harshness at all and celestial...When you listen to them you forgot this horrible vocabulary about medium,highs and bass, and you will remember only the music and you will hear it in an integral way...
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